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7 Best Kratom Capsules (From Personal Experience)

Being the most convenient form of Mitragyna speciosa, Kratom capsules have become outstandingly popular. However, despite their overwhelming popularity, not all Kratom capsules have it in their power to lift you to the same great heights as the best Kratom in capsule form.


According to Kratom reviews, Kratom capsules are said to help deal with pain, alleviate anxiety, enhance sleep, boost energy and mood as well as several other benefits. The effectiveness of particular Kratom capsules depends on the strain of Kratom therein. There are two types of Kratom capsules namely gelatin capsules and veggie capsules which contain varying amounts of crushed powder Kratom

Which Kratom capsules are the best for energy?


If you are looking for an energy boost, white Maeng Da is believed to be the best. It’s said to elicit a surge of energy mixed with a great feeling of self-worth. Kratom fans praise white Maeng Da capsules citing acute focus and concentration from the hybridized strain. Moreover, it’s said to induce euphoric sensations while enhancing your productivity.


The advantage of white Maeng Da, according to most people is the alleged minimal risks of Kratom tolerance. This is believed to be due to its moderate alkaloid concentration.


Which Kratom capsules best enhances sleep?


All people experience problems finding sleep at some point in their life. While there are hundreds of sleep prescriptions out there, most people find them ineffective. Natural remedies for insomnia have been on the rise in recent years with Kratom believed to be in the lead.


If you experience episodes of sleeplessness, the best Kratom capsules for sleep are believed to be red Bali capsules. The excellent alkaloid profile is said to get you relaxed and heavy with sleep like a tired toddler. These capsules are said to be excellent pain killers hence suitable for combating pain-induced insomnia.


Which Kratom capsules are most effective for anxiety?


Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects millions of people around the world. But Kratom is said to offer a lasting natural remedy against this menace. Since anxiety can affect anybody regardless of their economic status, Kratom capsules are said to be fit for everyone due to their convenience.


If you are looking for the best Kratom capsules for anxiety, the best choice you can make is thought to be green Malay capsules. The preference for green Malay for anxiety is attributed to its balanced alkaloid profile. Kratom fans say that these capsules have the least sedative effect and induce energy both physically and mentally.


Which Kratom capsules should I buy for pain relief?


When it comes to pain relief, nothing matches the strength and vigor that red Maeng Da in capsules are said to exhibit. Red Bali rivals red Maeng Da kratom for pain relief but it’s said to be more sedative while red Maeng Da is said to lift your mood beyond, thereby masking the symptoms of anxiety. Besides excellent painkilling properties, these capsules are praised for their combination of varied effects.


Unlike other remedies for pain, red Maeng Da is said to have a broad spectrum effect on pain. The alkaloids in this strain are thought to stimulate the brain resulting in reduced perception of pain in any part of the body.


Kratom capsules best for euphoria


Over the years, the highest sales for euphoric Kratom believed to have been made by now are for white Maeng Da Kratom in capsule form. They are said to offer a combination of excitement and energy boost that lets you get out of your way and get that extra boost on happiness.


If you are looking forward to making the best out of the party, the best way you can boost your joy and happiness while avoiding the side effects of Kratom is by buying white Maeng Da Kratom capsules.


Kratom capsules best suited for a mood boost


White Malay Kratom in capsule form are arguably the best Kratom for boosting mood. Although they are said to have energizing properties as well as anxiety relief, the strain is said to produce a clean mood boost without the sedation associated with other strains. Besides, it’s believed to be associated with the least chances of inducing side effects.


Best Kratom for appetite


Lack of appetite can be a constant bother in your life as it negatively affects your health and well being. However, green Borneo Kratom is said to elicit hunger pangs while improving mental functionality. According to most people, green Borneo Kratom capsules improve appetite and help you handle anxiety as well.


Kratom capsules and how to make them


Kratom capsules are simply capsules containing any of the varied strains of Kratom powder. The capsules can be filled manually or using a capsule machine. The powder is obtained through a series of steps that involve drying and crushing the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa.


The benefits associated with Kratom capsules are thought to be caused by the alkaloids present in the leaves of this botanical. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are the most significant alkaloids in Kratom associated with the alleged beneficial effects. They are said to elicit the same effects as opioids but are believed to save you from the risks associated with opioids.


What type of capsule casing is used for Kratom capsules?


If you are looking for Kratom capsules, there are two types you can find in the market today. Kratom can be packaged into either gelatin or veggie capsules. It is important to determine the type of capsule case used especially if you are a vegetarian. However, the casing does not seem to have much influence on the effects Kratom capsules are believed to offer.


  • Veggie capsules contain natural material such as cellulose, hypromellose, and potable water. The advantage of these capsules is that they have no ingredients from animal sources. They are also not genetically modified nor do they contain chemical additives. They are suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle and thought to be easily digestible


  • Gelatin capsules are made using animal byproducts such as those obtained from pork, poultry, and beef. As such, there is a likelihood they could also contain chemicals cumulated from livestock feeds. Some Kratom suppliers prefer them for their malleability and affordability. If you are prone to allergy especially from animal products, veggie capsules would be a better choice


Although capsules offer a great way to enjoy the benefits Kratom is believed to offer, you cannot store them for as long as you wish. The shelf life of Kratom capsules, regardless of the type, is about a year. The best you can do to maintain their quality is to keep them cool and in a dry place.


