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Are You Buying Kratom Online The Right Way?

Buy Kratom online for the new users, or even for the experienced buyer, can be a bit daunting. There are so many people offering so many types of Kratom. Red, white, green, yellow, leaves, powder, capsules, endless varieties, and all of the online retailers make big claims for their product. It’s especially hard for those of us looking for effective pain relief, who may not be at all used to purchasing recreational drugs from any source. So how do you sort out the good from the bad and the downright ugly?

Some people might feel that they can get their Kratom from the local head shop, or even the corner store or the gas station. This is not the ideal place, although it might seem friendly and convenient. Local stores simply don’t have the expertise to offer a good product, nor the high turnover needed to ensure that the Kratom is good and fresh. Online is the way to go if you want the best information, the best service, and the best Kratom.

Buy Kratom Online

Here we give you some helpful guidance on what you need to know when buying Kratom online.

Some online retailers are very ethical and provide honest and sensible advice to users. They help you find your way through the sometimes confusing subject of Kratom. Others sell badly stored, dubiously sourced products. This will not offer you very much more in the way of effects than a pinch of elderly snuff might.

Here is a list of guidelines that will help you choose a provider who is right for you.

Does The Site Give You Information About The Company?

If a site publishes its real-world physical address, that always give a buyer a sense of assurance that the company is reputable. Kratom sites are no different. Look for a name and address, and a contact email.

Does The Site Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

A no-quibble money-back guarantee is a sure sign that the supplier is very genuine and has great products. Putting your money on the line like this means that the company has high confidence in the Kratom it’s selling. And that’s good news for you, the customer. The standard for money-back guarantees is thirty days, giving you time to make sure that the product is what it claims to be.

Does The Site Offer Payment By Regular Credit and Debit Cards?

Sites that offer you mainstream payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and bank debit cards are likely to be reputable. Using these cards might also give you money back security in case things do go wrong. It’s a good idea to steer clear of sites that only want you to pay using Bitcoin and the like.

Does The Online Seller Fully Explain The Product That He’s Selling?

Many sites have very minimal and sketchy descriptions of the Kratom that’s on sale and sometimes make very wild claims for what the Kratom can do. It’s likely that these kinds of sites are buying poor quality, possibly even adulterated Kratom. Reputable sites will have details of where the Kratom it sells comes from, how fresh it is (this matters a lot), and an accurate and realistic description of its effects. They should be buying direct from a specific grower or supplier in South East Asia, and they should be proud of that fact, and let you know about it. If you send them an email asking a question, a good seller will answer promptly and accurately. Vague answers and crazy claims, or no answer at all, is a sign that the site isn’t very reliable.

Good vendors will work closely with an overseas supplier to ensure high quality. Also, each batch which they prepare will be laboratory checked for purity, quality and consistency. Those reports should be available to you either right there on the website or at minimum, on request. A third party laboratory may be used to make these evaluations, so it’s easy to check if these are for real. Look for evidence that the people you are buying from are taking this kind of pride and care in their work. They should be able to answer questions like, “Where does your Red Bali come from?”

Does the Site Look Good?

Is the online Kratom vendor’s site nicely laid out and easy to navigate? Does it have good photographs? Does it have clear typefaces and a clean, uncluttered look? Is the product and the pricing explained clearly? Does the packaging in the photos look professional? Is there plenty of good information on the site to help you make a choice? If so, you are likely to be on the site of a good and reliable supplier. Broken links, skimpy information, bad English and terrible spelling are all signs of a site that you really don’t want to do business with.

Does The Site Offer Good Advice?

You probably have lots of questions about Kratom. A good retail site will have answers for you, and answers which are sensible and which bear in mind the health and needs of the user. You should be able to find accurate information about dosage, side effects, and the right kind of Kratom to take to obtain different results. Advice on how to take Kratom, how to prepare it, how to store it and more should be there to help you get the best out of their product.

Does The Site Offer Crazy Sounding Deals?

Discounts and special offers are great, but when it comes to Kratom if you are seeing these here, there, and everywhere on a site, be warned! Reputable sites will have sensible, consistent prices that reflect the care they take with their product and the value that you will get when you buy kratom from them. One thing which you might like to look out for is free shipping – that’s always nice.

Does The Site Have Lots Of Over The Top Endorsements?

Be warned that if a site seems to have a lot of endorsements making big claims, these are likely to be phony. Be especially careful of recommendations not written in correct English, as these can be bought for ten a penny online. The review might seem confused, filled with irrelevant information. You may see reviews on Reddit or YouTube, where people mention the name of a supplier. If it sounds false and unreal, then it probably is.

Does The Site Make Meaningless Claims About Its Kratom?

When you are reading about Kratom, it doesn’t help to be told that it’s “useful”. It doesn’t help to be told that it’s “rare”. It doesn’t help to be told that’s it’s “amazing”. These words are often used by sites selling substandard Kratom, which is old, not what it is claimed to be, or has been stored so badly that it has lost any potency it might once have had.

The Ideal Site

What does the ideal site offer? How do you choose a great Kratom seller online?

Well, asking around among your friends is a good place to start. Experienced users will have tried more than one site, and they will be able to give you good advice. If you don’t have Kratom-using friends, then check out some of the review sites online; there are lots of them. See which names come up again and again. It isn’t necessarily the ones that come at the top of that Google search. Some really great companies have quite a low profile, relying more on word of mouth from happy customers than on paid advertising.

You can also find many lists of the top Kratom suppliers online. These may or may not be reliable – after all, it isn’t always clear who is creating the lists. Some lists seem to be simply copied from other lists – the same information just being circulated from one site to the next. It’s easy to spot these not so useful reviews after reading a few. Many Kratom users write helpful blogs, and these are a good source of information on potential suppliers. If you do a survey of lists, you will notice the same names coming up time and again. These are companies that have good reputations, and you could do worse than to at least give them a try.

In addition to all the good features listed above, you will want a good choice of Kratom products. Obviously you want a wide choice of types of Kratom, because everyone is different, and each person wants something a little different from their Kratom use. So look for a supplier who offers lots of different varieties, with clear explanations of each one.

You’ll also want to have the option of Kratom in capsules, as capsules are probably the favorite way for most people to take Kratom. Kratom after all, has a bitter taste. (And that’s good – the more bitter the Kratom, the more likely it is to be fresh). Taking it in capsule form is more pleasant, and less likely to cause the mild nausea which other formats can bring with them. Your ideal Kratom vendor will also have a wide choice of capsule sizes, to ensure that you get the optimal dose for your needs without having to swallow too many pills.

You may also like to use Kratom in powder form, or as an extract. The perfect Kratom site will offer you these as well as the more convenient and portable capsules.

A good online Kratom site will be very likely to offer sample or assortment packs. Here you can buy a variety of Kratoms and give them a try. This is perfect if you are looking to find something new and interesting, or if you are just starting out and don’t know what to try.

Many Kratom sites also offer other botanicals, for those who are interested in exploring other potentially helpful or enjoyable substances.

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