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Healthy Herbal Teas You Should Try

Healthy beverages like tea can help relieve pain and inflammation, as well as soothe scratchy throats. Tea is generally the drink of choice when we feel under the weather or want to warm up on a chilly winter day. You can however consume tea daily as a way to improve your overall health.


In case you're looking for the healthiest teas, we've compiled a list that can help you pick the best that suits you. With flavors that range from earthy to floral, you're sure to find something you like.


Rooibos Tea


South Africa is famous for its red bush plant, which is used to make Rooibos tea. Coastal South Africa is the only place where this plant thrives. Infusing the leaves with hot water gives them a vibrant red color and tart notes. It offers health benefits backed by research and is a refreshing drink hot or cold.


Research has demonstrated that rooibos tea is a healthy beverage that contains antioxidants that promote overall health and protect the liver. In a study, rooibos tea proved to have the potential to improve liver function and decrease oxidative stress. Rooibos tea can also improve digestion, and have cancer prevention effects, according to additional preliminary research.


Ginger Tea


Roots of the ginger plant are used to brew ginger tea. This spice has a spicy kick that wakes up taste buds, and when paired with lemon and honey, it is really enjoyable.


When it comes to digestive health, ginger tea is a great beverage. A common claim associated with ginger is that it helps in eliminating nausea caused by motion sickness and morning sickness. Natural remedies for nausea often contain ginger, including gum and supplements.


The body processes food more effectively with ginger tea, as it helps to ease inflammation in the intestines and stomach. Muscle cramps can also be soothed by decreasing inflammation. According to research, ginger tea may decrease nausea and stress by inhibiting serotonin receptors.


Chamomile Tea


If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, chamomile tea is certainly the solution. You will feel refreshed after drinking this tea due to its soothing and calming qualities. The herbal tea we drink today is among the world's most popular variants. When fighting the overwhelming emotions of postpartum depression, women will also benefit from this drink.


In addition to protecting your liver, chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to being antibacterial, it is also anti-inflammatory. Try this herbal tea since it is healthy and delicious at the same time. It is safe to say that you will reap several benefits when you drink chamomile tea.


Hibiscus Tea


You will surely discover the health benefits of hibiscus tea while researching herbal teas. The intense hue of this tea comes from the hibiscus plant's vibrant flowers. Whether it's hot or cold, you can enjoy your cup of hibiscus.


The antiviral properties of this tea are effective in warding off diseases such as bird flu. Those suffering from high blood pressure can benefit significantly from it as well.


Peppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is a widely consumed beverage around the globe. Besides tasting delicious, it also has a wide range of health benefits. In many cases, this variant is recommended for treating digestive tract problems. In addition, it contains antioxidants and antiviral properties. The effectiveness of peppermint tea in fighting cancer has been demonstrated in multiple studies.


In addition to its ability to relieve indigestion, peppermint herbal tea also has other well-known benefits. In addition, it alleviates symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.


Lemon balm tea


Plants such as lemon balm are useful for lifting spirits. It can help you get over the winter blahs and improve your concentration. When consumed before bed, lemon balm may prevent nightmares in children. You can also make a tasty iced tea with this herb, and it tastes great with either maple syrup or lemon.


Rosehip tea


Among the best plant sources of vitamin C, rosehips provide the body with immunity support, skin, and tissue health, and boost the adrenal hormones. Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant. Consider consuming rosehip tea when you need a health boost.


Milk thistle and dandelion tea


Drinking milk thistle tea or dandelion tea can help strengthen your liver. By regenerating the liver and increasing its efficiency, they help it to function effectively. In addition, they help to produce bile, which facilitates digestion.


How to choose a herbal tea


It's essential to choose a high-quality product made from well-sourced herbs when choosing herbal teas. It is imperative that you do not consume medicinal teas with added ingredients such as essential oils or flavors. You should also steep loose tea or tea bags for an extended period to extract the full benefits from drinking herbal tea up to 10 minutes in some cases to get the full benefits.


By ingesting something, you provide the ingredients necessary for your body to build tissues and hormones. You can significantly improve your mood, overall health, your skin, and your sense of well-being by drinking tea every day.





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