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Kratom King Review - What You Should Know About this Vendor

If you are an experienced user of Kratom, you may have stumbled upon Kratom King, a vendor that has been in the Kratom industry since 2005. When Kratom consumers come across this name, they get the impression that Kratom King is a leading vendor.

However, does the vendor’s Kratom live up to the brand’s name? This Kratom King review will take a deep look into the vendor and explore answers to this question.

kratom king

New Kratom buyers who are thinking of buying the product from the vendor will make an informed decision by the end of this article. Also, those who are switching to different Kratom stores may find this Kratom King review helpful.

Kratom King Review

The vendor has received mixed reactions from customers on Reddit. Before we talk about the vendor’s reviews, let us begin with understanding this brand's legitimacy.

Kratom King is a legitimate vendor of Kratom that provides customers with genuine products. That has earned the vendor a decent reputation in the Kratom community.

The vendor has an online Kratom store that has made it easier for customers to find their latest deals. When you visit the website, you can scroll down to the red text to find applicable specials.

For instance, from late September 2019, the vendor has provided its customers with a 50 percent off Green Malay Superfine. This may not last long, but always check for any deals every time you visit the site.       

Kratom King Products

The vendor sells Kratom as its primary product and a few secondary items such as CBD Oils. However, Kratom King does not have every Kratom strain or vein. Most of its customers seem to prefer the vendor’s Indo/Sumatra Kratom products the most. Besides, the vendor has sorted its products by category to help their customers sort through their options. Some available categories include:

  • Indo / Sumatra
  • Maen Da / Thai
  • Malay/Borneo
  • Extracts / Enhanced
  • Bali
  • Capsules

Apart from these categories, the vendor also offers customers Kratom powders, including the King’s 10 percent and Kratom extract powder.

As mentioned before, the Kratom King store has a minimal selection of products. Therefore, if one of the above Kratom strains goes out of stock, it leaves customers with limited options.

That is why most Kratom users who prefer picking their favorite strain from a vendor with a wide range of products do not recommend it. Kratom King offers customers Kratom in whichever strain they prefer in terms of product forms, including Kratom extracts, Kratom powder, Crushed leaves, and Kratom capsules. However, both Kratom capsules and crushed leaves are available for only limited strains, while Kratom in powder form is available for all strains that the vendor has listed on their site.

What is it going to cost me?

When it comes to prices, the vendor distributes Kratom products across the U.S at an affordable price. The vendor certainly upholds the pricing principle, and that is why one can buy most of their Kratom strains from $7 for 28 grams. Also, one can order 1kg of a specific Kratom strain to enjoy a discounted price.

However, Kratom King has one downside: most of their customers wonder how good their products are, given the low prices. Unfortunately, the company does not provide its customers with any safety test results performed in their products. Some of their Kratom powders, like the Red Sumatra, are appreciated highly by their customers, but other products are of low-quality.

Kratom King Shipping

The Kratom vendor offers a wide range of shipping options such as USPS, COD, and FedEx shipments where certain conditions are met. Unfortunately, none of these delivery options are free, regardless of the Kratom quantity, you order. Most customers claim they get their order in between 2 and 3 days.

Kratom King Customer Care

Customers of Kratom King can get in touch with the vendor through phone or e-mail. Reno residents who use Kratom can also walk into the shop directly and ask questions they may have regarding their products.

When you contact their Customer Support through email, you will get a response within 24 hours. If they do not answer your question within 24 hours, call their customer support. Most customers are content with the vendor’s Customer Support team.

Customer Reviews

According to most buyers, Kratom King is a reliable vendor. The store is legitimate and offers its customers products that are just fine. However, the vendors’ smaller variety of Kratom products is a concern for most of their buyers.

Apart from that, the vendor is successful in developing an active buyer-base. Kratom King is also one of the oldest Kratom brands surviving since 2005.

It is essential for buyers not to judge a Kratom vendor on their founding year. That is because some old Kratom stores sell low-quality Kratom at a low price.

However, for Kratom King's case, there are enough reviews available on the internet to help customers determine if they are reliable.

In Conclusion

Kratom King is among the most reliable vendors for a few selected strains on their site, but not for all products. If you want to shop for quality Kratom from Kratom King, ensure to sample different Kratom products in small quantities to get something that works best for you.

However, the vendor has a few Kratom strains. You can get more Kratom strains from other reliable online stores, such as Austin Vibes.       

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