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Can You Freeze Kratom in The Cooler? Learn How To

Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree from the coffee family, has been used in Southeast Asian countries for centuries. Thanks to its beneficial effects, it was introduced to the western nations some decades ago and surprisingly, it has gained global acceptance. People of all ages are finding it convenient to experiment on what different strains can do for their bodies and mind. With that in mind, they are stocking several strains in their medicine cabinets to determine what works best for their needs. Like other botanicals, Mitragyna speciosa has specific storage conditions for the best results. In this article, we will take a closer look at everything you need to know about freezing Kratom.



How long does Kratom last?


Before we educate you on freezing Kratom, it would be wise if we start by telling you how long this herb lasts. Basically, Kratom can retain its maximum freshness for up to three months. But, this is not all as it can maintain most of its freshness for as many as 6-12 months if stored correctly. Once twelve months have passed, the herb will still retain most of its potency, but it tends to become drier and start losing its quality gradually. Kratom enthusiasts report that when Kratom gets drier, it becomes less pleasant to ingest. The bottom line is that how long it will last depends on how fresh it is upon purchase.


How does storage matter?


Now that you know how long Kratom lasts, one thing that could be going through your mind right now is whether or not the storage matters. You have all the reasons to know how storage matters because it tends to lose alkaloid content over time. According to research, naturally occurring alkaloids in Kratom, Mitragynine, can degrade when not properly stored. Most importantly, your health is your biggest asset and you should store Kratom properly as you purpose to invest in your wellbeing.


So, can you freeze Kratom in the cooler?


Have you been wondering if it’s possible to freeze your favorite Kratom strain in the cooler? Well, the straightforward answer to your question is yes, you can. Freezing Kratom actually preserves as much of the natural plant as possible, such as maintaining potency and alkaloid content. This means that once you freeze your favorite strain, you can use it months after for making smoothies, tea, mixing into meals, or even taking it directly and enjoy the same effects of a fresh Kratom.


When Kratom is frozen, experts report that it undergoes a process called cell lysis that allows the release of naturally occurring alkaloids, which in turn makes the strain to achieve a more potent state. When sharing their experience over several websites, users claim that frozen Kratom has stronger effects and one can achieve outstanding effects with a lower dose.

 kratom ice

However, it’s worth understanding that Kratom degrades with time and if not stored in the cooler, it can lose its potency, thereby becoming useless. According to research, failure to store Kratom in controlled temperature leads to a gradual transformation of active ingredient Mitragynine into a compound known as Mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, which can act as an opiate antagonist with minimal beneficial effects. To avoid this from taking place, ensure you freeze your favorite strain in the cooler and enjoy it for many years to come.


If you’d want to freeze Kratom, you should have peace of mind knowing that it will not lose its quality, consistency, or potency. What’s more, to maximize the freshness and efficiency of Kratom, it must be stored in a cool environment free from oxygen, ultraviolet (UV) light, and humidity. In other words, the common methods utilized in the storage of fine tea can also be suitable for storing Kratom. To prevent staleness and degradation, follow the following steps;


  • First things first, place Kratom in small plastic bags, preferably in small one or two-day supplies in every bag. This will make it easier for you to use what you need for the day while keeping the remainder in airtight, cold storage for optimal freshness


  • Remove the air from the bags. There are two ways to accomplish this, either using vacuum sealing devices or doing it manually. For the manual way, hold the zipper with a straw positioned in the corner and suck out the air. Once the air is sucked out, keep a suction on the straw while removing it from the bag. Without any delay, press the rest of the zipper to seal the bag. Note that removing the straw and sealing the bag should be done in one quick motion to ensure that no air enters the bag


  • After sealing the bag, place them in an opaque plastic container or inside a tin that cannot allow any light in


  • Place the container or tin in a freezer for storage to maintain the freshness of Kratom indefinitely


  • If for instance, the powder you stored in one bag is too much for one day use, ensure you store the remaining powder in the refrigerator in any light-blocking container


Additional pointers


  • Put Kratom in containers that are freezer friendly, such as the ones made of hard plastic or ceramic


  • Label the purchase date on Kratom bags or containers. You may wonder why labeling is important, but the truth is that it helps you remember the exact time you bought your favorite strain, hence helping you to use the oldest strains first


  • Consider the source. As a relatively new product in the western nations, so many vendors are cropping up from every corner claiming to sell ‘pure’ and ‘high-quality’ products. But, be careful when making the purchase and consider the source. If for instance, the vendor you wish to buy from has had your favorite strain in the warehouse for three months, you should subtract that time from your storage timeline


Bottom line


Let’s face it; since Kratom was discovered, it has changed people’s lives for the better. What’s more, it’s gaining global acceptance due to the fact that it’s naturally cultivated and produced, and everyone is looking for something natural that won’t pose any health risks. Regardless of the strain you consider worth buying, you should freeze it in the cooler to maintain its efficacy and potency. Even though a well stored Kratom can remain fresh for decades, it’s recommendable to check if it’s good before use; after all, nothing should matter more than your health!


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