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Buying Kratom at a Smoke Shop? Things To Know

Over the years, the popularity of Kratom has increased. With the increase in the said popularity, the number of enterprises that sell Kratom has also increased. After all, the supply has to meet the demand, right?

One of such enterprises is the head shop, sometimes referred to as the Kratom smoke shop. In fact, a myriad of Kratom users has had their first Kratom experience at smoke shops. Still, the Kratom cost at smoke shops can be a bit of deterrence to potential buyers.

There are numerous factors that lead to the Kratom price at headshops to be proliferated, and in this article, we will try and highlight some of them.


What is a head shop?

A head shop, or a smoke shop, is an enterprise that sells products and accessories used for cannabis. Some of them don't actually sell cannabis itself, because of the laws in their respective states. In spite of this, they sell the accessories on the premise that they will be used solely for tobacco purposes.

In the states that have permitted both cannabis and Kratom use, you can find the substances themselves. However, the main reason why smoke shops exist is to sell cannabis and cannabis products. This is, in fact, the main reason why head shop Kratom is far more expensive than Kratom bought online.


How much does Kratom cost?

Many factors determine the cost of Kratom. Some of them involve the herbal extract itself. Different vein colors and different strains will obviously differ in cost. Additionally, the cost of Kratom depends on the platform through which you are buying. Even the average price of different states differ, some by small margins while others by larger ones.

Consequently, it may be somewhat of an onerous task trying to determine the average cost of Kratom. Nevertheless, it is still as clear as day that the price of head shop Kratom is far more than the price in other places.

According to this site, the average price of Kratom powders on the internet is $69.34 per 500 gram bag. The price of Kratom capsules is about $35.75 for two ounces of capsules.

Well, how much does Kratom cost at a headshop? Again, there isn't a straight forward answer to this.  Still, the Kratom price at smoke shops might be double or even triple what you would pay to online vendors. 

Obviously, the prices at a Kratom some shop do push away a lot of Kratom users. This, coupled with a myriad of other factors, has led to users developing a preference for their platforms other than head shop Kratom. Why is that?


The product sold

As stated earlier, the main reason as to why Kratom prices at head shops are higher than all other places is the fact that smokes shops weren't and aren't created to sell Kratom primarily. Head shops mainly sell cannabis and tobacco accessories. To diversify the business, head shop owners often add CBD, incense, and Kratom to their bill of fare. Head shops don't necessarily prioritize non-cannabis accessories and herbs. 

The direct consequence of this is the lack of diversification, especially in terms of Kratom. Kratom has a plethora of strains and vein colors, with each having its own benefits. As a result, Kratom users have specific preferences when it comes to herbal extract. At some shops, with space utilization being a huge factor, Kratom isn't available in as wide a selection as you would find in online platforms.

There is a lot of benefits when it comes to experimenting with different types of strains and vein colors. In fact, most platforms that sell Kratom regularly sell strains that have been mixed, hence combining the benefits of both. This switching up is absolutely essential.

Variety is essential when setting up a platform for selling Kratom. Unfortunately, most head shops don't have enough variety when it comes to Kratom. Thus, many people prefer buying their herbal extract from online vendors.



Head shops are, after all, commercial enterprises. This means that rental space has to be taken into account. Being that smoke shops have preferences for other herbs and products, they try and keep the Kratom space at a bare minimum.

This contributes to a lot of things. First, as stated earlier, headshops don't have that much variety when it comes to Kratom. There isn't any space to store the myriad of strains and vein colors you would expect in a place that solely deals with Kratom.

Additionally, because of the rent pricing, the Kratom prices may be increased to cover up for the costs of running the business. This, again, plays into the fact that smoke shops sell Kratom at high prices.

The thing that makes smoke shops so attractive is the aesthetic they have. It is always a joy to move and look around the store, even if you know exactly what you want to buy. It's the colors, the neon lights, the arrangement of glass that makes browsing in a head shop a pleasant experience.

The owners of smoke shops that sell Kratom have to bear many costs. Licenses have to be renewed, permits and certifications have to be obtained, and the rental space has to be catered for. Additionally, features such as air conditioning and WiFi installation and maintenance also cost the enterprise.

The overall effect is what we have already stated; the prices of commodities in some shops increase. Some commodities have become more expensive than others, and Kratom happens to be the former.


