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Mmm Speciosa Review

If you are searching for a Kratom vendor, it is essential to choose the best. Of late, there has been considerable mainstream attention on the product.

The various uses associated with Kratom is what attracts attention. Natives of the Southeast Asian region have used Kratom for an extended period. According to research, people in these nations used to chew the plants leaves to boost their energy levels throughout the day.

The rising demand for the product has led many entrepreneurs to start selling it. Unfortunately, not all vendors offer high-quality Kratom. The fake vendors have dominated every corner of the herbal market, including online, and provide unsuspecting customers with low-quality Kratom with contaminants. The inferior quality of Kratom causes health implications to users raising the product's attention. 

In this MMM Speciosa review, we look closely at this vendor. Mmm speciosa reviews show that it is one of the best Kratom vendors in the market. The brand has received a lot of positive attention from the public.


What is MMM Speciosa?

Mmmspeciosa.com is among the oldest Kratom providers based in the US. The brand was established back in 2015. Since then, the vendor has gained a substantial following by stocking high-quality exotic strains tested by third-party laboratories for purity. 

The vendor’s customers get the latest updates through the Mmm Speciosa newsletter. The online store ensures its customers get up to the minute news concerning the Kratom community promptly and effectively.

According to Mmm Speciosa reviews, the vendor does not rely on switch tactics, shady baits, and fancy web design like other Kratom vendors. Mmmspeciosa.com is a threadbare page that is easy for customers to navigate. What the vendor has on the website is what customers receive, high-quality Kratom powder that is all-natural.


Mmm Speciosa’s aim

The founder of the brand believes in providing customers with the best Kratom products. Mmm Speciosa imports Kratom leaves from reliable farmers from Thailand and Malaysia. The vendor ensures that the Kratom it imports is of consistent quality.

Mmm Speciosa focuses on creating a trustworthy reputation among its customers. Its priority is customer satisfaction and comfort. The company aims to lead in the provision of quality Kratom products and excellent customer service.


Mmm Speciosa products

As of September 2019, the vendor only had 20 strains available for customers. However, one unique feature of Mmm Speciosa Kratom is its promise to add new kratom varieties weekly. With that, customers can have various options to choose from together with their old favorites.

Mmm Kratom imports the product direct from reputable farmers in the Southeast Asia region. The vendor also has plantation options for customers interested in bulk quantities like the Plantation Maeng Da Kratom. You can also expect to find a wide range of veins and strains, including:


Red vein strains

Yellow Vein Strain

  • Sunrise Bali

Green Vein Strains

White vein strains

  • White Java


Mmm Speciosa best strain

According to most customers, Sunrise Bali is the absolute favorite strain that the vendor has. Regular customers of this strain claim that one can consume the gentle and subtle powder at any time of the day. The strain is an excellent addition to a busy workweek. Most customers report that they take 2.5 grams of the strain before getting into their daily tasks. Some claim that they brew another dose of 2.5 grams of Kratom tea during lunch hour.

Sunrise Bali has all attributes of whites and reds. In the opinion of kratomcrazy.com, this strain combines the best qualities of both white and red vein Kratom. Several customers claim it is like getting a back massage and a simultaneous pat on the back. They continue to report that the strain makes them feel motivated and chill when winding their life’s daily stressors.

Other popular strains from the vendor include:

  • White Java: According to its consumers, the strain is refreshing and sharp, making it super dope.
  • Red Hulu Kapuas: Most consumers claim it helps them sleep well through the night. If consumed during the day, a consumer may experience headaches.
  • Baik Bali: It is also equally chill with a mellow according to its consumers and has a giddy aroma.
  • Plantation Maeng Da: It is a strong plant grown through grafting.
  • Red Vein Thai: Some consumers claim it offers a relaxation effect that leaves one feeling fresh for the day.

What is special about Mmm, speciosa!

Mmm Speciosa only uses a hammermill grinder to process its finely ground and potent Kratom powder. No other vendor utilizes this technique. Mmm speciosa kratom products that are fully processed do not contain any stems or other plant matter.


How much is it going to cost me?


The Mmm Speciosa’s prices may give you a pause. Most people have complained about the vendor’s high prices in the past. However, some people find the prices reasonable since the products are of high quality. Also, Mmm Speciosa discounts and other deals help customers pay less than the actual price.


For instance, 250 grams of Baik Bali Kratom is available at $74.99. However, one gets a discount after buying several 250 grams in the same order. One does not have to purchase the same variety. The price drops to $54.99 after purchasing four 250 grams of Kratom.


The bulk price of Plantation Maeng Da is $99.99. However, if you are interested in huge Kratom amounts, this is the best vendor to buy from. All you have to do is reach out to one of the employees who specialize in discounted kilos.


As mentioned before, the vendor also offers discounts when one orders five Kratom products weighing 25 grams at once. For instance, the initial price of 25 grams of Baik Bali goes for $12.99, but the price can drop to $8.75 for every 25 grams.


Mmm Speciosa’s Customer reviews


Most consumers of Kratom have been vocal on various online platforms about Mmm Speciosa’s pros and cons. A few customers claim that the vendor is very expensive, but they continue to add that their Green Malay Kratom is the best they ever had. 


