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Green Vietnam Kratom Guide

The origin of a Kratom strain is believed to play a significant role in its overall attributes. For instance, Vietnam Kratom is believed to be one of the most popular Kratom strains in the world. The strain is obtained from regions along the Mekong River in Vietnam. This region is said to have deep fertile soils that influence the uniqueness of Vietnam Kratom. However, in this guide, we are going to focus on green Vietnam Kratom owing to its rising popularity in recent years.


What is Vietnam Kratom?


If you are a newbie in the Kratom world, you might be hearing Vietnam Kratom for the first time. Although green Vietnam is said to be one of the best starting points for beginners, knowing something about Vietnam Kratom can help you along your Kratom journey.

vietnam kratom 

Vietnam Kratom is sourced from the jungles of Vietnam along the Mekong River. The region is believed to be responsible for the uniqueness of Vietnam Kratom. The soils in this region are believed to influence the taste and aroma of Vietnam Kratom that distinguishes it from all other strains. The difference is also said to be felt in the manifestation of the several effects associated with this strain.


According to esnobotanicals.com, there are several strains of Vietnam Kratom. They include the following.


  • Red Vietnam Kratom

  • White Vietnam Kratom


Green Vietnam Kratom effects


The popularity of green Vietnam Kratom has not begun recently. The strain has been at the peak of the Kratom market for years. Kratom fans say that it has some of the most pleasant effects Kratom could offer. Here are some of the effects this strain is praised for by fans across the US.


  • Energy boost


According to kratomyard.com, green Vietnam Kratom could boost your energy level helping you to go about your daily tasks without fatigue. Kratomyard.com suggests that this strain can be an excellent boost in the morning before embarking on your daily activities. Due to its relaxed nature, the strain is believed to be the best energy booster. It’s said to have minimal risks of sedation. The problem with some Kratom strains is that they are believed to deliver an energy boost but are said to have a higher risk of causing undesirable effects. This is believed to have placed green Vietnam at a competitive edge as people shift to a sustainable Kratom lifestyle.


  • Alleviate pain


From time immemorial, Vietnam Kratom is believed to have been used by the natives to help alleviate pain. Kratomexchange.com suggests that green Vietnam could be a powerful strain for pain relief due to its interaction with opioid receptors in the brain. Although these claims have not been scientifically studied, claims from Kratom enthusiasts and online platforms such as Reddit are overwhelming. Kratomyard.com believes the strain could be an excellent remedy for headaches and general body weakness. Most of those accustomed to Vietnam Kratom claim that this strain could help you deal with chronic and acute pain.


  • Enhance mental stimulation


Kratom enthusiasts have always talked about how green Vietnam Kratom stimulates their mental performance. It said that the alkaloids in this strain stimulate the same receptors as opioids resulting in a balanced stimulation that could enable you to handle tasks proficiently. Elsewhere on kratomusavendors.com, this strain is said to improve the ability to remember and operational level of the brain in a way not seen in many other strains.


  • Boost confidence and mood


Lack of confidence and experiencing a swinging mood can negatively affect your social life. Fortunately, according to kratomyard.com, green Vietnam has the potential to improve your mood to without getting bored or fatigued. Furthermore, it suggests that this strain is the best for stabilizing your mood and could make you happier than most other strains. If you are afraid of facing that panel at the interview or you shiver whenever you make a presentation, then probably this can be a great way of improving your confidence and boost your mood.


  • Anxiety relief


Do you experience episodes of anxiety most of the time in your life? According to the American Psychological Association, more than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. Luckily, kratommasteters.com suggests that with green Vietnam at your disposal, you could reduce anxiety and lead a better life.


Vietnam Kratom review


The popularity that Vietnam Kratom has garnered over the years has been reviewed time and again. People are always finding something new to talk about the rare strain from Vietnam. Those who may not have had an experience with this strain might be wondering what makes it so unique amidst all the Kratom strains available today. What are some of the benefits this strain could be offering to manage such a large following?

 green vietnam kratom powder

The uniqueness of this strain is believed to stem from its origin in Vietnam. Soil conditions and the favorable climate in the highland and lowland regions along the Mekong River are believed to influence the pleasant taste of this strain.