Different sizes of Kratom capsules and the amount of powder contained


If you have never bought Kratom capsules before, you will realize that they come in varied sizes. You can find capsules containing as little as 0.3g of Kratom and as much as 1.0g. Swallowing can never be a problem as you can choose the size that best suits you. Most Kratom fans stick to size ‘0’ as they claim it’s a standard medium-sized capsule.


Capsules Size Chart:


  • Size ‘2’ – This is a small-sized capsule that can hold about 0.3g of Kratom powder


  • Size ‘1’ – Slightly larger than size ‘2’, this capsule can be filled with 0. 4g of Kratom powder


  • Size ‘0’ – This is the medium-sized capsule that contains 0.5g of powder. Surprisingly, it’s the most popular among Kratom fans


  • Size ‘00’ – This capsule is slightly bigger than size ‘0’ with a capacity of 0.75g of Kratom powder


  • Size ‘000’ – This is the largest Kratom capsule which can be packed with 1.0g of Kratom powder


Effects of Kratom capsules


As we noted earlier, the effects of Kratom capsules are dependent on the type of strain packaged. Generally, there are three main strains of Kratom, although there are a few other additions that are not pure strains as per se. The three include red, white, and green Kratom strains. The different colors of Kratom strains are said to elicit varied combinations of effects.


Besides the varied set of effects believed to be associated with each particular color, strains within the same color are also believed to exhibit different efficiencies. For instance, red Maeng Da and red Bali exhibit different effects. Some strains are said to be better suited for particular Kratom effects than others, hence the differences in popularity.


According to experienced Kratom fans, the effects of Kratom capsules take about half an hour to kick in. This is attributed to the fact that capsules have to be digested first before absorption of alkaloids can begin. This is perhaps the only setback associated with Kratom capsules for sale.


However, once you have handled your suitable dosage of Kratom capsules, the effects are said to hover around for about 4-6 hours.


Combining Kratom capsules from different strains


For an improved experience, Kratom fans believe that blending different strains of Kratom is an excellent idea. This is especially common when handling Kratom powder. The question is, can the same be done with Kratom capsules? Can you handle red Maeng Da and white Thai together?


Kratom capsules can be combined so long as you make the right combination based on the desired effects. For instance, if you are looking for an energy boost coupled with a mood boost, you can mix the best Kratom capsules for energy with the best for mood enhancement.


What is the dosage for Kratom capsules?


One of the most responsible ways of handling Kratom is said to be careful consideration of dosage. The number of Kratom capsules you can handle is said to be influenced by the effect you wish to achieve. For instance, the dosage of red Bali that would be enough to suppress pain would be higher than that for an energy boost.


Besides, the difference in physiology between individuals has a considerable impact on the effects Kratom is said to offer. This makes it hard to come up with a single dosage that fits all people. However, some suggestions have been found to work for most people as we will see shortly.


Nevertheless, before you start making use of the suggestions, you should first experiment personally to see what best suits you. As a rule of thumb, Kratom fans advise that you start with a small amount such as about 2g and hold on for about 30 minutes. If you feel you can handle more, you should not add more than a gram until a point where you feel perfectly stimulated.


The differences in manifestations of these effects are believed to be influenced by your body weight, metabolic rate as well as your health status. The higher the weight of your body, the higher the dosage you will need.


If you are trying to determine the dosage fit for you, it’s advised that you should only do it once in a day. Handling Kratom more than once during the initial stages makes it hard to come up with appropriate dosage.


The following Kratom capsules dosage table provides suggestions that have been coined by the Kratom community. According to most Kratom fans, these estimates are fit for all Kratom enthusiasts, the only difference being the exact amount suitable for an individual.




Kratom effect



Kratom dosage(g)



Number of capsules(size ‘0’, 0.5g)



Pain relief


















Sleep enhancement









Anxiety relief


















Boost mood










Side effects associated with Kratom capsules


Although Kratom capsules have made quite an impression in the Kratom world, irresponsible handling may lead to side effects. Like other natural products including the food we eat, too much of this herbal supplement may induce adverse reactions.


For this reason, you must do your best at finding your most suitable dosage. When your friend may achieve excellent results with five red Maeng Da capsules, this could be way too high for you such that instead of enjoying any positive benefits, you regret having handled them in the first place.


Here are some of the side effects you could experience if you are not careful when handling Kratom capsules.


  • Mild headaches
  • Irritability 
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Over sweating
  • Oversleeping


According to experienced Kratom enthusiasts, you can avoid these adverse reactions by leading a responsible Kratom lifestyle. However, in case of such reactions, it’s said that taking plenty of water helps reduce their negative sensations.


Bottom line


Kratom capsules are very popular today thanks to their convenience. Although their effects are said to take a little longer to kick in compared to Kratom powder, they offer a wide range of benefits in the most pleasant way. The above-discussed Kratom capsules represent the 7 best Kratom capsules you can find today.


As a rule of thumb, always be careful with the dosage when handling Kratom capsules to avoid side effects. You can either purchase prepackaged Kratom capsules or buy a filling machine to package your capsules with your desired strains.


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