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Why Should You Care About The American Kratom Association (AKA)?

If you are an experienced Kratom user, you might have come across the acronym AKA, which stands for the American Kratom Association. Most people are not aware of what this organization does or represents.


As a person who uses or sells Kratom, learning about the AKA and how it can help you is essential. The AKA can help you understand the entire world of Kratom, how to achieve complete legality, and much more. In this article, we have highlighted what the American Kratom Association does, its goals, mission, and importance.


About the American Kratom Association


The AKA is a non-profit organization based in Virginia. It was registered in 2014, and it works to make sure that Kratom is legal and that American buyers can easily access it. It seeks to ensure customers are protected from unreasonable legal decisions and poor manufacturing processes. The AKA believes that Kratom can play a useful role in the lives of most consumers, and it wants to help protect their rights to consume Kratom. It works to preserve this liberty in multiple areas.




The American Kratom Association visualizes a world where anyone who uses Kratom can find it quickly and safely. On its site, the AKA lists five goals it would like to achieve. They include:


Supporting buyers – This corporation seeks to make sure that Kratom is legal, and consumers can access clean, pure, and unadulterated Kratom.


Educating consumers – The AKA aims to inform all Americans about the benefits of taking Kratom. This includes legislators, consumers of Kratom, and people who have not yet known the benefits of Kratom.


Making Kratom voices heard – The organization seeks to inform society about the usefulness of Kratom through stories that would otherwise be forgotten.


Spreading information about Kratom globally – The AKA aims to show other nations that using Kratom responsibly and regulating Kratom can be beneficial to people.


Protecting the natural resources of Kratom – The organization advocates for practices that protect rainforests during the harvesting of Kratom.


Noteworthy work


The American Kratom Association has done many things in favor of Kratom and its users. Two acts that stand out include:



  • The introduction and lobbying for the KCPA, Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The KCPA are regulations passed by states to make sure Kratom products are of high quality and are labeled adequately. Possessing, distributing, and selling Kratom products that do not meet the requirement can lead to fines, imprisonment, or both. In 2019, the AKA persuaded states such as Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Utah to pass the KCPA. The organization is discussing the KCPA in several countries where Kratom is still illegal, including Wisconsin.
  • Creating the GMP, Good Manufacturing Processes program. Since the FDA does not regulate Kratom products, the AKA came up with its seal. The GMP, which is a voluntary program, shows to consumers that the product is of high quality and unadulterated. For a company to be eligible, it must allow an independent third-party audit in its facilities, test each Kratom batch, and disclose the quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine on the product labels.


The organization’s goals


Researchers have proven that Kratom is beneficial. That is why the AKA protects people’s right to choose the botanical product to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The organization works hard to preserve this liberty in many areas, including but not limited to:



  • Education
  • Safety
  • Advocacy


The AKA’s website has an Update section for users to learn the pertinent information and recent news in the Kratom world. The page outlines the current and ongoing process in education, advocacy, and safety. It also updates Kratom users with the latest vital information about the product.


Education in Preventing the Ban


For the past few years, most people believed that Kratom is a drug. This is because of misinformation and misconception. Kratom users are afraid that the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration will pressure the (DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration to ban the product.


The AKA’s primary role is to clear the misinformation about the product through outreach, its website, and other informational material. The organization works hard to clarify what Kratom is to change peoples’ misconceptions. It primarily focuses on the latest findings of the product and how the results can impact the industry.


Also, the organization believes that it is essential for those interested in Kratom to have factual and authentic information that can help them make informed decisions. Therefore, it releases educational materials to government agencies like the FDA, lawmakers, suppliers, vendors, and consumers.



The AKA has a quality standards program that focuses on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Kratom suppliers. The AKA developed the GMP Standards program to improve the safety and credibility of all Kratom products sold within America.


Inconsistent Kratom manufacturing processes and inadequate to no testing requirements have allowed rough vendors to provide consumers with contaminated Kratom products in the past. The contamination contributes significantly to the product’s negative reputation since it causes undesirable side effects.


Once vendors are allowed to represent the Kratom industry with subpar products, the Drug Enforcement Administration will have no choice but to ban the product. The AKA, therefore, created this program to protect consumers from buying contaminated products and to ensure continued legality of quality Kratom.


Advocacy and outreach


The AKA aims to ensure consumer protection from untested Kratom vendors. This means that the corporation’s priority is to protect the legal status of the product. The current status of Kratom is what most people call a grey area since it is legal to use, not regulated, or classified by the Food and Drug Administration. That means that if prompted, the DEA may ban the product. However, they would need a concrete reason for this. Most users fear that this will happen.


The American Kratom Association has been continuously advocating for the legal and safe use of the product. Also, the organization works closely with lawmakers and vendors in several states to push through the KCPA. It is also working hard to ensure that the product remains legal for export in Indonesia, which is among the primary source of the product. If banned, that would cut the supply chain to vendors and users of the product in America.


How to get involved with the American Kratom Association


As a non-profit organization, the AKA only runs its operations through donations from individuals who value or consume the Kratom. Statistics show that close to 15 million people in the USA use Kratom each year. If you are among them, you can support the organization by being actively involved, whether directly or indirectly.


You can begin with your Kratom vendors and urge them to join you to support the AKA by informing other users about the organization. You can also ask them if they are part of the AKA GMP Standards and encourage them to donate to the program via wire transfer or any other available methods. Remind them how necessary third-party lab testing is and detailed disclosure of the results.


If you have ample free time, and you would like to help the American Kratom Association, you can become a volunteer or take part in activities that the organization has organized in your area. Signing up is easy since you only have to provide it with your name, email address, and location. These details will help the members of staff in the organization to contact and let you know how you can assist the organization.


You can also encourage others to follow the AKA on social media to stay updated. Another way to support it is by signing all relevant petitions, informing your local representatives how you feel, and checking out the organization’s Advocacy Toolkit.

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