Green Vietnam Kratom is also said to have a unique way of how the effects manifest. According to Kratom enthusiasts in their opinions on various Vietnam Kratom reviews, this strain is said to kick in gradually without any sudden upsurge of an effect that is undesirable in most cases. But one thing most people have noted is that this strain can be an excellent choice for making appearances with the least suspicion from the nosy type.


Vietnam Kratom has been praised by many who believe this is their best supplement before going to bed. Although some schools of thought argue against enjoying the benefits of Vietnam Kratom during bedtime, some people report being able to sleep. According to them, they would rather have a good night’s sleep than spend the whole night too stressed up to fall asleep.


Another section of enthusiasts claims their love for Vietnam Kratom especially green Vietnam due to its alleged influence on sex drive. It has been suggested on various reviews that since the strain is said to increase energy, boost mood and mental performance, then it could be excellent for improving sexual drive. These are just but a few of some of the things most people have reported about the uniqueness of Vietnam Kratom.


Green Vietnam dosage


Dosage guidelines for green Vietnam Kratom have remained vague like for all other Kratom strains. The fact that different people respond differently to various strains has made it difficult to find a dosage that suits all people. Nevertheless, through experience, the Kratom community has been able to come up with dosage suggestions believed to work for most people.


As a rule of thumb, if you are handling green Vietnam for the first time, you should go slowly on the dosage to avoid adverse reactions. Kratomcrazy.com suggests that 1.5g is a threshold dosage for beginners not likely to cause any side effects. You should wait for about 30-45 minutes after handling the 1.5g to gauge your reaction before adding another dosage. If you feel like you can handle more, do not make it more than 1.5g and ensure you wait for another 30-45 minutes to see if that would be fine for you.


According to the same website, experienced Kratom enthusiasts could get the best out of green Vietnam Kratom in the following dosages.


  • 1.0g-1.5g; this is the threshold dosage suggested for those who have joined the community in the recent past


  • 2.0g-2.5g; this is believed to be a low dosage associated with mild stimulations. It’s said to be the right dosage for mood and confidence boost. Nevertheless, this dosage is also said to stimulate an energy boost for most people


  • 3.0g-4.0g; at this dosage suggestion believed to be moderate, most of the effects such as anxiety relief can be felt. It is said to be the best dosage for a responsible Kratom lifestyle


  • 5.0g-6.0g; according to kratomcrazy.com, this is a high dosage. However, this is the dosage for achieving effects such as pain relief.


Although some people may handle more than six grams of green Vietnam, beyond this dosage is believed to be capable of causing adverse reactions for most people. As much as green Vietnam is said to have minimal chances of inducing side effects, handling the dosage seriously is said to be a responsible way of enjoying the benefits of this herb.


Vietnam Kratom capsules


Due to the alleged high potency of Vietnam Kratom, Vietnam Kratom capsules are very popular today. Experienced Kratom enthusiasts claim that Vietnam Kratom capsules are the best you can find in the market. Although they are believed to kick in at a slower pace than the powder, these capsules offer not just convenience but also uniquely induce effects.


Vietnam Kratom capsules are available for all the different strains. There are also blends of Vietnam Kratom powder in some capsules but the choice depends on your preferences. Green Vietnam capsules are sold at a considerably fair price when compared to most other Kratom capsules.


For instance, theevergreentree.com prices for red Vietnam capsules start at $29.95 for 100 capsules of 500mg. But if you want the same amount of capsules at a higher alkaloid concentration (2.2-2.4 % alkaloid), theevergreentree.com has the price at $59.50.


According to amazingbotanicals.com, you can obtain white Vietnam Kratom capsules at a low cost of between $5.99 for 30 capsules and $35.99 for 300 capsules. This is a price you cannot find for most other Kratom capsules from different vendors across the US.


