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Impressive Red vs White vs Green Elephant Kratom Effects

Mitragyna speciosa, famously known as Kratom, has become a popular name in herbal medicine due to its ability to provide quick and reliable outcomes. But let’s be honest; with more than 50 strains available, traversing into the world of Kratom is not always a walk in the park. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about as we’re here to educate you. If you’ve tried different strains but still unsatisfied with the outcomes, it’s high time you try Elephant Kratom. Hearing this strain for the first time? If yes, relax as here is a comprehensive guide to this strain that could be a game-changer for your health and wellbeing.


What is Elephant Kratom?

All Kratom strains have their roots in Southeast Asian countries, and Elephant Kratom is no different. However, the main feature that distinguishes it from other strains is the shape of its leaves. As Kratom vendors were sourcing old grown Kratom leaves from Southeast Asian farmers, they noticed extremely mature trees that produced large droopy leaves that resembled the ears of the largest land animal in the world, hence the name Elephant Kratom.


Just like the giant animals we cannot forget, Elephant Kratom is believed to be superior to other strains. The tree grows to a height of 85-90 ft with an average trunk circumference of 3 ft in width. Its leaves are rich in alkaloids and offer all-round effects you need for your wellbeing. Some of the areas that harvest giant Elephant leaves include Jongkong, Ketapang, and Hulu Kapuas.


Types of Elephant Kratom leaf with their effects

elephant ears shape

Just like other Kratom strains, the leaves of Elephant Kratom are categorized according to the prominent vein colors. It is therefore classified into three subtypes, that is, white-veined, green-veined, and red-veined, with each color having a unique chemical composition, characteristics, and effects. Red-veined leaves are the most popular for their ability to offer acute pain relief and high levels of sedation; white-veined leaves trigger euphoria and stimulation while the green-veined is believed to have a blended effect of both. We understand that the results can be confusing, and for your peace of mind, let’s look at the three types and their effects.


Red Elephant Kratom

With a balanced profile, the red Elephant potentiates the effects of several Kratom strains. For example, while some strains are popular for making the user feel more positive, others are known for being restorative, and Red Elephant Kratom can induce any of these effects or all of them. The following are some of the most common red Elephant effects.


Pain relief

First, on our list of the most common red Elephant Kratom effects is pain management. This strain has a high concentration of alkaloids that bind to the opioid receptors in the brain to reduce pain sensitivity. According to Kratom experts, it enhances the impact of opioid-based medicines for pain relief without causing addiction. If you’re struggling with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other painful chronic condition, a red Elephant could be your savior.


Focus and productivity

 It can be challenging to remain productive in school or at work without focus. Luckily, Red Elephant enhances your cognitive abilities to help you focus on the tasks at hand. What’s more, it clears your thoughts and mind with soothing results to help you stay calm, and as a result, you concentrate more on the things you have to do.


Causes a sense of euphoria and reduces anxiety

Some Kratom users are loyal to the red Elephant due to its ability to make them feel euphoric. According to research, it triggers the increase of endorphins in your body, which in turn helps you to feel happy. Besides, thanks to its active alkaloids, it has mild stimulatory effects that bring out a burst of energy to help you start your day with enthusiasm.


Helps your body to relax

Red Elephant is known for its mild calming and sedating effects, which reduces anxiety and relaxes your body and mind. It can improve your self confidence, boost your self esteem, and make you sociable. Most importantly, when your body and mind are relaxed, you can sleep peacefully and wake up the next morning with energy to face the day ahead.


White elephant Kratom


White Elephant is a potent strain that produces tremendous benefits that improve how you live. It’s a favorite among Southeast Asian locals due to its fast-acting and long-lasting effects such as the following;


Relieves body pain

White Elephant Kratom is perfect in relieving pain throughout the body regardless of the cause. For instance, it can reduce daily body aches and any type of acute pain as a result of daily activities or health conditions. Unlike over-the-counter medications, the good news is that the white Elephant offers instant pain-relief with zero side effects.



Eases stress and depression

White Elephant Kratom promotes relaxation of your body and mind to relieve you of stress. It has a high concentration of alkaloid Mitragynine which works effectively in alleviating any feelings of depression and allows you to focus on other things that are not stressing or depressing. These effects are felt 20-30 minutes after consumption and can last as many as 6 hours.


Better brain focus

White Elephant has stimulating effects that improve your energy and brain focus to increase productivity levels without interfering or injuring the adrenal glands. If you’ve been underperforming in your place of work, white Elephant Kratom can turn your life around.


Elevates mood 

White Elephant is believed to have mood-elevating properties that enhance feelings of happiness and improved motivation. It can as well be used to combat depression, and a few minutes after ingestion, your mind becomes less preoccupied with the thoughts that were affecting your mood. However, for it to improve your mood, it must be taken in the right dosage.


Green Elephant Kratom


Green Elephant is a highly demanded strain due to its high potency levels and natural, earthy taste. It can be moderately euphoric and highly stimulating to potentially invigorate the user with a burst of energy and wellbeing. The following are some of the most common green Elephant effects.


Energy boost

Taking a green Elephant can boost your energy levels and make you feel activated to perform your everyday tasks with ease. If you experience body weaknesses, consuming the right dosage of green Elephant can provide the energy you need to improve your productivity.



Green Elephant has highly stimulating effects that trigger happiness and the creation of beautiful imagination that, in turn, helps you to stay in a good mood throughout the day. When you are in a positive mood, you can easily focus on life’s important things without worrying about uncertainties.


Increased focus and concentration

The green Elephant keeps your mind focused on the task at hand, which eventually helps you to be more productive. A few minutes after ingestion, it will help you avoid any form of distraction and enhance your performances.




Green Elephant keeps you delighted and excited and makes you forget about your struggles or anxiety, and instead focus on beautiful memories which trigger a happy feeling. If you’d want to live a happy life free from distress and any form of anger, green Elephant Kratom is what you need.


Elephant Kratom dosage

When using Elephant Kratom for the first time, it’s worth understanding how much you should take to avoid tolerance build-up and eventual dependence. This strain is available in white, red, and green subtypes, and as highlighted, some of them share similar effects. However, you should keep in mind that doses differ according to the strain.

There’s no one-dose-fits-all when using Elephant Kratom, and you should experiment with different dosages until you find the correct one for your desired effects. For effectiveness, start with the lowest dosage possible, wait for a few hours and increase it bit by bit until you find what works for your needs.


Bottom line

Elephant ear is a highly appreciated form of Kratom strain. As bigger as the leaves are, they are also denser in alkaloids and can provide tremendous therapeutic and recreational benefits. It’s worth reminding you that Elephant Kratom is a highly potent strain, and therefore, it should be approached with care. Always ensure what you take is pure and of high quality, and most importantly, consume in the right dosage to get value for your money and maintain good health. If you are not sure how much you should take, seek assistance from your doctor.

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