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Best Way To Take Kratom For Stellar Results

Kratom, one of the most influential botanicals in the US has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years. The plant is believed to offer a plethora of beneficial effects that are said to incite overall wellness of body and mind.


It has become commonplace that people are using this natural supplement to keep off pain and engage in activities energetically. Kratom fans report having a better mental focus and improved mood, not to mention the excellent attachment Kratom is said to have with anxiety.


But when all this could be true, have you ever asked yourself about the best way to take Kratom to get the best results? How do you handle your dosage for maximum benefits? Well, you don't need to answer that. Read on to unlock the doors to a whole new Kratom experience, including how to improve the effects believed to be contained in this mysterious herb.


Best ways to take Kratom


Whether you are new to Kratom or a long-time veteran, getting to know the best ways to take Kratom to get the best results can be exhilarating. Briefly speaking, this is a guide to the three best ways to enjoy this amazing herb for excellent results. These are said to be toss and wash, Kratom tea and Kratom capsules.


  • The toss and wash method


Most of us are inclined to getting the full or what we would call a whole meal when it comes to Kratom. These are the folks who have a soft spot for Kratom powder, and it’s what they believe gets things fixed. One of the most popular ways of taking Kratom powder is by Toss and Wash method.


In Toss and Wash, you take a suitable dosage of your desired Kratom powder and place it in your mouth. This is followed by taking gulps of water, swirling the powder in your mouth before swallowing. While this is believed to be the fastest way you can get Kratom working, you will have to bear the somewhat bitter taste. The alkaloids and other compounds in Kratom are thought to be responsible for the unforgiving taste.


Due to the fibrous nature of Kratom powder even when finely ground, it tends to stick to your mouth and the cup. This is, however, compensated by the swift action believed to be associated with Toss and Wash. If you are looking forward to boosting your confidence before a presentation quickly or want a jolt of energy to get busy with something, you would know better to have it this way.


One way you can still get snoring like a king or alleviate the pain in your joints without having to bear the bitterness of Kratom is said to be washing it down with a glass of juice or any other sweet beverage. Among the best ways to take Kratom to get the best results, Toss and Wash seem to have earned a special place among Kratom fans.


  • Kratom tea


If you are looking for the best ways to take Kratom for the best results, trying out Kratom tea would be an excellent idea. While most of us are used to a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or during the day, many Americans are said to have turned to Kratom tea.


According to most fans, a cup of Kratom tea in the morning not only boosts your focus for the day but also gives you the nuts to let go of your full potential. While coffee is said to be stimulating, the alkaloids infused from Kratom powder or leaves are said to offer stimulation and could also help overcome anxiety and improve sleep.


If you have never had the chance to try one of the best ways to take Kratom for the best results, preparing Kratom tea involves a few simple steps. Furthermore, while Kratom could cause side effects when handled inappropriately, this is believed to be the best way to go around this hurdle.


If you have Kratom powder as it's more readily available in the US than the leaves, you would need the following items to prepare a steaming cup or two of Kratom tea.


  • Scale
  • A heat source 
  • Clean water
  • Cooking pot
  • Strainer or Kratom tea bags or tea infuser
  • Sweetener (optional)


Using the scale, weigh the appropriate dosage of your desired Kratom strain. The red veins are the most popular due to their potency. Generally, an ounce of Kratom powder is deemed proportionate with a liter of water.


Heat some water in a cooking pot or teapot until it’s close to boiling. When it's just about to boil, it’s time to add Kratom powder. If you have an infuser, pour your dosage and hang the infuser immersed in hot water. Alternatively, you can use Kratom powder filled in tea bags. If you don't have the two, you pour the raw powder into the hot water.


Whichever you find convenient with you, allow the contents to simmer for about half an hour. This gives enough time for the extraction of alkaloids and other compounds. The strainer is used for sieving if you had poured the powder directly.


If you have a sweetener for masking the bitter taste of Kratom, you can add it this time. Depending on your preference, you can serve hot or place in a refrigerator to cool down. If you are short of time or don't have everything to make Kratom tea but you have a means of obtaining hot water, you could still enjoy a cup of Kratom tea by mixing the powder with hot water and giving it some time.



If you have ever thought of a game-changer in the Kratom world, capsules are arguably the most convenient way of taking Kratom. This is not only one of the best ways to take Kratom for the best results, but it’s also the one thing you can have anywhere, be it your office, your car, and fit even in your pockets.


If you find carrying Kratom powder a hell of a hassle in your daily enjoyment, whether recreationally or to fix a bad feeling, you will find capsules very easy to handle. And although they are said to lag a little bit in stimulating Kratom effects, it’s quite an effective way of enjoying the pleasant relaxation Kratom is said to possess.


On average, one Kratom capsule contains 0.6 of Kratom powder. According to most Kratom fans, between 2g and 8g of Kratom powder are believed to unleash this herb's best for various people. That means that most people who wish to have their way the capsule way would find a soft spot between 4 and 16 capsules.


