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Best 17 Kratom Strains

You may take Kratom in order to gain increased focus, strength and energy. Depending on the strain in question, you might also find yourself taking it to potentially help with chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety.


If you’re new to Kratom, congratulations. You may have found something that helps you feel better and have more energy. That said, how are you supposed to know which strains are the best? Below are the best 17 Kratom strains you can find. Depending on your needs and how strong you want your particular strain to be, you can likely find something that works well for you in this list.



White Strains


People typically take white strains of Kratom to improve cognitive function and provide enough energy to get through the day without worrying about the jitteriness that is sometimes associated with coffee and other caffeinated stimulants. Below are the three most popular white Kratom strains.


* White Maeng Da- If you’re looking for better concentration and more focus, this is a good place to start. It’s perfect for when you have a busy day ahead of you and you want to be able to dedicate one hundred percent of your effort to the task at hand.


* White Malay- This strain has similar effects when it comes to increased focus but it also produces a euphoric effect. If you need to have laser-like focus while simultaneously keeping the effects of depression at bay, this could be a good choice for you.


* White Borneo- Most people take this strain for increased focus, better energy and improved mood. It's a good all-around strain that helps keep you going through the day, especially if you're dealing with difficult meetings or projects that might otherwise serve to put you in a sour mood.


Red Strains


Red strains of Kratom typically help improve mood, and may potentially relieve pain and anxiety. In addition, a lot of people take them for insomnia. Below are the three best red strains available.


* Red Bali- Many people take this strain for chronic pain relief as well as insomnia. If you hurt a lot due to overuse, injury or another medical condition, this may help you get the relief you need. The same is true if you find yourself unable to either go to sleep or stay asleep at night.


* Red Maeng Da- This is a good pain reliever that also works well for staving off depression and anxiety.


* Red Borneo- This particular strain has a tendency to produce a sedative effect, thereby making it effective for relaxation and pain relief. If you tend to have anxiety attacks that leave you feeling tense and exhausted, this may help.


Green Strains


Green strains of Kratom are typically used to relieve pain while simultaneously lifting mood and improving focus. Below are the best three green strains.


* Green Malay- Most people who take this particular strain are looking for relief when it comes to pain and anxiety, yet they don't want something that has a sedative effect which could potentially impair their motivation. If this sounds like you, Green Malay could be the strain you’ve been searching for.


* Green Maeng Da- If you need help with pain relief while getting an energy boost and even helping you focus more, this is your strain. It also has a strong euphoric effect. Therefore, it might be a good option for people suffering from depression.


* Green Hulu- This is a good, well-rounded green strain of Kratom frequently used for reducing pain and improving mood.


Yellow Strains


Yellow strains of Kratom are similar to white strains, but they typically pack a little more punch. Below are three of the most popular yellow strains.


* Yellow Thai- This strain is popular for improving mood, thanks in large part to its euphoric effect. It's also frequently taken by people who are trying to reduce issues with chronic pain.


* Yellow Vietnam- You may find this strain quite helpful if you are looking for pain relief in concert with more energy.


* Yellow Borneo- This is a great option for anyone looking for pain relief while simultaneously increasing focus and energy.


Gold Strains


Gold Kratom is derived from various yellow strains that go through a specialized curing process. The end result is a product that is more potent overall. Below are the three most popular gold strains.


* Gold Maeng Da- Most people that use this strain are looking for more energy and an improved mood without feeling jittery in the process. Think of it as having the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, without the side effects.


* Bali Gold- This particular strain has strong sedative qualities, making it a good option for individuals who suffer from heightened anxiety and the insomnia that often accompanies it.


* Austin Gold Blend- This is a specialized blend that is designed to produce highly increased energy and focus without making you feel on edge. You might give it a try if you find yourself feeling constantly drained of energy or you feel like you have far more to accomplish than you have hours in the day.


Enhanced Kratom Strains


Enhanced Kratom strains often incorporate several different blends into a single product. The goal is to create a strain capable of producing a number of potential benefits simultaneously. Below are two of the most popular strains.


* White TNT Morning- This includes both White Malay and White Maeng Da and is frequently used for pain relief, as well as improved mood and enhanced energy.


* Austin Evening Blend- People that suffer from anxiety and insomnia often use this because it has strong relaxing qualities, yet it doesn't have a tendency to knock you out. Therefore, it might help you get the sleep you need at night without making you feel hungover the next morning.


For some people, Kratom is the product they've been searching for, something that can help them effectively control pain, depression and anxiety, and get the sleep they need without feeling drugged all the time. By the same token, the right strain can also potentially give you energy and focus like nothing you've ever experienced. The idea is to find the strain that works well for you. Be sure to change things up from time to time. This keeps your body from getting used to one strain. Before you know it, you could be on the road to feeling great and getting things done like never before.

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