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Everything you need to know about Kratom Dosage

Kratom is an herbal extract that has been used as a panacea for thousands of years. Even the earliest of civilization knew and understood the benefits that Kratom gives to its consumers. Over the last couple of years, the number of people who use Kratom has increased exponentially, with more and more people beginning to understand the upsides that Kratom has over modern medications.


That being said, even though Kratom's popularity has managed to deluge most of the world, there are still those who do not know about it. The raison d'etre of this article is to try and remedy this by covering one of the most important elements of Kratom, its dosage.


How Kratom is ingested


To sufficiently and effectively understand what dosage is needed for Kratom, you first have to understand how Kratom is ingested. Kratom is an herbal extract and is present in a couple of forms. Each of these forms comes with its upsides and downsides.




The most basic form of Kratom is leaves. Kratom is a tree that is native to the southeastern region of Asia, and it is the leaves that are harvested to obtain the herbal extract. However, some people prefer to ingest the leaves the way they are harvested or after they have been dried instead of waiting for them to be processed into other forms.


Kratom powder


After Kratom has been harvested, the leaves are dried and become a bit crisp. After the leaves have dried sufficiently, they are crushed until they turn into powder. Kratom powder can be injected as it is or can be converted to other forms.


Kratom paste


There is a myriad of ways through which Kratom paste comes about. The main one, though, is by mixing Kratom powder with some water and continuing to mash it until it becomes a past akin to toothpaste, a lot less viscous.


Kratom and food


Kratom has a bitter taste, and this may not be to the liking of some people. Thus, whether in leaf, paste, or powder form, Kratom is often mixed with food to make it easier to ingest and thus enjoy its benefits. Kratom leaves and powder can also be taken in the form of tea, and there are Kratom tea leaves.


Kratom pills


Perhaps the most common way through which Kratom is ingested is through pills. Inside the pills may be powder or paste or chemically extracted Kratom alkaloids. Either way, pills are by far the most effective way to ingest Kratom.


How to measure a dose of Kratom


It is essential to understand that Kratom is an herbal extract, and thus the degree of the benefits it offers differs from one person to another. Many factors contribute to the dosage that will prove to be efficient for an individual. Some of them include body weight, metabolism, sex, age, and even health status. Moreover, even the form of Kratom ingested and the method used to ingest it will contribute to the effects that the herb will have on the body of the said individual.


The onus is, therefore, on the individual to try and establish what dosage of Kratom works best for them. that being said, it is also essential to understand that taking in a huge dose of Kratom to try to identify the most appropriate dosage for you can prove to be overwhelming. Therefore, it is paramount that you start from a low amount and work upwards until you have identified what works best for you.


Kratom extract dosage


As mentioned earlier, the form of Kratom you chose to ingest will make a huge difference in the effects you will feel once the Kratom had been absorbed into the body. Kratom extract, which is most present in pills and as a liquid extract, is far more potent than Kratom powder and other forms of Kratom.


If you buy Kratom extract, you will have the recommended dosage either on the container, or the person who sold it to you will recommend the dosage. It is thus paramount that you purchase Kratom from a registered Kratom vendor to get the right dosage and avoid taking contaminated Kratom.


Kratom pill dosage


Kratom, in small quantities, has stimulating effects. Higher doses of Kratom have sedating and calming effects. Therefore, you should know exactly what you are looking for, especially when it comes to Kratom pills. Kratom pills are mainly made using Kratom powder, and thus the starting dosages for each are akin to one another.


For mild effects, boosting ones essentially, you can take 4 grams, which is about half a tablespoon, or one teaspoon. For stronger effects, you can add about a gram more, which is about three-quarters a tablespoon, or one and a half teaspoons.


Each pill has a distinguished weight, and thus it is much easier to know the quantity of Kratom you are ingesting without measuring it. However, for powder, you have to measure the quantity to be sure.


Generally, Kratom is divided into 2 doses:


Painkilling or sedative Kratom dose – This involves higher doses of kratom, such as 0.04 grams per pound of bodyweight.


Stimulating doses – This involves lower Kratom doses such as 0.025 grams per pound of body weight.


Here is a chart on Kratom dosage



Weight in pounds


Stimulating dose


Painkilling or relaxing dose


300 pounds


7.5 grams


12.0 grams


280 pounds


7.0 grams


11.0 grams


260 pounds


6.5 grams


10.5 grams


240 pounds


6.0 grams


9.5 grams


220 pounds


5.5 grams


9.0 grams


200 pounds


5.0 grams


8.0 grams


180 pounds


4.5 grams


6.5 grams


160 pounds


4.0 grams


5.5 grams


140 pounds


3.5 grams


5.5 grams


120 pounds


3.0 grams


5.0 grams


100 pounds


2.5 grams


4.0 grams


80 pounds


2.0 grams


3.5 grams




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