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Akuamma and Everything it Entails – Akuamma vs. Kratom

The past couple of years have seen a rise in the popularity of herbs with beneficial properties. Many factors can be attributed to this. The chief one is the fact that natural medications offer benefits on the same level as modern medicine. Yet natural medications and its products do not come with adverse side effects. As a result, people have begun opting for natural elixirs.

Despite this, some herbs tend to be stronger and more effective than their counterparts. Some of the more efficient natural products include Akuamma and Kratom. The notoriety of the said herbs has increased over the last couple of years.

Even though Akuamma is said to have beneficial properties, many individuals still do not know anything about it. The truth is that they are missing out on a lot. Additionally, for Akuamma to be effective, the individual taking it should be knowledgeable about the product. With not enough research being conducted on the product, this can be a little tricky. This article will try to lighten the burden by trying to break down Akuamma and everything it entails.

What is Akuamma? - Origins

Akuamma is native to the tropical region that is West Africa. Akuamma is how it is locally referred to as. It is known by a plethora of other names, including Picralima nitida and vincamajordine. It is a rainforest tree that grows to a maximum of eight of 100 feet. It thrives especially along riverbanks and other sources of freshwater.

Though its popularity has grown over the last couple of years. People in the West African region have used it for a lot longer. Ancient civilization had identified it as a panacea. It has a myriad of aliment-healing properties, some of which are akin to those of Kratom. In fact, depending on the condition you want to take care of, the two products are relatively interchangeable.

Parts used

Since time immemorial, Akuamma seeds have been the go-to when looking for parts to harvest. When the fruits of the Akuamma tree are ripe, they are harvested and sliced open to retrieve the seeds. This entire process is done manually. Once the Akuamma seeds have been extracted, they are sundried. Drying is an integral part of the process.

Once the Akuamma seeds are dried, they are ready for consumption. There are plenty of ways to ingest Akuamma, the main being through chewing them whole. Some people, however, prefer when the seeds are grounded, and thus can be taken in powder form.

This does not mean that other parts were and are not used. In the opinion of buykratom.us, the bark of the tree is also used often as a cure for fever and jaundice. Users also claim that the roots and the leaves are also useful in creating remedies for pneumonia, measles and ear infections

The properties of Akuamma

Even though we have already stated some of them, there are still many other properties that Akuamma, and Akuamma seeds specifically, offer. According to guidanceepa, one of the main ones is its ability to not only palliate pain but to get rid of it altogether. Irrespective of whether it is acute or chronic pain, users claim that Akuamma will take care of it. Its analgesic properties are akin to those of modern-day painkillers.

The major downside of modern-day painkillers is their potential dependence. Those from the opiate family especially, have a high likelihood of addiction and dependency. Akuamma has none of this, and that is why it has become so popular.

People who use Akuamma also claim that it helps a lot when it comes to mood elevation, anxiety, and depression. Over the last couple of years, mental health has taken the limelight. Some mental health issues require medication for them to be handled. People’s online reports claim that Akuamma can uplift your spirits and get you in the mood to conquer the world.

Another important property of Akuamma seeds, based on anecdotal research is that it can take care of the inflammation. This has been a recurrent theme since the earliest recorded uses of the product. When made into a poultice, the seeds are powerful and efficient in tackling abscesses and inflammations.

Pain relief

In the opinion of kratomwave, people use Akuamma seeds to relieve the pain linked with migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia among other ailments. Users also report that it helps in relieving body aches and sore muscles.

Anti-malarial medicine

People claim that Alstonine and Akuammine, which are two alkaloids found in the fruit and bark of Akuamma seeds have anti-malarial effects.

Helps increase the uptake of glucose

The Akuammicine found in Akuamma seeds is said to enhance the uptake of glucose. This suggests that the herb can potentially be used to relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

Treats sleep disorders

The anecdotal reports we have come across online claim that Akuamma seeds have sedative properties. Users claim that they help them prevent nightmares and insomnia. This can allow you to have a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Relieves stress

According to kratomwave, seeds containing Akuammine are useful for relieving physical and mental stress.

How to ingest Akuamma

There are numerous forms through which Akuamma can be ingested. As stated earlier, it is commonplace to find people ingesting the Akuamma seeds as a whole, or taking the powder form of the herb.

However, with the recent improvements in medicines and health supplements because of technology new forms have popped up. One of them is Akuamma in form of capsules. Some people may find Akuamma bitter taste a bit too extreme. With capsules, however, this bitter taste is taken care of. You will have to acquiesce to the bitter taste.

Another upside of taking Akuamma in form of capsules is that you will actually determine the amount you have ingested. This is a bit difficult when it comes to powder and Akuamma seeds.

Akuamma Dosage

The Akuamma dosage you take is vital. Remember, Akuamma is just like any other medication. Consequently, you have to take a certain amount of Akuamma for it to work properly, and for you to avoid any side effects.

Additionally, it is also essential to remember that Akuamma is a natural remedy. As a result, the effects it has on you physically and mentally are greatly affected by the amount you take. Because it is a natural occurring, its benefits and effect may vary from one individual to another. Most of the said difference is nuanced. Notwithstanding, it is important to know what id the exact benefit you want, and what amount it will take for you to experience it.

There are different reasons as to why we experience slightly different benefits when it comes to natural remedies like Akuamma. Some of the factors include body weight, genetics, diet, and metabolic rate. You need to take this into account when trying to figure out your dosage.

It may take a bit of estimating to get the Akuamma dosage you desire. That being said, there are still several guidelines you should adhere to first in order to get maximum benefits. First-time users are asked to start with the lowest doses available. This way, they can work their way up until they reach the amount they desire.

