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Kratom potentiators – how to potentiate Kratom naturally

Kratom is a natural herbal supplement believed to possess a myriad of beneficial effects on the body and mind. The leaves of this plant are believed to help increase body energy, alleviate pain, and improve confidence and mood. However, these effects are said to take different times to kick in. Furthermore, different Kratom strains have varying potencies hence manifest differently.


Did you know that you could make your Kratom dosage stronger? Several natural Kratom potentiators are said to improve the effectiveness of Kratom and considerably reduce the length of time it takes for a particular effect to show. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to potentiate Kratom or rather how to make Kratom stronger. Here are some natural ways you can potentiate Kratom and enjoy a better experience.


  • Potentiate Kratom with grapefruit


One of the most popular natural ways of potentiating Kratom is through the use of grapefruit. Research has shown that grapefruit can enhance the bioavailability of certain substances in the small intestines through specific down-regulation of the p450 enzyme.


This acidic potentiator is believed to enhance the uptake of Kratom into the bloodstream. Furthermore, grape juice is thought to have enzymes capable of breaking down Kratom, making it quickly available for stimulation. It’s also believed to cause a prolonged sensation of the effects of Kratom.


Grape juice not only helps to potentiate Kratom but also makes it easier to handle its bitter taste. If you find Kratom difficult to ingest, potentiating with grape juice could improve its taste considerably.


To potentiate Kratom with grape juice, you can mix Kratom powder in the juice. A glass or two depending on the dosage is thought to be fine for making Kratom stronger. Some people prefer chilling the mixture of grape juice and Kratom in a refrigerator. Alternatively, you can take grape juice or grapefruit after handling your usual Kratom dosage.


  • Kratom and magnesium


Kratom magnesium potentiator is another natural way you can make Kratom stronger. It is a popularly available mineral supplement favorite among Kratom fans for potentiating Kratom. It is believed to be an excellent choice for a long-term Kratom lifestyle as it’s said to reduce chances of Kratom tolerance.

 kratom magnesium

Kratom is not readily soluble in water. As such, it may be associated with constipation. However, the mineral supplement is thought to have a laxative effect hence could help prevent constipation.


The advantage of Kratom magnesium potentiator is that you don’t have to rely on the usual dosage of Kratom as it’s said to improve the performance of the herb. Different strains of Kratom are believed to vary in potency. As such, beginners are advised to start slow and increase their dosage with time. Similarly, potentiators such as magnesium may work differently for various individuals. Therefore, you should find the potentiator that works best for you to avoid undesirable effects.


Kratom magnesium potentiator supplement is readily available and is considered one of the best natural ways of making Kratom stronger and improving its performance. If you don’t have an idea on how to potentiate Kratom, considering Kratom and magnesium is believed to be one of the best natural ways of enhancing the Kratom experience.


  • Potentiating Kratom with turmeric


Turmeric is obtained from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant classified in the ginger family of plants. It has a yellow color and bitter taste and is widely used as a spice in different foods. Interestingly, this botanical was widely used as a traditional medicine in parts of Asia.


Kratom potentiators turmeric powder is used in a range of ways to improve health and wellness. Fortunately, this product is also very popular for making Kratom stronger. Studies have shown that turmeric is a strong antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. This is believed to be an added advantage to enjoying the Mitragyna speciosa.


It is believed that potentiating Kratom with turmeric could extend the time of manifestation of Kratom effects. Some studies have even suggested that turmeric could help alleviate pain. Kratom is also popular for its perceived pain-relieving properties. This means that combining Kratom with turmeric could potentially help reduce pain. Both natural substances are believed to influence the brain's perception of pain.


  • Kratom potentiation with coconut oil


Coconut oil is used for a range of health benefits. It contains fatty acids that could increase energy to both the body and mind. Studies suggest that ketones derived from the metabolism of fatty acids in coconut oil offer an alternative source of energy for the brain. Coconut oil also contains medium triglycerides, fatty acids that undergo quick absorption into the bloodstream.


