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How To Grow Kratom Trees At Home? (From Kratom Seeds)

In recent times, many people are offering Kratom plants for sale. It would be nice to always have fresh Kratom by growing your own plants. Many people want to know how to grow Kratom on their own. If you are one of these people, there are a few things you need to know before you can start growing the plant at home.


Basic information about Kratom plants

  • Mitragyna speciosa, also known as Kratom, is a tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia. The Kratom trees thrive well in tropical climates that have plenty of humidity and sunlight.
  • Mature Kratom trees are evergreen and usually reach a height of 25 meters with their trunks growing to be up to 1 meter wide. Their leaves are dark green with a glossy surface. Mature leaves are about 14-20 centimeters long.



Tips for growing Kratom at home


1. How to grow Kratom from seeds


Taking care of Kratom trees is not hard but propagating them is difficult. You can propagate a Kratom plant using two methods. You can either use seeds or cuttings. Kratom trees produce head pods that have seeds in them. These seeds propagate themselves in their natural habitat.

kratom seeds

If you choose to propagate your trees with seeds, you must choose fresh and quality seeds so that they can germinate easily. Make sure that you buy seeds for propagating a Kratom plant from a trustworthy vendor.


It is advisable to buy many seeds since they are small, and their germination rate is low. To grow a Kratom tree successfully, plant many seeds to increase the chances of many germinating.


For your seeds to germinate, they need soil that is rich in nitrogen and is kept moist. Ensure that your garden has good drainage to avoid flooding your Kratom plants. Flooding causes the growth of fungus, and they can kill the young Kratom plants.


As the seeds germinate, they require light, and as they start to sprout, they need warm regulated temperatures. Do not expose them to cold weather as that will kill the plants. As the Kratom plants continue developing, they become more resilient and sturdier.


 2. How to grow Kratom from cuttings

 baby kratom plant

If you choose to propagate your Kratom plant from cuttings, you need to break a twig from a Kratom plant. Place the leaf or twig in moist soil, moss, or water until roots start growing. You can cover the leaf or twig with a polythene paper to help retain moisture and heat so that the Kratom plant can grow.


Propagating Kratom from cuttings is easier than growing the plant from seeds. Once the cut leaf or twig develops roots, it starts developing new leaves, and after some time, it will begin to developing flowers. Seedlings can take a long time before they are strong enough to grow into mature trees.


Ensure that you take good care of the plant you are propagating from cuttings. Moisture and heat are suitable for the budding plant, but they can also be a suitable environment for fungus and mold to grow. Your plant can quickly die because of mold and mildew, so ensure that no fungus grows.


Additional tips on how to grow Kratom plants



  • After your Kratom plant has rooted fully and is healthy, taking care of it is easier. Yet, you should always remember that Kratom is a tropical plant and it requires certain conditions to thrive well. To have healthy Kratom trees that reach maturity, ensure that you do the following:
  • Keep the soil moist at all times. Ensure that your Kratom tree is getting enough water but also refrain from overwatering it. Too much water can cause it to rot.
  • Ensure that your plant receives enough light. Natural or even artificial light can work. If you provide artificial light, invest in high-intensity discharge bulbs or lamps.
  • Make sure that the soil you grow your Kratom plants is rich in nitrogen as Kratom plants require nitrogen to grow well. Fertilize your soil regularly to have healthy Kratom plants.
  • Kratom trees grow tall, so it is essential to ensure that you have enough space for them to grow. You can prune them to have a bushy tree.
  • Provide enough ventilation for your plants for them to grow well. It is known that air is essential for Kratom plants to grow well.
  • Keep pests from invading your trees by using the necessary pesticides but do not overdo it. Remember that if you use too much pesticide, a certain amount will go into your body when the leaves are mature, and you use them to make Kratom powder.
  • Finally, try as much as possible to mimic the tropical environment that Kratom trees are used to. For instance, during the night turn off the lamps. Ensure you provide the right environment that is hot and humid. Also, the soil should have the right pH. You can achieve this by replicating these weather conditions in an outdoor greenhouse.


In conclusion


While some Kratom lovers are feeling the need to start growing their own Kratom plants so that they enjoy special strains and have fun with that, it is not something everyone can do. Honestly, the effort you need to exert to grow Kratom plants successfully may not be worth it. Growing Kratom requires an investment of time and energy to ensure that you are providing the right environment for growth.


The most practical way to continue enjoying Kratom strains is by buying Kratom from reliable vendors instead of trying to grow your own plants. However, if you still feel the urge to grow a Kratom plant on your own, the best chance of getting your plant to survive is buying a rooted plant.


Kratom vendors have mother trees, and they make cuttings from them to propagate. After the new plants that were propagated have formed roots that are around 8-12 inches long the vendors sell them. Planting Kratom cuttings that have roots of that length is the best way to ensure that your Kratom plants can thrive.


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