Old product

It becomes obvious that because of the lack of variety when it comes to Kratom, the smoke shops that sell Kratom might not have a lot of sales. Thus, the Kratom they sell is bound to lose its potency and become a bit pale.

This fact accentuates another underlying issue. Kratom is an herbal extract. As a result, with the harvesting and processing stages of its products, it is bound to lose a bit of potency. This is all right, as long as it is consumed early enough.

Smoke shops rarely have enough space to store Kratom. Thus, smoke shop owners have to purchase Kratom that has already been harvested and packaged. Adds this to the fact that the Kratom isn't sold on a regular basis, and you have yourself some stale Kratom.


Dirty Kratom

Another consequence of slow Kratom sales is the increase in Kratom prices at smoke shops that sell Kratom. As a result of the slow sales, some of the Kratom that the smoke shop owners buy inbound to go bad. To compensate for the loss, the Kratom that makes it of the shelf is a lot more expensive.

Again, nobody wants to consume dirty Kratom. Notwithstanding, smoke shops have become notorious among Kratom users for selling sub-par products. Kratom poisoning is actually a real thing. There have been cases of people being hospitalized for ingesting Kratom that was contaminated.

In fact, in states that permit the sale and use of Kratom, institutions and regulations have been set up to ensure that the Kratom sold is of the right standard and appropriate quality.

In recent years, smoke shops have actually begun trying to improve the service they offer to their Kratom users. Consequently, numerous smoke shops have become fan favorites, not only for their aesthetic but also for their pricing. You can check out the smoke shop near you to try and rate their service provision, and see if they work into your preferences.


Where can you buy affordable Kratom?

The disparity of service provision and pricing between smoke shops and other platforms has led Kratom users to develop preferences for the latter. In particular, the online stores that sell Kratom are often regarded to be the best means to get your Kratom. So, what exactly do people prefer using online platforms to get their Kratom? Here are the main ones:


  • Wide range of products

With online platforms, Kratom users have access to a wider range of products and accessories. You can get whatever strain or vain color you want. Additionally, you also have a myriad of options when it comes to the form of Kratom you need. Some people prefer capsules, because they are easier to ingest, while others prefer powder since it can be added to anything. Irrespective of your inclinations, online stores will be there to provide you with everything you need.

  • Low prices

When it comes to online platforms, there aren't any rent payments needed. This is one of the many reasons the Kratom prices in online stores are lower than those at the smoke shop, and by a long way. Because the seller doesn't have a brick and motor office, the prices of the products go down.

The money that would have been used to take care of the rent is used to improve the quality of the Kratom, and to make sure that the buyers have the most premium of service provision. This is the reason why people want to buy Kratom from online vendors.

  • The freshness of the Kratom

As stated earlier, the fact that Kratom stays a while in smoke shops before it is bought makes the product lose potency. With online platforms, however, you don't have to keep worrying about the quality or potency of the Kratom you are buying.

By cutting the time it takes for the product to reach you, online platforms ensure that you get the best Kratom possible. You now, it may take up to half a year before the harvested Kratom reaches the consumer. However, with online stores, you can get the Kratom in record time.

  • Service provision

Most Kratom selling sites only major on one thing, and that is Kratom. This breaks away from the pattern built by smoke shops, where they major on cannabis and other products. As a result of the commitment online stores have, you can be assured of the best customer service and service provision.

  • Consistency

As earlier stated, smoke shops don't focus on Kratom and its products. As a result, it Is often that you will find the smoke shop you frequent doesn't have Kratom. This lack of consistency is another thing that puts off Kratom users from headshops.

Online platforms that sell Kratom, however, are a lot different. Because they are solely focused on providing you with the best Kratom and the best Kratom products you will find. Whenever you contact them, they will be there to make sure all your needs and necessities are met.

  • Always on time

Though it may take a couple of days for you to get the Kratom product you wanted to get, you can always be assured that you will get it. Online vendors have a specific timeframe in which they have to deliver your goods.

If the said timeframe isn't meet or is you discover that the Kratom or Kratom products you've gotten didn't match your expectations, you can as to have your money refunded back.



It is evident that buying Kratom from online vendors is better than getting it from a head shop. You can expect a wider variety of Kratom products, better quality Kratom and more cost-effective prices from online Kratom sellers. So, instead of looking for a smoke shop near me Kratom users can look for a reputable online vendor.

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