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Kratom Spot: An Unbiased Review

Kratom Spot is an online kratom supplier based out of Irvine, CA. If you're already involved in the kratom community, chances are you've at least heard of them.

 Kratom Spot is a major player in the US kratom market. The company has been around for years and is known for offering a diverse selection of kratom products. It has a reputation for providing decent products at competitive pricing. However, it's not easy to find objective information about this online kratom supplier.

kratom spot

If you're looking for an objective review that doesn't just repeat the same stock phrases over and over, you've found it. Read on to find out what you need to know about Kratom Spot.

Kratom Spot Product Selection

Kratom Spot offers all the traditional strains you might want. If you're looking for Kratom Spot Maeng Da or red vein Indo kratom capsules, you could give this company a try. It's easy to find essential kratom strains as long as you know what you're looking for. 

When it comes to product descriptions, Kratom Spot falls short. They offer plenty of information about where the kratom is grown and how they test the kratom, which is helpful when it comes to finding a vendor. If you're not sure what strains you want, you might have a more challenging time.

You can browse the company's products according to vein color, but that's only helpful if you already know about different kratom effects. If you're new to kratom, you'll have to do some research before purchasing products from Kratom Spot.

Besides selling the most basic regional strains, plus the quintessential Maeng Da varieties, Kratom Spot also offers extracts. These extracts are labeled as "Ultra" versions of regular strains.

Since there is no additional information about the extraction process, you'll have to take the company's word that they are more potent than the regular products. If you happen to find kratom extracts for sale or have a coupon code, they may be worth a try. Just keep in mind that extracts are far more potent and thus harder to dose.

Kratom Spot Product Quality

It's tough to find objective Kratom Spot reviews, which makes it hard to evaluate product quality. In looking for Kratom Spot reviews Reddit is usually a go-to resource. Even on Reddit, the reviews posted to the forums are obviously written by the company's representatives.

The lack of objective information regarding product quality is likely a side-effect of the company's prevalence. Kratom Spot may be maintaining its supremacy more through its advertising efforts than its superior product quality. It's difficult to say since actual user reviews are few and far between.

kratom spot quality

User reviews on Trust Pilot are a mixed bag. Most consumers are happy with Kratom Spot, but some of them report issues with product quality. Some report that they are unhappy with the pricing for average quality products, while others say they did "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" and even go so far as to call Kratom Spot a scam. 

While Kratom Spot is not a scam website, this indicates the problem with trusting 100% of the reviews. Customers deserve to be able to make informed decisions. The inability to get an accurate idea of what to expect from the company's paid reviews makes that more difficult.

Kratom Spot Pricing 

The product pricing at Kratom Spot varies substantially. You can buy cheap strains starting at $7.99 per ounce, which is a competitive price. If you want higher-quality premium strains, you can expect to pay up to $24.99.

If you use kratom frequently, you're better off buying in bulk if you shop at Kratom Spot. Their prices are more reasonable for pounds than ounces. This online kratom supplier also offers wholesale pricing for vendors.

Kratom Spot Wholesale Program 

This online kratom supplier is picky about who can participate in its wholesale program. To order bulk kratom, you must pre-qualify by filling out an application. The company also notes that gas stations are not eligible for its kratom wholesale program. If you want to find out if your business qualifies, you'll have to reach out to the company directly.

Kratom Spot Customer Service

Most customers report that Kratom Spot offers above-average customer service. As with product quality, there are some exceptions. You may have to contact agents multiple times to get a response, and you may have trouble taking advantage of the company's money-back guarantee. 

That said, Kratom Spot is more responsive than most vendors. You can get in touch with their representatives either online or by phone.

Common complaints handled by Kratom Spot's customer service include:

  • Issues with payment processing
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Dissatisfaction with the product quality
  • Slow delivery times
  • Incorrect orders

When these issues come up, Kratom Spot generally tries to resolve them. If you cannot reach their customer service agents, you may want to leave a review on Trust Pilot. The company is very particular about its reputation and may be more likely to respond if they believe failing to do so will make them look bad.

Is Kratom Spot a Good Vendor? 

Kratom Spot has been around for longer than the average online kratom supplier. The company prides itself on maintaining a positive reputation, but user reviews are mixed. Most people find that Kratom Spot is a good vendor, but product quality and order fulfillment problems are not unheard of.

The Final Verdict on Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot is a legitimate kratom vendor. They offer a complete product selection with discounts for larger orders, and most buyers are happy with their products. Complaints are not unheard of, but the company's customer service representatives are usually willing to help resolve them.

Had problems with Kratom Spot in the past? There's nothing wrong with switching to a new vendor. Austin Vibes offers many of the same products at competitive pricing and prides itself on customer service.

Like Kratom Spot, we take customer satisfaction and consumer safety very seriously, so we lab-test our products and offer a 50-day money-back guarantee.

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