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Wicked Kratom: A Comprehensive Review

With interest in kratom exploding across the US, new vendors are entering the markets every day. Some of them are great; some of them are so-so. Wicked Kratom falls somewhere in between.

Wicked Kratom was the initial name for a US kratom vendor now officially known as Wicked Tea Company. Despite the name change, the company has been around for a while and is still best-known by its initial moniker. Kratom enthusiasts across the US have differing opinions about the quality and reliability of the brand.

Whether you're buying kratom for the first time or just looking for a new vendor, it pays to do your homework. You can get started by reading through this comprehensive Wicked Tea review.

What Is Wicked Kratom? 

Although the company Wicked Kratom is now known as Wicked Tea Co., that hasn't put off their most loyal customers. Many kratom enthusiasts still trust this brand to supply them with kratom powder, capsules, and liquids.

wicked tea kratom company

Wicked Tea is known primarily for its variety. Before its name change, the company established a reputation for carrying a wide array of red, white, green, and yellow kratom products. When the vendor switched names, it also expanded its product offerings to include many other botanicals and tinctures.

Wicked Tea Product Selection

Even after expanding into other botanical markets, Wicked Tea still offers a broader range of kratom products than most of its competitors. Unfortunately, it can be a bit hard to tell exactly what they have on offer.  

While some of Wicked Tea's products maintain industry-standard names, many are marketed using more colorful vocabulary. Most of these exciting but non-conforming names refer to blends rather than strains of kratom.

When you shop at Wicked Tea, expect to find products like:

  • Wicked Kratom Yellow Brick Road
  • Red Relax
  • Chocolate Sunset
  • Emerald City
  • Flying Monkey
  • Red Buddha
  • Glinda's Kiss

These colorful names may make the products sound fun and exciting, but they can also make choosing the right strains more difficult. If you're already familiar with kratom and know just what you're looking for, you probably don't want to mess around with a product called "Chocolate Sunset."

Wicked Tea's product selection also stands out from most kratom vendors in that it contains a wider variety of kratom extracts and tinctures. If you choose to buy them, note that experts recommend using kratom extracts with caution. They are quite potent, and that's not always a good thing.

If you get the dosage wrong and take too much kratom extract, you could wind up dealing with unpleasant side effects. These side effects can include nausea, vomiting, constipation, insomnia, and unwanted mood changes. Serious side effects are rare, even when using highly concentrated forms of kratom.

Wicked Tea Product Pricing 

Wicked Tea's product pricing is on the high end compared to most vendors, but there is little evidence that the quality matches the price. It's more likely that the company is tapping less informed markets.

The company's decision to move into the larger world of botanicals and extracts means they attract many customers who know little about kratom. These customers are less likely to do their research into kratom vendors and more likely to buy these products as add-ons to their Wicked leaf tea and other orders. 

For more discerning and savvy customers, the company does offer Wicked Kratom coupon codes. Unless they're die-hard fans, most people in the kratom community suggest waiting until you can get a good coupon code if you want to try this company's products.

For bulk orders, customers are better off finding another vendor. Wicked Tea does not have a wholesale program able to compete with specialized wholesalers and other US vendors.

Wicked Tea Product Quality

In 2020, there's an expectation that reputable kratom vendors lab test and quality test their products. It's unclear if Wicked Tea follows this industry standard. One look at the Wicked Kratom Reddit is enough to cast some doubts.

Just a few years ago, the company found shards of metal in two separate batches of kratom. Wicked Tea claimed the metal was introduced at the source in Indonesia and chose to pull both batches from production. They offered to remedy the problem for anyone who found metal in his or her kratom. However, there's no way to tell if the company followed through on its promise.

wicked tea products

There's much debate about Wicked Tea's decision to release information about its contaminated kratom batches. Some believe the company did well to inform users of the potential hazard and offer to resolve their complaints in advance. Others feel that shards of metal "larger than a quarter" should not have gone unnoticed, to begin with.

The reasoning on both sides is sound. If Wicked Tea was properly quality testing its products, there's no way large shards of metal would have gotten through to consumers. That said, there are less reputable vendors out there that would not have recalled the tainted products. It's a debate that has compelling points on both sides.

Wicked Tea Customer Service

Reports regarding Wicked Tea's customer service vary. Most customers are satisfied with the delivery of their purchases. Those who are not happy usually have no trouble contacting a representative since Wicked Tea offers phone and online support.

If there was a silver lining to Wicked Tea's metal shard contamination debacle, it was that it became a driver of positive change. Even customers who did not find giant shards of metal in their kratom products are not always 100% happy with their service. However, the company has made efforts to improve its quality control practices.

Wicked Tea has also taken another step to improve the quality of its customer service. They now offer immediate delivery fulfillment. Customers should note that delivery times may still vary, as late deliveries are often caused by transit problems, not at the packaging facility. The company makes no guarantees regarding the timing of their products' arrivals, just the fulfillment process.

Wicked Tea Ease of Ordering 

It is clear from the company's website that Wicked Tea is no longer a specialized kratom dealer. They now offer a far wider variety of products, including various botanical herbs, teas, and tinctures not related to kratom.

To purchase, or even view, any of Wicked Tea's products, you'll have to fill out a contact form. Only users who have created dedicated accounts can view products from the website.

Wicked Tea gives no justification for requiring this level of password protection. What some perceive as an emphasis on customer security actually makes it more difficult for buyers to shop around. Some consumers also find that the lack of transparency decreases their trust in the brand.

Who Are Wicked Tea's Fans? 

Plenty of people still think of Wicked Tea as Wicked Kratom and remain loyal to the brand. Some are regular consumers who like the company's extensive product selection. Others are general wellness enthusiasts that buy kratom only occasionally. 

Those looking for small amounts of kratom alongside other botanical products are often happy with Wicked Tea's selection. They sell capsules in 10-packs, which can be useful if you're looking to experiment with new strains.

For a frequent kratom user who has already built up a tolerance to the herb, ten capsules wouldn't be worth the money Kratom Tea wants for them. If you just want to try kratom for the first time or give some to a friend who's a complete kratom novice, the ability to buy 10-packs of capsules could be a benefit. Just be prepared to pay more by weight.

How Does Wicked Tea Compare to Other Vendors?

 What sets Wicked Tea apart from other kratom vendors is their product selection. While they don't specialize in rare or difficult-to-find strains, they do offer multiple kratom blends. If you're an herbalist or a natural health and wellness buff, you may also appreciate their selection of other botanicals.

When it comes to kratom quality, selection, and pricing, Wicked Tea is unexceptional. Their prices are slightly higher than most competitors, and while the quality is decent, it is not good enough to justify the higher price tags.

If you're looking for more comprehensive wellness solutions and are buying kratom as an afterthought, you might not mind high prices and trendy but hard to interpret names. If you're a serious kratom enthusiast, the same may not apply. You're probably better off skipping the Emerald City and heading straight for a vendor that uses more conventional nomenclature.

What Happened to Wicked Kratom? 

If it's been a few years since you purchased kratom, you may not know this yet: Wicked Kratom is now Wicked Tea Co. The company has expanded its focus and product range to contain other botanicals. They still sell a diverse range of kratom mixes, extracts, and other products, as well.

Check Out the Competition

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