Most individuals start out with a dose of between 250 grams and 400 grams. According to kratomwave, the ideal Akuamma dosage for pain relief is 2 to 4 grams. It is easy to determine the amount you are taking when the Akuamma is in capsule form. When it comes to Akuamma seeds, it becomes a little tricky. The said amount is equivalent to roughly one or two seeds depending on the concentration of each.  In powder form, this is equivalent to between two and three tablespoons.

Moderate users normally take between 400 grams and one gram. Again, the best way to take this is through capsule form. The bitter taste of the powder is repulsive to most individuals. That being said, there are numerous ways to integrate the dose into your diet. One of the main ones would be to mix the powder with your favorite beverage or food. That way, the bitter taste is masked.

After a while, your body may develop a tolerance. So long as you have been maintaining your dose amounts, this should not be an issue.  Once individuals start getting used to effects, they move to take between 2 grams and for grams. It is in this dosage that the people report experiencing the Akuamma high and the Akuamma euphoria.

Remember, you must stick to your doses through the period you are taking the herbal product. This will limit the probability of experiencing side effects.

Side effects of Akuamma

More research needs to be done to determine the effects and side effects of this herb. Yet, users claim that Akuamma can cause some undesirable effects if you do not use the recommended dosage. The said side effects are not lethal. They usually occur when a person consumes an excess Akuamma dosage, such as more than ten grams.

In the opinion of herbsformentalhealth, users might also experience Akuamma side effects if they mix it with sedatives, hypotensives, or pain relievers. Experts also claim that might even have a contraceptive effect. Therefore, it is not advisable to use Akuamma if you are looking forward to conceiving.

The adverse effects of Akuamma might start at doses of 2 grams. More severe side effects can happen when you take the herb at higher doses. This is particularly the case with continuous usage. Kratommasters reports that a dose of 6 grams or higher can cause depression in the medulla respiratory center. A coma is also a possibility with higher doses. The other possible side effects of Akuamma include:

  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations
  • Stomach upset
  • Metabolic disorders such as hyperkalemia and hypernatremia

Akuamma vs Kratom

Since both Kratom and Akuamma are natural remedies to numerous ailments, people often compare them to each other. This is increased when you consider the fact that their properties are akin. So, what exactly are the similarities and differences between the two?

Both herbal products provide pain relief, be it physical or mental. Another similarity between the two is that they are both ancient herbs that have been used for thousands of years by communities and civilizations as magic bullets.

The significant difference between the two, however, is the fact that Kratom seems to have more powerful benefits as compared to Akuamma. This can be attributed to the chemical composition of the two. Kratom's effects also seem to last for more extended periods as compared to Akuamma effects.

Kratom and Akuamma offer almost similar properties and are sometimes interchangeable. However, you cannot use the same amount of Kratom when it comes to Akuamma or vice versa. It is paramount that you become dynamic with your doses when navigating between the two.

Experiences of Akuamma users

People who use Akuamma do not shy away from sharing their experience with the herb. According to a user experience report on drugs-forum.com, one of the silver members documented the Akuamma effects on an hourly basis. The user said that it instilled a kratom-like headache on him. He also noted that the herb made him feel intoxicated and sedated. Yet, he later documented laughter and increased concentration.

According to one Akuamma user on Reddit, the flavor of the seeds is bitter. This user claimed to have washed down the seeds with water soon after crunching up enough. Despite this fact, the user extolled the properties of Akuamma, claiming to feel a different headspace after ingesting one seed.

Many Akuamma users also compare it to kratom. According to one user, Kratom is more motivating and offers a better mood lift and energy increase. The user says that kratom is much better for pain relief. Yet, Akuamma offers decent relaxation and pain relief. This user also said that he would opt for Kratom over Akuamma for its mood-lifting properties. He, however, reported enjoying Akuamma’s mild high.

Which Alkaloids are found in Akuamma seeds?

The several alkaloids found in Akuamma seed are responsible for their pharmacological properties. Akuammine is the most prevalent alkaloid in the herb. Kratomwave reports that Akuammine is an indole component that functions as an antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory agent.

Besides, Akuammine is said to bind to opioid receptors just like many other Alkaloids do. Some of the other vital alkaloids found in Akuamma seeds include:


The anecdotal reports we have come across claim that this compound works as a hypotensive and skeletal analgesic.


This alkaloid is said to bind to mu-opioid receptors. It can lead to the involuntary movement of the muscles in the form of spasm and convulsion.


According to kratomwave, Akuammigine is an adrenaline antagonist and it acts on the blood vessels and heart by reducing blood pressure and heart rate.


People’s online reports claim that this alkaloid acts on the kappa-opioid receptor and can stimulate the uptake of glucose in people with diabetes.

How can I prepare Akuamma seeds for use?

Before you decide to start using Akuamma seeds, you first need to buy an accurate measuring scale. Use the scale to measure Akuamma seed powder. This way, you will take the right dosages to avoid experiencing side effects. To ensure you take the right dosage, you can also opt to use extracts or capsules.

The other thing is to take steps to avoid the bitter taste of Akuamma seed powder. This bitter taste is often responsible for causing nausea and vomiting. Therefore, you can take it with food or beverages such as juices and tea.

Where do I get Akuamma of the best quality?

You can buy Akuamma seeds in some local markets and head shops. You can also buy authentic Akuamma seeds from Kratom vendors who sell botanical products. Yet, you need to conduct adequate research before buying Akuamma and choose the best sellers only.


Akuamma seeds are said to have a wide range of beneficial properties. People use them for pain relief, sleep disorders, and stress relief, among other reasons. Kratom and Akuamma are similar in their properties. Although these herbs rose to popularity at about the same time, Akuamma seeds have been kept hidden from legal authorities. The efficacy and efficiency have proven to be instrumental in improving the health of many people.

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