The dosage varies depending on several factors, such as body weight, strain, and Kratom quality. Beginners are advised to start on the lower margin working their way up until they are comfortable at a particular dosage.


Kratom capsules offer an excellent way to store Kratom, avoiding any chances of contamination. Nothing can stop you from fixing your downsides the natural way with the advent of these marvelous capsules without even a hint for the suspicious eye.


How to make Kratom effects stronger


Although you might be okay with the best ways to take Kratom for the best results, there are other ways believed to boost Kratom effects. The Kratom community has discovered natural substances believed to improve this natural supplement's effectiveness regardless of which of the three best ways to take Kratom you would choose.


Apart from helping make Kratom effects stronger, Kratom potentiators are said to offer several other benefits. For instance, one of the easiest ways to avoid Kratom tolerance is believed to be the use of Kratom potentiators. Furthermore, there are claims of a considerable decline in dosage when some Kratom potentiators are involved. This is an excellent way to save a few bucks, which is perhaps behind the sharp increase in demand mostly for natural Kratom potentiators.


If you are opposed to Kratom's bitter taste, most of the natural potentiators are said to improve its taste and palatability. Besides, you could also benefit from the nutritional value of some of these substances. Here are a few of them that could change your whole perception of Kratom effects.


  • Grape juice


Known to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals, grape juice not only makes Kratom effects stronger but also helps improve the palatability of Kratom. It’s one of the most commonly preferred Kratom potentiators in the Kratom community. The advantage of using grape juice is that it’s said to improve the bioavailability of nutrients in the digestive system, including Kratom components. Instead of contorting your face at the bitterness of Kratom, mixing Kratom powder in a glass of grape juice is considered one of the best ways to take Kratom for the excellent results.


  • Magnesium supplement


The magnesium supplement is also believed to be a powerful Kratom potentiator. Although it may not significantly affect the taste of Kratom, this potentiator is said to help prevent constipation that may be caused by Kratom. Often, magnesium has been linked with lower chances of Kratom tolerance. If you are looking forward to enjoying the benefits Kratom is said to offer sustainably, including this potentiator in your dosage is perhaps the best Kratom lifestyle you could wish. Besides, it is said to make Kratom effects so strong that you could cut your daily dose by 15%.


  • Lemon juice


Another way believed to be effective and among the best ways to take Kratom for the best results is to mix with lemon juice. The acidity of lemon juice is said to blend well with the bitterness of Kratom resulting in a pleasant flavor. Furthermore, the acidity is also thought to influence digestion, reducing the lag before Kratom effects manifest. For most people, chilling the mixture of Kratom powder and lemon juice provides a wonderful Kratom experience. If you don’t mind the bitter taste, taking a glass of lemon juice immediately after is said to impart its full potential still.


  • Coffee


Kratom and coffee belong to the same family scientifically known as Rubiaceau. Both are said to have stimulatory properties, although Kratom is said to offer much more. According to Kratom enthusiasts, having a cup of coffee infused with Kratom alkaloids is said to boost your morale and energy, and also keep you active mentally and physically. While you can lose focus and the guts to carry on, potentiating Kratom with coffee is said to offer a pleasant relaxation that lasts long. The two are said to work together, eliciting more effects with coffee improving the sensation while providing a physical and mental energy boost.


  • Chamomile tea


Chamomile tea is said to offer stimulatory and energizing effects to the body. This herb has a long history of use as a traditional painkiller among the Greeks and Romans. Similarly, Kratom is said to be an excellent remedy for pain. For this reason, this herb has gained popularity as a Kratom potentiator, especially for people seeking pain relief from Kratom. Chamomile tea is also thought to possess laxative effects against the effects of constipation associated with Kratom.


  • Cayenne pepper


Cayenne pepper is said to offer an excellent method of making Kratom effects stronger. This plant is believed to have been used for various health-related reasons thousands of years ago. The active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, is believed to hasten metabolism in the digestive tract. Furthermore, this Kratom potentiator is said to have antioxidants that could help for self-detox. Traditionally used for pain relief, it’s said to work in synergy with Kratom, giving the best pain relief and a lasting sensation.


  • Rhodiola Rosea


If you have never heard of Rhodiola Rosea, it’s one of the most popular energy supplements in the US today. Research claims that this natural Kratom potentiator has the potential for enhancing physical and mental energy. It’s believed that Kratom and Rhodiola Rosea could result in the most impressive results due to the super energy boost.


Bottom line


Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the Kratom world, knowing the best ways to take Kratom for the best results is a great plus in your Kratom lifestyle. You may have been indulging in several other ways, but the best ways to take Mitragyna speciosa include toss and wash, Kratom tea, and Kratom capsules. So long as you know how best to use any of the above-discussed methods, you will be sure to get the best results. Besides, you could still increase the effectiveness of Kratom effects by choosing any of the potentiators described.

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