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Kratom Crazy: Everything You Need to Know About This Vendor

Looking for an online kratom supplier can be a challenge in 2020. There are a ton of vendors out there, and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Kratom Crazy is a relative newcomer to the American kratom market. Unlike most vendors, the company does not maintain a physical location. Instead, its owners operate an online-only eCommerce store that targets U.S. kratom consumers. This makes it difficult to find accurate and objective Kratom Crazy reviews.

If you want to find out the real deal behind this online kratom supplier, you've come to the right place.

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What is Kratom Crazy? 

Kratom Crazy is a company that specializes in selling kratom powder, capsules, and extracts online. According to the company's website, the official Kratom Crazy location can be found in Supply, North Carolina. However, the owners have opted to conduct all of their business online.

Like most kratom vendors, Kratom Crazy claims to sell high-quality, lab-tested products. What sets the company apart is its commitment to testing all its strains to ensure a high kratom alkaloid content.

You won't find any rare or obscure strains at Kratom Crazy. Their menu is surprisingly basic, even for a U.S.-based supplier. However, you will get a guarantee that each of the regular strains sold by the company contains at least 1.4% mitragynine.

Is Kratom Crazy Closed? 

In early November 2020, Kratom Crazy decided it is "Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately." The company's owners have offered no additional information regarding this surprising closure. As of this writing, the owners have yet to offer their rationale for closing.

Whether you loved Kratom Crazy or hated them, it's always sad to see a kratom vendor go. Thankfully, you can still find all the kratom products you want online at other equally reputable vendors, often for lower prices.

Kratom Crazy Product Selection

Kratom Crazy offers just a handful of strains. Some are available in capsule or extract form. Most can only be purchased as a powder. If you order through this company, you'll have to resign yourself to sticking to old favorites. 

If you're new to kratom, you might be able to find what you need through this online kratom supplier.

 Their most popular strains are:

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Green Malay
  • White Thai
  • Red Borneo

The company claims its decision to stick to the basics indicates a devotion to consumer safety and satisfaction. In fact, there are plenty of suppliers that offer a wider selection of high-quality, lab-tested strains.

Kratom Crazy's unimpressive selection of inventory can be frustrating for serious kratom connoisseurs. As you may already know, sticking to just one or two strains from each vein color may cause you to develop a higher tolerance to them.

You can buy more potent kratom extract from the vendor, but most experts don't recommend using extracts. Their higher concentrations of alkaloids may induce unwanted side effects and make users more susceptible to kratom overdoses.

Kratom Crazy Product Quality

Back in the wild wild west days of kratom sales in the US, Kratom Crazy would have been an outlier. They source their kratom from sustainable farms in Southeast Asia and lab test it before selling it. As a result, you don't have to worry about contaminants like heavy metals, salmonella, or additives. 

Things have changed in recent years. Kratom first came under scrutiny from the FDA in 2016. Since then, advocacy groups have been pushing not just for keeping kratom legal, but also for improving regulations. Now, all reputable vendors lab test their products. The best of them also go out of their way to work with sustainable farms. Kratom Crazy is no longer an outlier.

The company's products are pure and about as potent as any other kratom you can find. They're no better or worse than most kratom found on Western markets. If you've ever bought black market kratom, you'll probably feel great about making the switch to Kratom Crazy. Otherwise, you'll likely be unimpressed.

A Word of Caution About Kratom Extract 

You may want to avoid the kratom extract offered on this company's website. While there's no reason to believe it isn't a high-quality product, using kratom in extract form can be dangerous. It's difficult to get your doses right and even experienced kratom users may wind up overloading their systems.

If you use too much kratom, you could experience adverse side effects. They may include nausea, vomiting, constipation, and mood changes. More serious side effects like liver injuries, hallucinations, and seizures are very rare. However, using kratom extracts may increase your risk of experiencing more severe adverse effects.

Kratom Crazy Customer Service

When you work with an online kratom supplier, customer service is almost as important as product quality. Kratom Crazy's customer service is all over the board. Some customers report getting quick responses and answers to all their questions.

They may or may not be happy with the quality of the products, but they're content with the company's responsiveness.

Unfortunately, a greater number of people report poor experiences when buying from Kratom Crazy. All you have to do to see the proof is read through a few threads on r/kratom or Ripoff Report. Users often report that the company fails to fulfill orders, then becomes unresponsive.

Kratom Crazy claims to offer a money-back guarantee. According to their website and customer service representatives, you can return any product within 30 days of buying it, no questions asked. This guarantee would be fantastic if it were true, but it is not.

Most customers who try to get a refund find that the company is completely non-responsive. Some consumers consider them the lucky ones. The kratom products they received may have been sub-par, but at least they received their products. It's also quite common for Kratom Crazy to claim they made a shipment that never arrives.

Kratom Crazy Discounts

Until recently, Kratom Crazy offered a membership-based discount program. Loyal customers were rewarded with coupons and discounted prices. Each time they purchased a product, customers received a Kratom Crazy coupon code. Discounts increased each time you made a purchase.

Not everyone loves Kratom Crazy, but they had a decent following under this membership-based discount program. The codes offered buyers anywhere from 5% to 20% off on each purchase, which offered a good incentive for coming back.

The company discontinued this program. Now, the only way to get a discount through the Kratom Crazy website is to buy in bulk. The fact that they offer bulk purchase discounts is good news for local vendors, but it doesn't help the average consumer.

With the company's original membership program, it was worth paying their higher prices. Customers who liked their products felt that it was worth the money since they could anticipate future discounts.

While the company claims to have lowered its prices in response to doing away with its membership program, they are not the most competitive around.

If you want to buy kratom in bulk for resale, Kratom Crazy's bulk discounts may be worthwhile. Otherwise, you're better off finding a vendor that offers lower prices or direct-to-consumer discounts. You can find strains with greater alkaloid concentrations from other vendors. Just check the lab reports.

Who Might Like Kratom Crazy?

Not everyone who shops at Kratom Crazy has bad experiences. This article has focused primarily on the bad so far because it's important to make informed decisions. Many of the Kratom Crazy reviews you'll find online talk up the company not because it offers a good value but because they pay for positive press.

If you're completely new to using kratom, you might like Kratom Crazy. The fact that they only sell products with 1.4% mitragynine or higher means you don't have to read through lab reports. Plus, if you're new to using this beneficial herb, you likely aren't as interested in trying rare strains.

Kratom Crazy also makes life easier for total kratom newbies by offering split kilos. Instead of buying a ton of one product, you can buy smaller amounts of multiple strains. As long as you buy $50 or more of kratom powder, capsules, or extract, you'll qualify for free shipping.

Just make sure to do some research about different strains you might like first if you want to buy from them. You can't trust the company to honor its money-back guarantee.

The Final Verdict on Kratom Crazy

Since Kratom Crazy closed earlier this year, the kratom community has begun to reflect on its products and services. Some loved the company, while others had legitimate cause to believe that it was a scam. Most customers' experiences fell somewhere in between.

They received their products on time but felt that they were overcharged for ordinary kratom. Kratom Crazy was never the best online kratom supplier out there. It was a legitimate business, but its owners did not always honor the company's guarantees. 

That said, there were plenty of buyers who got the kratom products they wanted from Kratom Crazy. Now, they'll have to find a new vendor such as Austin Vibes where high-quality lab testing meets the demands of our customers.

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