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How much kratom should I take? My experience

If you've never used kratom, it can be hard to figure out kratom dosage and use the herb effectively. There are no official dosing guidelines, but you can learn from others' experiences. 

Kratom's effects and potency varies by strain and even by season. Seemingly minor differences in metabolism, age, physical health, and brain chemistry can also impact how users respond to kratom. Most veteran kratom users recommend starting with one to two grams of kratom powder or several kratom capsules.

It's always wise to learn about the herbs you take before you try them. This article will focus on helping you understand what you need to know about kratom dosage.

Factors that Influence Kratom Dosage 

Many factors influence how you might respond to kratom. They range from your unique physical and physiological characteristics to strain-specific potency and effects and intended use.

how much kratom should i take

Physical and Physiological Factors 

The physical factors that influence how you might respond to kratom include your age, weight, and metabolism speed. Older people typically exhibit more pronounced responses to all drugs and herbal supplements. More frequent users may need larger doses. If you have a fast metabolism, kratom's effects may not be as long-lasting.

Strain-Specific Factors 

Every strain of kratom is different. The right white vein Thai kratom dosage might be different from that associated with Green Malay kratom, even for the same user. Some strains also contain higher concentrations of mitragynine than others.

Kratom capsules also tend to produce less pronounced effects than powder.

In this case, the difference is caused primarily by the lower bioavailability of capsules.

Environmental Factors

Even what you've been up to before using kratom can influence how much you'll feel its effects. If you've eaten recently, it may reduce the potency of your kratom. If you've been using other substances, especially alcohol, you may find that the substances intensify each others' effects.

Intended use also plays a crucial role in determining appropriate kratom dosage. An effective Maeng Da kratom dosage for pain may be higher than one for energy, for example. When in doubt, check a kratom strains chart to choose strains that will be effective for your intended purpose, even in low doses.

General Advice from Kratom Users 

As you can see, it's challenging to predict how any person will respond to kratom. You need to find what works for you. As a general rule, experienced users think of kratom dosage in the following terms:

  • 1-3 grams is a mild dose
  • 2-5 grams is a moderate dose
  • 5-8 grams is a high dose

If you want to take advantage of kratom's potentially stimulating effects, stick with a low to moderate dose. To get more sedative and euphoric effects, you may want to take slightly more kratom. Just keep in mind that you should use only as much as you need.

How Often to Take Kratom? 

Just like there are no specific guidelines about how much kratom to take, you can't generalize how often to take it. If you're wondering how long to wait between kratom doses, you may want to err on the side of caution. Try using kratom once per day and note whether you feel like you're developing a kratom tolerance.

Basic Conversions

Once you've been using kratom for a while, you may be able to estimate your doses based on sight. For now, it's better to buy a high-quality digital scale. If you don't have a new scale in the budget, you should still exercise caution in measuring your doses.

Keep these conversions in mind to get your measurements right:

  • One teaspoon of kratom powder = 2.3 - 2.6 grams
  • One size "000" kratom capsule = 0.70 - 1 gram
  • One tablespoon of kratom powder = 6.2 - 7 grams
  • One gram of kratom powder = 0.035 ounces
  • One teaspoon of crushed leaf = 0.9 grams

How Much Kratom Should I Take? 

It would be best if you took only as much kratom as you need to produce results. If you take more kratom than you need, you could develop a tolerance. Most experienced users recommend starting with one gram of Indo kratom.

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