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Can Kratom Be Used for Anxiety And Depression?

Kratom originated from Southeast Asia, and products obtained from its leaves are associated with beneficial effects. Since its introduction in the United States, millions of people have appreciated Kratom and its influence on people’s lives cannot be underestimated. However, while Mitragyna speciosa is known to elicit several recreational effects, people have always wondered whether it can be used for anxiety and depression. The different strains and forms of Kratom available in the market contain compounds that affect the physiological processes in the body and mind and if you’ve been suffering from episodes of anxiety and depression, this article might be helpful as it seeks to examine whether Kratom can be used for anxiety and depression.


How does Kratom work for depression and anxiety?


Kratom works in much the same way as opioids though it's not an opioid. Mitragynine is the most abundant and potent alkaloid in Kratom and acts on the brain, stimulating inhibition of the stress hormone cortisol. Furthermore, this alkaloid also triggers the brain resulting in elevated mood and euphoria. Depression is caused by experiencing stress and anxiety for a long time. Since Kratom stabilizes mood and reduces stress, chances of becoming depressed are minimized.

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What’s more, the active ingredient Mitragynine enhances blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain keeping brain cells adequately nourished and healthy. The improvement of mental stability, as well as inducement of euphoria caused by Kratom, is antagonistic to depressants. The ability of Kratom to reduce depression and anxiety is the result of synergistic effects it’s associated with.




How is Kratom used? Is it safe to ingest?


There are different forms of Kratom available in the market. Leaves can be processed and packaged as Kratom powder, capsules, tablets, tinctures, and liquid extracts. Kratom powder can be mixed with foods, steeped in tea or ingested and washed down with water or a beverage. Some people smoke or vaporize it, though rarely. Effects caused by Kratom may be dependent on the method of intake and form of the product ingested. 


The best Kratom strains for depression and anxiety


There are several strains of Kratom available for sale. Some strains have shown better results for particular effects as compared to others. For instance, while all Kratom strains have a calming and relaxing effect in certain dose, some strains are far better. The following are the best strains of Kratom for anxiety and depression.


  • Red vein kali Kratom


Red vein kali Kratom is one of the best Kratom for that matter. One of the reasons for the popularity of this strain is the high content of alkaloids responsible for the analgesic aroma. The alkaloids in this Kratom strain stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions resulting in a stable mood. The alkaloids may also inhibit the release of cortisol; the hormone associated with stress hence lowers depression. There is also an increased cerebral flow that maintains a stable mental state, which further reduces depression and anxiety.


  • Maeng Da Kratom


Another strain that is among the best Kratom for anxiety and depression is Maeng Da. In Thailand, Maeng Da means pimp, but the actual pimping is a method of preparation aimed at increasing its potency. This is done by adding highly concentrated resin powder to the typical Maeng Da powder. The strain contains 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine that act on brain cells resulting in reduced stress. Furthermore, this strain also stabilizes the mood and elicits euphoria. These effects antagonize the production of hormones associated with stress and anxiety. There is an overall reduction in bad mood factors related to this strain.


  • Thai Kratom strains


 Thai Kratom is sourced from Thailand and has one of the best alkaloid profiles. These chemical compounds bind to opioid receptors in the brain, causing euphoria and may reduce the feeling of future thoughts. The combined effects of induced happiness and joy, as well as lowered worry help lead a stress free life, thereby reducing the chances of a stressful life.


  • Red Borneo


Red Borneo is highly potent with a large following for its varied effects. Several alkaloids and stimulants in red Borneo are believed to trigger specific receptors in the brain that reduce the magnification of anxiety-induced fear by the emotional part of the brain. Moreover, the strain promotes mental stability and enhances mood, therefore, discouraging the onset of unease. Red Borneo is the most potent of all red veined Kratom.


  • White Malay Kratom


White Malay Kratom is regarded as the best white veined Kratom strain. It has a rich alkaloid profile and is known to induce effects pleasantly. This strain is also one of the most sought Kratom for anxiety and depression thanks to its high content of alkaloids. Mode of action is similar to other strains; only that white Malay is more effective. It also elicits happiness and enhances mood while improving blood circulation. The effects of Kratom may synergistically prevent negative feelings.


Are there specific dosage guidelines for depression and anxiety?


As of now, there is little information to determine the exact dosage because of differences in age, sex, and overall health, how you take it, and the strain you choose. The best thing to do is to start low and gradually increase as you gauge your body's responsiveness. Low to moderate amounts of Kratom increases body energy and mental focus, while high doses may be effective for pain. Side effects may kick in with high doses of Kratom. 


Duration of effects caused by Kratom


Kratom effects can be felt for the first five minutes, although it could take up to ten minutes depending again on health of an individual, sex, the amount ingested, and the type of strain involved. However, when the best Kratom for depression and anxiety described above are included, the duration of onset may be lower due to their high potency. On the other hand, the effects may take between three to seven hours before subsiding.


Some side effects associated with Kratom


While Kratom may have beneficial effects (as users suggest), it could also cause side effects. The best way to avoid such scenarios is by being responsible while following guidelines to prevent extremity. Some of the short-lived side effects associated with Kratom include vomiting, mood swings, headaches, dizziness, and constipation. In severe cases, individuals may experience elevated blood pressure, depraved appetite, lack of sexual desire, and increased heart rate. Involving drugs like alcohol with Kratom can intensify the side effects leading to serious health complications.


Bottom line


Kratom is, by far, one of the most valued natural remedies for several issues that affect human life. For instance, as Reddit users mention, millions of people rely on Kratom for depression and anxiety. Some Kratom strains best suited for combating depression and anxiety have been selected to make it easier for our brothers and sisters. Your happiness is your life; don't let depression and anxiety take the best out of you when everyone has turned to a natural alternative. Kratom has been found to help handle difficult situations successfully. Do not walk the desolate alley of depression alone. Grab your share and enjoy stress-free life.

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