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How Much Does Kratom Cost [Kratom Prices Chart]?

Buying Kratom has become quite easier today with online marketing. But if there is something everyone is concerned about when buying Kratom is the cost. With the countless number of suppliers, Kratom prices differ significantly. As a Kratom enthusiast or planning to join the Kratom family, knowing the prices of different Kratom products is paramount. Have you ever tried to figure out how much you can save a year if you buy Kratom at a reasonable price? Have you been buying Kratom? How much does it cost and where? We are going to look at some of the prices offered by some of the best Kratom vendors to help you make informed decisions when buying Kratom.


Kratom prices from different vendors


  • Kraken Kratom


Kraken Kratom is one place where you can buy high quality Kratom at reasonable prices. For instance, Kratom powder for all strains starts at a price of $9.99 for 28g (1oz). Buying from this supplier could save you a lot of money in the end. While buying 28g at the above cost may not offer the best price compared with other vendors, you save some money every time you buy more than this amount. For example, 225g of Kratom powder goes for $63.99. Therefore, if someone buys the 28g every time and another buys the 225g, the one buying the latter will have saved, the one buying the smaller amount will spend $79.92. This is $15.93 higher. That is why buying a big amount reduces Kratom prices ensuring the cost of Kratom is not so high in the long run.


  • Kats Botanicals


If you want to buy Kratom at extremely low prices, Kats Botanicals sell 28g at a surprisingly low cost starting at $5.00. Imagine buying 250g of pure Kratom powder for only $30.99! Kats Botanicals is the place to obtain Kratom on a budget and you are not going to find a supplier with such low Kratom prices anywhere. And the quality of their Kratom is impeccable as you may think the low cost is a reflection of poor quality.


  • Kratom Crazy


If you have never bought from Kratom Crazy, this is another place to check for the best prices. Keep in mind that these are vendors who offer quality Kratom at reasonable prices. At Kratom Crazy, Kratom prices start at $19.99 for 100g up to $424.99 for 5kg of Kratom powder. 250g and 500g cost $34.99 and $54.99 respectively. If you observe the prices at Kratom crazy keenly, you will realize that the more you buy the more you save. For instance, when buying 250g of powder, the cost of 100g is $14.00. On the other hand, 100g will cost $11.00 when you buy 500g saving you $3.00 for every additional 100g. Such are the calculations you should consider to ensure you buy Kratom at great prices. Note that different suppliers do not package the same sizes of Kratom which is a marketing strategy.


  • Super Speciosa


Super Speciosa also has some reasonable prices for Kratom, and you can buy 20g of Kratom powder at $9.99. At Super Speciosa, Kratom kilo costs $139.99. If you would want to save some money while buying from this supplier, buying 5kg at $599.00 may do the trick. Assuming you are used to buying the kilo, by the time your purchases add up to five kilos, you will have spent $699.95. This is $100.95 more than the person who bought 5kg at a go. Taking advantage of the economies of scale can save you a lot of money on Kratom every year.


  • USA Botanicals


If you have never bought from USA Botanicals, you should check them out. These guys are offering very reasonable prices of Kratom while maintaining high quality products. At the time of this writing, the cost of 30g of Kratom powder is at $4.99. These guys even add 2g for their smallest batch as many vendors start at 28g. Furthermore, the price is very low compared with 28g from many other vendors. You will buy a kilo of pure Kratom powder for all strains at only $74, much lower than a kilo from several other vendors.


  • Austin Vibes


Kratom enthusiasts who buy from Austin Vibes enjoy a number of cost benefits. This supplier has batches starting from 50g going upwards. The cost of the 50g of powder goes for $ 8.99, which is like selling the 28g batch from other vendors at roughly $4.00. This is very reasonable considering that most vendors sell the same quality for more than $4.00. The price becomes even more pocket friendly as you buy bigger batches. For instance, 250g and 500g sell at $28.99 and $49.99 respectively. A kilo goes for only $92.99 which is comparatively lower than from other vendors.


The following table shows Kratom prices from some Kratom vendors based on lowest weight available.



Kratom supplier



Lowest weight






Kraken Kratom









Kats Botanicals









Kratom Crazy









Super Speciosa









USA Botanicals









Austin Vibes










How can you ensure you buy Kratom at a low cost?


Given the different prices offered by different vendors, you can maximize your savings when buying Kratom. Here are some tricks you can play to ensure you obtain high-quality Kratom at affordable prices.


  • Use coupon codes


Some vendors offer kratom coupon codes to their esteemed customers. Once in a while, you can redeem these codes to get Kratom. The only difference is that different vendors have different values for the coupon codes but in either case, you will be assured to save some money by utilizing this customer service benefit.


  • Buy in bulk


As we saw earlier, buying Kratom in bulk can save you a lot of money. However, if you buy Kratom in low quantities, you pay more and at the end of the day, you will have spent more than the person who bought once in bulk. Plus, you earn more points when buying in bulk than in smaller quantities.


  • Free shipping


Most vendors offer free shipping for bulk orders. You can take advantage of this rather than spending money on transport as you go buying Kratom.


Where can you find Kratom for sale?


Buying Kratom in the US can be tricky due to the ever changing laws regarding Kratom. Therefore before finding out Kratom prices, you should first determine the legality of Kratom in your region. Sometimes you can buy Kratom and fail to get it. This could result if shipping and other regulations in your region do not allow Kratom where you live. However, if the situation is right, you can check with the above discussed vendors for the best prices. Only six states of the US have banned Kratom hence most people can get Kratom.


Bottom line


Kratom prices differ from one vendor to the other. But if you check closely, you will also realize that the vendors are wise to provide different weights so you may be fooled to believe a vendor is offering reasonable prices only to realize the weight is much smaller for the price. When buying Kratom, check for the economies of scale to save as much as you can. Also compare different vendor prices in relation to weight of Kratom sold to ensure you get both quality products and value for your money.


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