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How Legitimate is the American Kratom Association?

Kratom is derived from a tree that traces its nativity to Southeast Asia, the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is a relative to the coffee plant. An estimate puts the number of people who consume Kratom in the United States at around 10 to 15 million. This is a huge part of the population that should not be side-lined due to unscientific reactionary responses that the administration has been making. They want to be heard and listened to, which is why they have gone forward and formed the American Kratom Association (AKA). They have joined hands with more advocates such as physicians, experts on public health, and legislators. The physicians and health experts have a scientific view of Kratom, which describes it as a natural resource that is relatively benign and is very helpful when one wants to deal with withdrawal and opioid addiction.


This group of people has it that Kratom is just a mild stimulant when taken in low doses, with serious issues only arising on severe misuse, combination with other drugs like alcohol, and presence of impurities. It is a complex subject, but without research and proper regulation, reactionary politics can sweep the immense benefits to be obtained under the rug.


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For those who are just making their initial steps into this world of Kratom, you might not be well conversed with the American Kratom Association. When the name comes across as you do business, you might ask questions like what it is and wonder about its legitimacy. The hype building up around Kratom necessitates such questions.


That said, the American Kratom Association is fully legitimate. It is also among the vital forces leading the struggle to make Kratom a safe, legal, and available product all over the United States.


What is it?


The American Kratom Association is a non-profit organization based in Virginia, established in 2014. It is a group of advocates who are passionate about Kratom. They have been at work all over the United States to create a strong awareness of the properties of Kratom and generate legal precedencies that will offer protection for the sale, purchase, and use of Kratom. They also oppose the groups that are fully dedicated to making sure the good name of Kratom never sees the light of day. Their main goals are carrying out reforms in the legal arena, mainly by establishing new laws and appealing to the local lawmakers and the state at large.


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However, restricting the efforts of the AKA to just the creation of legislative procedures is highly stereotypic. The association’s other activities include massive public education platforms aimed at those who do not use Kratom concerning general information on the herb and its benefits. It also provides support to grassroots advocacy teams spearheading the campaigns at the local levels. It is also the main body behind the generation of objective standards aimed at improving the quality and standards of Kratom products. The American Kratom Association also provides a platform where it can amplify the voice of Kratom users. It also advocates the upcoming research.


Development of industrial standards


One of the most important contributions the American Kratom Association has made so far is to offer a substantive push of the industry toward better quality products and standards that ensure transparency.


People in Southeast Asian nations have used Kratom for centuries, but it is just gaining traction in the United States. This has not come at no cost since it has appeared in a scene where there are no regulations concerning it. This has led dishonest manufacturers to trick and, at times, endanger the consumers by selling inferior quality or dangerously tainted Kratom products. The American Kratom Association has shifted the dynamics on this issue by establishing standards that go deep into all the industries dedicated to Kratom products. This has ensured that the United States consumer of Kratom gets safe and effective products easier.


Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)


The American Kratom Association is among the forces behind the current wave surge that has advocated legal changes and the protection of Kratom users. It has used public awareness campaigns and grassroots outreach programs in encounters with federal and state legislators to offer support for the Kratom User Protection Act to be accepted into the lawbooks in many states throughout the United States.


The Act is an important document that aims to offer protection to Kratom users while also shaping the future of Kratom use in the United States. Among the most important accomplishments that the Act seeks to establish are:


  • A requirement that Kratom products undergo a series of comprehensive tests before being released into the market
  • Establishment of standards that will shape the quality of all Kratom products.
  • Setting in place a minimum age at which one cannot be allowed to purchase Kratom.
  • Generation of legal penalties mostly aimed at manufacturers who go against the requirements of the Act.


Many states have implemented the Act in their customized versions. Yet, the efforts are still being enhanced so that it takes root all over the United States. The American Kratom Association is at work in all localities in the United States to ensure that such regulations are passed for the protection of Kratom users and the whole industry.


GMP Certification


The quality standards set out by the American Kratom Association are put into shape by the process followed in acquiring the credentials for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For one to be certified to manufacture Kratom and its products, strict procedures guide the process from their planting until they make it to the store shelves. Some of the requirements are shown below:


  • The manufacturer is supposed to ensure that hygiene procedures are followed for all the personnel and equipment involved in every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturers are also required to use cutting-edge machinery to minimize exposure to Kratom.
  • The manufacturer should make sure that every batch of Kratom and its products undergo a comprehensive and independent testing process aimed at enhancing purity levels, the quality of 
  • Kratom and its potency. These tests should be performed before the leaf is processed, and after it has been transformed into Kratom powder.
  • Manufacturers are also required to establish well-documented procedures to produce consistent quality Kratom for all batches.
  • Total transparency is required of the manufacturers, outlining where each batch of Kratom leaves comes from and ensuring there is a transparent chain that outlines the possession of all materials concerning Kratom, both raw and finished.
  • The certified vendors are also required to conduct audits. Independent inspectors are tasked with performing the audits. These verify the transparency, integrity, and adherence to the American Kratom Association protocols.


The AKA developed the AKA GMP Standards Program seeking to improve the safety of the Kratom products that reached the consumer. The program’s foundational principles are ensuring that Kratom manufacturers commit to stringent manufacturing and processing standards, which would apply if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration were to regulate Kratom effectively as a dietary supplement or ingredient. 


The AKA also expects vendors and manufacturers to abide by marketing standards that the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act has set regarding impermissible health claims on Mitragyna Speciosa products. 


Becoming a vendor who has acquired the American Kratom Association GMP Certification is not easy, but achieving that is the only way to ensure that vendors are dedicated to how the Kratom industry should be shaped.

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