With the popularity of Kratom potentiators, this natural substance has gained significance in the Kratom community. Although Kratom powder is not soluble in water, research has shown that the alkaloids in the leaves of this plant are lipid-soluble. Due to the solubility of Kratom powder in coconut oil and the fact that these oils are quickly absorbed, Kratom potentiation with coconut oil is said to work faster than when handled alone.


Furthermore, the alkaloids in Kratom are believed to influence positive mental performance. Similarly, research has shown that coconut oil enhances brain performance. Hence, it is thought that potentiating Kratom with coconut oil is believed to synergistically improve mental functionality. That is probably why coconut oil is considered one of the best natural potentiators of Kratom.


  • Potentiating Kratom with cat's claw


The cat’s claw is a vine commonly found in the tropical rainforests of south and Central America. There are two species of this plant believed to have medicinal value, Uncaria tomentosa, and Uncaria guianensis. The roots and bark of this plant are the ones popular for alleged medicinal uses. It is so-called because it looks like the claws of a cat.


In recent years, the cat’s claw has gained popularity as a natural Kratom potentiator. Due to its alleged health and other benefits, this botanical is said to be very effective for making Kratom stronger. While Kratom contains the alkaloid Mitragynine, the cat’s claw has an alkaloid (rhynchophylline) which is said to be psychoactive just as Kratom is thought to be. The two are said to work synergistically hence improving the performance of Kratom.


According to research, the cat’s claw has shown promising results in alleviating pain in the joints caused by osteoarthritis. According to another research, extracts of this botanical were showed a reduction in pain in individuals engaged in physical activity. Since Kratom is also believed to be a natural remedy for pain, potentiating it with cat’s claw is thought to enhance Kratom's alleged ability to alleviate pain. According to the research, no side effects were observed in individuals who took part in the research.


  • Cayenne Pepper Kratom potentiator

 cayenne pepper

Maybe you have ever heard of Kratom potentiators but you never have known how to potentiate Kratom. One of the natural ways you could make Kratom stronger is believed to be the use of cayenne pepper. The pepper belongs to the nightshade family of plants native to central and South America. This plant is believed to have been used for various health-related reasons thousands of years ago.


Capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper is said to improve metabolic rate and could also help alleviate pain. The plant also has antioxidants that are associated with the cleaning and detoxifying effect cayenne is said to offer.


These and other attributes are said to make it a better alternative for Kratom potentiation. Generally, mixing Kratom powder with cayenne pepper is said to prolong the effects Kratom is believed to elicit. Kratom and cayenne pepper are believed to be excellent remedies for pain. When used together, the pain-relieving properties are thought to work together such that only a little amount of Kratom powder is considered sufficient to help deal with pain.


  • Chamomile Tea


Among the best natural potentiators of Kratom is the chamomile tea. The herb is believed to have been discovered in Western Europe although it naturally thrives in most parts of the world. Traditionally, the plant is believed to have been used in ancient Greece and Rome as a remedy for pain and digestive problems. Today, the herb is readily available as a natural supplement praised for its alleged beneficial effects.


Owing to its benefits, this herb has been considered an excellent natural way of making Kratom stronger. For instance, both Kratom and chamomile are thought to be potential remedies for pain. As such, it is believed that potentiating Kratom with this herb could work faster than Kratom alone. Furthermore, Kratom enthusiasts claim that only a small dose of Kratom is needed to help alleviate pain if the two are mixed.


Unlike other potentiators that are thought to influence the activity of enzymes, this one makes Kratom stronger by enhancing the effects Kratom is thought to possess. It is also believed that chamomile has laxative effects that are believed to help reduce the chances of constipation that may be caused by Kratom powder.


Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to potentiate Kratom with chamomile. However, no rocket science is needed to use Kratom potentiators. If you have chamomile in a tea bag, you can potentiate Kratom by placing the bag in boiling Kratom tea for about 20 minutes. Sweetening the Kratom-chamomile tea with honey or other sweeteners is considered an excellent way to avoid the bitter taste of the mixture.


