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How To Toss And Wash Kratom - The Most Popular Way To Take Kratom

Kratom enthusiasts are quite accustomed to how to toss and wash Kratom, a technique believed to exhibit the full spectrum of Kratom effects. Today, with millions of people already aware of the varied beneficial effects the botanical is considered to offer, toss and wash is thought to be the best way to enjoy Mitragyna speciosa.

Here is all about how to toss and wash Kratom method for those who have a soft spot for Kratom and those looking for the best way to handle the natural herb.

Toss and Wash Method, What Is It?

Toss and wash is by far the simplest and most popular method of handling Kratom. Toss and wash Kratom method is done by placing an appropriate dosage of Kratom powder in the mouth followed by gulps of water or a sweet drink to wash it down.

This method is said to work faster which is considered a big plus if you seek a particular effect. Kratom is said to help alleviate pain, and the fastest way you could achieve that is by tossing it and washing it down. But before we get deeper into how to toss and wash Kratom method, it is essential to know why it’s considered the most effective.

Benefits of The Toss and Wash Kratom Method

The simplicity associated with how to toss and wash Kratom method inspires the hearts of all Kratom fans. But what makes this method quite intriguing is the speed with which it gets things done, eliciting a myriad of pleasant effects faster than any other method. Once you have tossed, there is nothing to do with digesting like in the case of capsules; it’s a straight shot through the system.

Knowing how to toss and wash Kratom method is thought to bring out the full potential of this amazing botanical. Nothing is believed to be as far reaching and wholesome as the toss and wash method and the great rich aroma of pure powder.

Although how to toss and wash Kratom method stands out as the indisputable best, it doesn’t come without a few downsides. For instance, Kratom fans have to put up with a rather unpleasant bitter taste of Kratom. Nevertheless, some people love it that way although it does compensate for the taste in many other aspects.

If you are new to this technique, you may inhale the fine powder while placing it in the mouth which might be nagging. However, with a little experience and some tricks, you can begin to feel more elated every time you toss and wash down your favorite strain or blend. 

Tips On How To Toss and Wash Kratom Method 

Although some people find it unpleasant to toss and wash, there are a few tricks you can do to make this more enthralling. Besides, you want results and the best way to go about it is learning how to toss and wash in a smart way. 

You don’t need to place a whole dosage all at once. Subdividing it so that you can toss it in phases is an easier alternative to avoid the heck with constipation. For instance, if 6g does just right for you, you may consider splitting it into three tosses of 2g each. 

Another way how to toss and wash Kratom method can be improved is by choosing a sweeter drink to wash down the powder. Some people prefer orange juice as it is said to make Kratom stronger and clears the bitterness in the mouth.

Alternatively, you can approach toss and wash from a different version altogether. There are two popularly known techniques of ingesting by toss and wash.

How to Toss and Wash Kratom Method-The Classic Technique 

If you are looking for the best on how to toss and wash Kratom method, the classic technique is the best and most popular today. It entails the following simple steps.

  • Fill a glass with water or lemon juice or any beverage depending on your preference 
  • Carefully place the powder into your mouth to avoid breathing it in or swallowing 
  • Take a sip of your water or juice and swirl the mixture before swallowing
  • Take a few more gulps until your mouth is clear of residues and the bitter taste 

As you can see, it is a pretty easy method but you must be careful to avoid breathing in Kratom powder or worse still, swallowing it before sipping water. This could result in uncontrollable coughing and discomfort.

Alternatively, if the classic technique is not appealing to you, the other excellent alternative is the mix and wash. The only difference between this method and the classic technique is that you premix Kratom powder essentially blending Kratom with your preferred drink before enjoying. Here are the simple steps that will get you much the same in terms of Kratom effects with the same speed and effectiveness.

  • Weigh the suitable Kratom dosage
  • Pour the powder in a clean bottle with a cork 
  • Add a little of your preferred drink into the bottle containing Kratom powder
  • Place the cork and tighten then shake until it is uniformly mixed up
  • Gulp down the mixture
  • Take a few more gulps with pure juice this time without mixed Kratom

According to Kratom fans, mixing and washing is said to offer the full range of benefits as would the classic method but in a much better way. Chances of constipation or coughing are unheard of with the mix and wash method. Anyone finding the classic toss and wash method a bit more unforgiving, the mix and wash offers a perfect alternative.

Toss and Wash is Not Your Way? How About These Two Other Methods?

Although how to toss and wash Kratom method remains the most preferred, some people would love to exploit other methods of dealing with Mitragyna speciosa. There is more than just one way of skinning a cat when it comes to Kratom. Here are other excellent alternatives to the toss and wash method popular among Kratom fans.

  • Kratom Capsules 

If you are opposed to all about how to toss and wash Kratom method, Kratom capsules are believed to be the most convenient way of enjoying this herb. The best way you can avoid the bitter taste of Kratom is by considering Kratom capsules. Besides, you can carry them anywhere and enjoy them at your convenience and liberty.

  • Kratom Tea 

Brewing a cup of Kratom tea is another perfect way to take advantage of the varied benefits the herb is believed to possess. Some people claim that a cup of Kratom tea in the morning helps them face the day both energetically and confidently.

The good thing with Kratom tea is that you can add sweeteners and alter the taste to your preference. Furthermore, it’s as easy to make as preparing a cup of coffee and has minimal chances of inducing adverse reactions.

Bottom Line

How to toss and wash Kratom method is the most popular way of ingesting Kratom today. If you are joining the Kratom community, this is said to be the most effective technique not to mention that it’s the simplest. Just like many Kratom fans, you can either toss and wash or mix and wash depending on what pleases you. But if you are not a fan of this method, Kratom capsules and Kratom tea could perhaps do the magic for you.


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