Apart from a favorable price of some of Vietnam Kratom capsules, they are said to have a reputation of high quality. Unlike some Kratom capsules packed with substandard Kratom powder, the potency and quality of Kratom obtained from Vietnam are believed to be of unquestionable integrity.


Green Vietnam Reddit testimonials


The popularity of Vietnam Kratom has also featured on Reddit. Several online testimonials relating to how this strain has been beneficial to several fans have been aired on this platform.


One overjoyed fan talked of how red Vietnam helped him deal with chronic pain he had for months from a road accident. This guy said that although he had tried several other strains, Vietnam Kratom was the best saying that red Vietnam is arguably the best for pain relief.


An anonymous contributor on Reddit said that he found the green Vietnam quite a great strain. It had helped him handle anxiety better than any other strain he had tried. “Thank goodness for anxiety, very chill” said the happy guy on Reddit.


Answering a question regarding the alleged sweeter taste of Vietnam Kratom, a certain guy who could not reveal their name said that they ‘…had tried green Vietnam and it had a different whole experience best taste for Kratom, can’t compare with most other strains.’


A certain Mr. Schneider described his experience with red, yellow, and green Vietnam Kratom saying that he had never thought there was such a unique Kratom as Vietnam Kratom. He said that he found the green very stimulating on the energy side but for the few times he had had to deal with pain, the blend of red and yellow Vietnam produced the best relief. According to him, he found that green Vietnam was the best for long term enjoyment of this herb but whenever he needs things done faster, the yellow and red come in handy.


Green vs. Yellow Vietnam Kratom


How would green and yellow Vietnam Kratom strains compare? According to kratommasters.com, yellow Vietnam is believed to obtain its yellow color from a unique drying process and a fermentation that slightly resembles the fermentation of tea. Green Vietnam Kratom owes its green color to the veins of the green leaves it’s processed from.


When it comes to Vietnam Kratom effects, the green vein is said to offer higher energy stimulation than yellow Vietnam. Nevertheless, yellow Vietnam is said to have a sweeter taste as observed by kratommasters.com alleged to be the result of the special drying and fermentation it undergoes.


Comparing the effects of green and yellow Vietnam Kratom, slight differences exist. For instance, green Vietnam is said to be more effective for boosting confidence and mood than green Vietnam. However, when it comes to pain relief, yellow Vietnam which is believed to be more potent than green Vietnam seems to do a better job.


According to monkeyropepress.com, green Vietnam is moderately stimulating hence could cause a sharper mental focus. On the contrary, kratomexchange.com suggests that handling of yellow Vietnam on a daily basis without rotating could potentially lead to tolerance. This is believed to be caused by the high level of Mitragynine reported for yellow Vietnam.


Side effects of Vietnam Kratom


Claims about how Vietnam Kratom is good and how it’s unlikely to cause adverse reactions are rampant. However, it is worth noting that this is only true for those who are responsible when handling Vietnam Kratom. Although green Vietnam is said to have a moderate potency hence associated with minimal side effects, too much of any Vietnam strain may cause some side effects. That is why most Kratom fans suggest that everyone should find their right Kratom dosage to avoid experiencing some of those setbacks. Vietnam Kratom side effects include the following.


  • Mild headache


  • Irritability


  • Nausea


  • Vomiting


  • Over sweating


Bottom line


Vietnam Kratom is one of the most popular Kratom strains in the market today. However, green Vietnam seems to have taken the lead with millions of fans talking about its effectiveness. According to kratommasters.com, green Vietnam Kratom has become the best alternative for those seeking for an energy boost. According to Kratom enthusiasts, nothing strikes a lasting boost than the green vein Vietnam. It has gained popularity and people share their fantastic experiences with this strain on online platforms such as Reddit and others. If you are looking forward to finding the best in Kratom, Vietnam is probably the best decision you can make.



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