  • Kratom Potentiation with Orange Juice


One of the most popular potentiators of Kratom is orange juice. In addition to several benefits orange juice confers to the body, Kratom fans say that mixing it with Kratom powder helps to speed up the metabolism and uptake of the compounds in Kratom, thereby making it work faster than when handled singularly.


Some schools of thought argue that the acidity of orange juice helps Kratom to kick in faster rather than influencing the action of enzymes on Kratom powder. Furthermore, orange juice contains antioxidants that help the body prevent the build-up of radicals. A study involving 4000 adults showed that orange juice is one of the most common sources of antioxidants in the US diets. Scientific research shows that radicals increase inflammation of body cells. Potentiating Kratom with orange juice is believed to not only improve the performance of Kratom but also deliver useful nutrients such as vitamin C to the body.


The acidity of orange juice is said to blend well with the bitterness of Kratom resulting in a more palatable mixture. Most Kratom fans who prefer potentiating Kratom with orange juice suggest that chilling this mixture improves the overall flavor and taste.


Kratom potentiators for energy


Kratom is believed to cause a surge of energy in the body and mind. Traditionally, people are said to have chewed the leaves of this herbal supplement to help stave off fatigue during hard labor in countries where the plant is said to have originated. However, as much as Kratom is said to boost energy, Kratom potentiators are said to improve the manifestation and duration of this effect. Some of the Kratom potentiators thought to have a positive impact on energy include the following.


  • Coffee- Research has indicated that the caffeine in coffee stimulates the body resulting in body and mental energy. As such, steeping Kratom powder in coffee is thought to be an excellent way of potentiating Kratom for energy


  • Rhodiola rosea- Rhodiola rosea is one of the most popular energy supplements available today. According to research, this botanical is believed to increase physical and mental energy. This has resulted in its use in potentiating Kratom for energy. This is said to be an excellent way to cut on Kratom dosage if the desired effect is an energy boost.


Kratom potentiators for sedation


Kratom has been found to have sedative properties. However, it is said to be mildly sedating with the intensity of sedation varying from one Kratom strain to the other. However, Kratom potentiators for sedation are believed to increase the potential of Kratom for sedation.


For instance, if you are not sure about how to potentiate Kratom for sedation, using valerian could increase Kratom’s sedating power. Alternatively, kava kava powder is also believed to considerably improve the sedation believed to be caused by Kratom if the two are handled together.


Kratom potentiators for sedation are said to improve the manifestation of effects such as inducing sleep as Kratom is thought to have a positive influence on insomnia.


Kratom potentiators for euphoria


Euphoria is a heightened feeling of joy and happiness. Kratom fans argue that the natural supplement helps them become euphoric especially during recreation. Out of experience and based on some research findings, some substances are thought to have the potential to make Kratom stronger for inducing euphoria. Some of them include the following.


Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the human brain and foods like chocolate. This natural supplement is said to trigger the release of norepinephrine and dopamine which have supercharging and euphoric effects respectively. Since Kratom is also believed to induce euphoria, Kratom potentiation with PEA is believed to increase the euphoric sensation.


Akuamma seeds supplements are also thought to have a positive impact on euphoria. It’s believed that mixing powdered akuamma seeds with Kratom could help prolong the feeling of euphoria that would otherwise subside after a shorter time when Kratom is handled without a potentiator.


Bottom line


As the popularity of Kratom continues to rise, new ways of increasing its effectiveness continue to be unearthed. One of the most popular ways of making Kratom stronger is by use of natural Kratom potentiators. These substances are believed to either speed up the metabolism of Kratom or work synergistically with it to improve its effectiveness. The above natural Kratom potentiators are believed to be the best but your choice may be dependent on the particular effect you want to achieve. If you have been wondering about how to potentiate Kratom, you will now be able to improve your Kratom lifestyle and even save money due to the reduced need for the usual Kratom dosage.

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