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Is Elephant Kratom The Most Euphoric Strain?

There are many different kinds of Kratom to choose from, and one of the best is the oddly named Elephant Kratom. Elephant Kratom gets its name from its very large leaves. Not only are elephant Kratom leaves large, but they are also kind of floppy looking. They reminded people of elephant ears; the same size, and a very similar shape, and that’s how it got its name. It’s so good that it’s sometimes referred to as Super Elephant Kratom.

So, what is Elephant Kratom? Elephant Kratom is quite simply a family of Kratom strains that have exceptional alkaloid levels, coming as it does from some of the largest and most mature trees. It’s the alkaloids in Kratom which produce their beneficial effects, and in general, the more alkaloids, the more potent and effective your Kratom experience will be.

When you come across an Elephant strain, you can be pretty well certain that you have found something rather special. Elephant Kratom effects cover the whole range, from highly effective painkilling to pleasantly enjoyable euphoria

Kratom is, as you probably know, a large evergreen tree of the mitragyna speciosa family that grows in the tropical rainforests of southeast Asia. It’s a member of the coffee family, and gets its healing powers from the alkaloids which are contained in its leaves. The leaves have been used for hundreds of years as indigenous medicine and a traditional herbal remedy. People have chewed it, dried it and powdered it, and made tea from it, using it to cure all kinds of ailments from pain to fatigue, to infections, to depression and anxiety.

The modern-day use of Kratom is for all of these things (although it isn’t generally used for infections as we have other satisfactory remedies in the west). Elephant Kratom users have often first tried conventional medicines for pain, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, sleep problems and a range of other issues. They have found pharmaceuticals to be ineffective or to carry serious and unwanted side effects. Some people have also found that regular Kratom didn’t give them quite the effect that they were seeking, and so have turned to the Elephant strain, where they have found exactly what they were looking for.

The Three Kinds Of Elephant Strain

There are three main kinds of Elephant Kratom – Red Elephant Kratom, Green Elephant Kratom and White Elephant Kratom. Elephant Kratom effects vary depending on the color. Of course, the color is not the color of the actual leaf or powder, but rather of the veins in the leaf – red, white or green.

Red Elephant Kratom Effects

Red Elephant Kratom is known for its pleasantly calming and soothing effects. As well as calming properties, it can offer powerful pain relief without fear of opiate addiction. (Kratom has many of the pain-relieving effects of opioids without the accompanying fear of easy and swift addiction.)

Some of the properties of Red Elephant Kratom are:

Improved ability to concentrate, focus and absorb information. This is naturally a great benefit to students, academics and other brain workers.

Pain relief, especially the relief of chronic or persistent pain. People suffering from pains in their joints back pain, conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis and more have found exceptional help and comfort from Red Elephant Kratom strains.

Red Elephant Kratom can help with sleep issues, including getting to sleep, staying asleep, and overall quality of sleep, without fear of dependency or a fuzzy head in the morning.

Although Red Elephant Kratom is not the first choice for mood elevation, some users find it produces a pleasant feeling of wellbeing along with its other effects.

Green Elephant Kratom Effects

Like other members of the green Kratom family, Green Elephant Kratom is one of the more stimulating and lively Kratom strains. It generally offers a balance between the calming effects of Red elephant Kratom, and the euphoric effects of White Elephant Kratom.

Green Elephant Kratom effects include:

A considerably sharpened focus and ability to concentrate. It can offer a feeling of real clarity, which is great for problem solvers and people who find it hard to get down to their books!

Green Elephant Kratom can be very helpful for occasional pain relief. It’s not in the same class as the red, but it can offer mild pain relief. If you suffer chronic or severe pain, then check out Red Elephant Kratom

Some people have reported mild calming and sedation effects, but Green Elephant Kratom would not be most users’ first choice for the chill-out effect that other Kratoms can offer.

The most outstanding effect of Green Elephant Kratom is that it’s mood-lifting. It’s not the most euphoric Kratom (Reddit has some good reviews to help you figure out which one is) but it can bring you feelings of intense pleasure, happiness and even joy, Combined with the other nice effects of this Kratom, it’s a popular choice for many experienced users looking for a combination of plus points.

White Elephant Kratom Effects

There’s no argument; if you are seeking euphoric effects, White Elephant Kratom is the route to go. It’s just about the most euphoric Kratom there is. White Elephant Kratom offers:-

A fast lift, elevating your mood and giving you strong happiness vibes. A really attractive experience with no heavy come down. It’s very helpful for stress and distress, bringing you to a nice point of balance.

Mild pain-relieving capabilities are also part of the White Elephant Kratom offering. White Elephant Kratom can give some users fast and effective relief of pain, although it isn’t the first choice for chronic pain.

If you are looking for a White Elephant Kratom review, giving some personal reports from users (or red or green, come to that), then check out Elephant Kratom Reddit reviews to find out what real users think. You will be impressed with the reports!

How To Buy Elephant Kratom

Elephant Kratom is widely available in powder, capsule and liquid tincture form. Most people go for capsules because they are convenient, easily portable, and you can be sure of the precise amount of Kratom that you are taking. The powder can be more economical, and tinctures are good for people who like to make Kratom tea the easy way.

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