A Kratom consumer responded by writing, "True! The vendor's Plantation, Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Baik Bali, are of high quality, and one only requires a small dosage to feel the effects. Their Yellow Vietnam is also close up there."


Another response reads. “...the vendor's products are of quality, and the consistency is way better compared to other brands."


On a different platform, a customer of Mmm Speciosa states that the vendor’s customer service is at par and has the best Kratom products.


The majority of the customers praise the vendor’s generosity, reporting that it includes free samples in each package and other goodies even with the high prices.


Another user said, “Since I discovered Kratom one year ago, Mmm Speciosa Kratom has been my main supplier. I would stray every once in a while, to experiment, but Mmm Speciosa’s white vein Kratom seemed more potent than others. The vendor has the best quality I have ever had…"


Personal experience with mmmspeciosa.com


Since my introduction to Mmm Speciosa by a friend, I have always had a pleasurable experience. The vendor offers fast shipping and ensures their package gets to the customer safely and discreetly. They seal their packages well, wrap them carefully, and ensure to include a surprise that one was not expecting. The surprise may include lollipops, samples of new Kratom strains, or ginger chews.


Some time back, my order took longer than expected. I reached out to the vendor and was able to find out what caused the delay. Mmm Speciosa customer care provided me with a tracking number that helped me track my package.            


FDA Warning


The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration warned the public against the consumption of Kratom products. The organization has noticed that the product has several negative health effects such as sweating, insomnia, nausea, weight loss, digestion problems, dry mouth, among many more. 


The organization became more vigorous with Kratom's use after the Salmonella outbreak that was associated with the consumption of Kratom products.

The best thing about mmm Speciosa is that it tested its Kratom products and found no traces of salmonella or any other contamination, unlike other vendors who recalled their Kratom products after finding traces of contamination. Therefore, users can consume Mmm Speciosa Kratom without fear of infection or sickness. The vendor has not had to recall its products after the FDA announcement.


Customer service


Mmm Speciosa’s customers have praised the brand's customer service repeatedly. Its team of friendly customer care representatives ensures to make a customer's shopping experience smooth and easy. Customers get prompt and satisfying replies to their queries.

In addition, several reviews are commending the company or the gifts they include in their packages. We have not come across any negative reviews regarding Mmm Speciosa customer service.


In the herbal industry, it is a big green signal to have customers who are happy and satisfied with a brand’s customer services. Mmm Speciosa is also open to concerns with respect to unsatisfactory products.      


How to place an order


Mmm Speciosa has made it easy for customers to place their orders. You only have to visit the official page mmmspeciosa.com and click on the product you want. It will take you to a different page where you can choose the product's quantity. 


However, before the procedure, you have to create an account on the vendor's customer page and get a personal cart to place your order.


Payment options


Due to complications between debit and credit card companies, Mmm Speciosa cannot accept this payment method. However, the company allows its customers to pay using the following mediums.

  • EFT, Online Bill Pay, or ACH Transfer
  • Zelle Pay

The company also accepts money orders, checks, postal money orders, and cashier’s checks.


Mmm Speciosa coupon code


The vendor only makes monthly coupon codes available on the company’s Facebook page. At Coupon Okay, one can get a verified 26 percent off promo code, which is good when buying bulk Maeng Da.




The company ships customer’s orders via Express Priority Mail, Priority Mail, and USPS First Class. The brand also has a delivery option via FedEx. They also offer same-day delivery for orders placed before 2 pm. If you place your order after 2 pm, it will be dispatched the following day before 2 pm. 


Same-day shipping ensures customers receive their orders in a timely manner. The company ensures that orders are delivered between 2 and 3 working days.


However, for orders sent via USPS Express Priority Mail, they can get to your delivery address within 24 and 48 hours. Some customers even claim that they get their products earlier than expected. Several payments and delivery options are a good indication that the brand values its customer's comfort.


Return policy


Surprisingly, Mmm Speciosa does not have a return policy. This appears shady considering the quality of their product. 


However, the Mmm Speciosa administration has explained why they do not have a return policy in place. 


In the case of unsatisfactory products, they encourage customers to contact the customer care team immediately. Their contact page is always open and answers customers' concerns promptly. The brand promises to make right any problems or issues that may arise. 




Transparency is a vital aspect when it comes to Kratom products. Several Kratom brands in the market do not display product information. The absence of product information makes it difficult for a customer to track the company. Also, some of these brands scam their customers by selling them products that they did not order.


However, Mmm Speciosa prioritizes its customers above everything else. The company is transparent and answers all customers' queries in detail. 


It also has a team that responds to customer’s emails as soon as possible. The team answers all emails within official timings, and those received after the working hours are answered the following working day.  The company is transparent with its customers. It encourages them to contact customer service in case of any issues. The vendor has displayed its contact details on the site for customers to reach the support team easily.


Final thoughts


It is now evident that Mmm Speciosa is a reliable vendor that has managed to maintain the quality of its Kratom products. The brand's powder is consistent, finely ground, and potent. The only disadvantage that the brand has is its highly-priced products. That keeps Kratom consumers who are on a budget. However, the discounts, gifts, and quality products help even out the cost.    


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