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The Real Deal on Coastline Kratom

With kratom's recent rise to popularity in the West, it can seem like new vendors are entering the market every day. Each of them claims to be the best in the industry, but not all kratom vendors are created equal.

Coastline Kratom is a well-respected online kratom supplier based out of North Carolina. The company has only been in business since 2015, but its products have already gained a reputation for excellence. Not everyone loves Coastline Kratom, but the company is legitimate and offers a money-back guarantee. 

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Just knowing that a company is legitimate isn't enough information to make an informed decision. You can find out what else you need to know in this comprehensive Coastline Kratom review.

Coastline Kratom 2021 Update 

It's sad to say, but as of February 2021, the company's website has featured a report about Coastline Kratom ceasing operations. Effective immediately, you will no longer be able to purchase kratom powder or live trees from its website. No additional information about the Coastline Kratom closing is available at this time. 

Coastline Kratom's sister company, Kratom Crazy, also shut its doors in November. The decisions of two industry-leading vendors to close up shop came as a surprise to many kratom enthusiasts. Love the company or hate it, it's always sad to see an online kratom supplier close its proverbial doors.

What is Coastline Kratom? 

Coastline Kratom is an East Coast kratom company based out of North Carolina. It was started in 2015 by Joshua and Katrina Fulton. The company's founders state that they started the company to offer high-quality kratom online at discount prices. 

Since its founding in 2015, Coastline Kratom has become an industry leader. Popularity alone is not a good indicator of quality. Potential buyers should research all aspects of the company's operation to determine whether it prioritizes consumer safety and user satisfaction. Let's get started.

Coastline Kratom Product Selection 

A quick review of Coastline Kratom's product lineup shows that the company stocks the most common kratom strains. You may have a hard time finding new or rare strains, but if what you're looking for are old stand-bys in powdered form, you may find them.

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Available strains include:

  • Red and White Bali kratom
  • Red and Green Borneo kratom
  • Red and White Horned kratom
  • Red and White Maeng Da kratom
  • Green Malay kratom

Three things set Coastline Kratom apart from its competitors when it comes to product selection. They offer a variety of packs, enhanced strains, and live plants.

Coastline Kratom Variety Packs

Some kratom vendors make it difficult to experiment by requiring you to buy each strain separately. Coastline Kratom offers variety packs with small amounts of several types of kratom powder, offering a perfect solution for those who want to try new strains.

The downside of the variety packs is that they are more expensive than purchasing one strain at a time. Some buyers complain that they did not get their money's worth. They also report that the quality of the kratom in the variety packs is sub-par.

Coastline Kratom Enhanced Strains

The company's "ultra enhanced" kratom products are supposed to be 20 times as potent as regular kratom. Its selection of "ultra enhanced" products includes Coastline Kratom Red Borneo, Red Horned, Maeng Da, and Green Malay. 

The company offers no additional information about how the strains are enhanced, nor can you check the lab test results for these products.

Inexplicably, the only information about product purity the company offers about its enhanced products on its website is that they "contain less than 0.3% THC." Given that kratom's active ingredients are alkaloids, not cannabinoids, this gives discerning customers little information and even less trust in the products.

Coastline Kratom Live Plants

If you live in a tropical climate, you may be able to grow your own Mitragyna speciosa tree. The trees are notoriously hard to propagate by seed, so Coastline Kratom offers live Rifat and Malay strain plants. Each plant also comes with a pot, humidity dome, a small amount of soil, and detailed instructions on how to grow it.

It's unusual to find US vendors that sell live plants. It's even rarer for consumers to live in an environment where they can get these plants to grow and thrive. If you have a green thumb and want to give kratom propagation a try, keep an eye on the company's website and move fast. They frequently sell out of living kratom plants.

Coastline Kratom Product Quality 

When choosing an online kratom supplier, product quality is arguably more important than product selection. Coastline Kratom claims to offer high-quality kratom powder. A quick look at the company's professional reviews backs up this claim, but that's not the full story.

Unlike most industry-leading kratom vendors, Coastline Kratom does not appear to lab test its products. The only information available on the website is an ingredients list that contains only "mitragyna speciosa powder." If the company does employ independent labs to test product purity and potency, it does not offer up the information to customers. 

To complicate matters further, it's hard to tell a genuine Coastline Kratom review from paid content. The average Coastline Kratom / Red Bali review does nothing but sings the company's praises, yet actual buyers often report very different experiences.

According to them, the quality is nothing to write home about and does not justify the company's high prices.

Coastline Kratom Prices and Discounts

For those who enjoy Coastline Kratom products, but not their prices, the company does offer discounts. You can find Coastline Kratom coupon codes for a variety of products. Just pay attention because the coupon codes expire quickly. If you want to order from this company, place your order as soon as you get a code.

Coastline Kratom Ease of Ordering 

If you already know what products you like, ordering kratom through Coastline Kratom is easy. The company's website divides its product offerings according to strain. You can also browse best-sellers like kratom variety packs and enhanced strains.

The company offers minimal information regarding strain effects, dosage, and other practical concerns. It can be off-putting for newcomers to the kratom world to find this crucial information missing from product descriptions. The only guarantee of purity the company makes is that its kratom products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Customers who have trouble figuring out what to buy or how to place an order can contact Coastline Kratom customer service online or by phone. Their representatives have a reputation for being both friendly and helpful. 

Don't expect sales representatives to offer advice on choosing or using products. To circumvent FDA regulations regarding kratom sales, Coastline Kratom claims its products are intended only for "soap making or aromatherapy."

Once customers know what to purchase, the rest of the ordering experience is simple. The company accepts payment only in the form of major credit cards. While that could be a problem for buyers who prioritize online privacy, placing orders online is easy for those who don't mind giving up their credit card information.

Coastline Kratom Customer Service

Coastline Kratom is exclusively an online kratom supplier. Unlike some online vendors, they do offer phone support. You can also get in touch with customer service representatives via email. The company promptly handles customer questions and complaints, and buyers report that their representatives are friendly and knowledgeable.

Coastline Kratom Shipping and Returns

Like most reputable vendors, Coastline Kratom offers free shipping on select orders over $75. You can only take advantage of free shipping if you live in the United States. Most US orders are fulfilled within one day and arrive within three business days, but issues with delivery delays are not unheard of.

Unlike most US vendors, Coastline Kratom also ships to international customers. There is one problem with the company's international shipping policy. The company takes responsibility for delivery only until its products reach US customs. 

If the order makes it through customs but gets intercepted somewhere else along the way, international customers are out of luck. When it comes to returns, Coastline Kratom offers full refunds to dissatisfied customers if they return the product within 90 days.

If you want to return your purchase, you should know that you'll have to cover the return shipping cost. Refunds are not available for international orders.

Where is Coastline Kratom Located? 

Coastline Kratom is a North Carolina-based company. Its US office is located at 106 Countryside St in Supply, NC, but Coastline Kratom does not operate a physical storefront. Instead, the company sells kratom products to online customers exclusively.

Where to Buy Kratom Online in 2021

Many in the kratom community are looking for a new online kratom supplier with Coastline Kratom out of commission. Austin Vibes is a great alternative. We’re a  company that offers a wide array of strains in powder and capsule form and lab tests 100% of our products. 

Austin Vibes also offers a no-questions-asked 50-day money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose by trying one of our high-quality Indonesian kratom strains today.

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