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How to Keep Your Kratom Tolerance Down: The Right Way

Have you been looking for ways to cut down on your Kratom dosage back to your soft spot? Perhaps you had begun with a low dosage but have realized that lately, you have to do way more than previously for the same effects you experienced. Although much has been said about Kratom's benefits, most people disregard the impacts associated with irresponsible handling of this botanical.

The enjoyment of Kratom begins with little amounts but progresses to a point where what used to work for you become a distant echo, and you have to raise the dosage to get to your wonderland. If you are already trapped in this vicious cycle, here is how to keep your Kratom tolerance down: The right way.

How can you avoid Kratom tolerance?

Avoiding Kratom tolerance goes a long way in ensuring a sustainable Kratom lifestyle. However, you must be willing to do what most people fail, keeping a daily dosage log, including personal notes on every experience. This helps you understand which strains need an additional few grams and which one needs to be cut down.

According to Kratom fans, the best way is to enjoy Kratom not more than twice daily and regulate the dosage between 3g and 6g depending on the intended effect. The daily journal helps you to monitor your dosage levels while avoiding the extremities. It is important to rotate between strains to avoid the stagnant strain syndrome in which your body increases tolerance to a specific strain.

How to keep your Kratom tolerance down

Tolerance can build up on anyone, but there are tricks you can employ to bring it down. If you are here to know how to keep your Kratom tolerance down: the right way, the answer is right here. First, you must cut down your dosage level but on a gradual scale to avoid withdrawals. For those who have gone beyond the 10g mark, cutting it down by 2g a day until you are back to your old spot works for most people.

On the other hand, strain rotation also helps reduce tolerance. Different strains of Kratom have varying levels of Mitragynine hence stimulate the body differently. Rotating the strains makes it hard for the body to build up a tolerance.

Furthermore, alternating the different Kratom forms, including powder, capsules, and Kratom tea is an excellent way to bring tolerance down. Also, it is important to take a day or two without, to help reduce tolerance levels.

How Kratom tolerance develops

Kratom tolerance develops in three stages, characterized by different experiences and dosage levels.

1. Honeymoon stage

The initial stage, commonly known as the honeymoon, is associated with the effects of first-time Kratom encounters and no tolerance. Beginners are still trying to find their soft spot and experimenting with different strains and forms of Kratom.

2. The happy stage

After experimenting with Kratom, you finally find your soft spot, which marks the happy phase's onset. It's called the happy phase since you can determine the right dosage for specific effects and stick to a safe schedule while avoiding Kratom tolerance.

According to Kratom veterans, most people fall between 3g to 6g depending on the strains. Unnecessary increments on your daily Kratom dosage in your Kratom lifestyle during this phase leads to Kratom tolerance.

3. The tolerant stage

During the tolerant stage, your body has already developed tolerance such that you are forced to increase your daily dosage above the normal for the same effects you enjoyed during the happy phase.

This is a dangerous stage as any additions to your dosage lead to more additions, leading to dependency. The best thing is to use the insights described above to cut down on tolerance and go back to your heydays with Kratom. Rotate strains, reduce the frequency, and skip a day or two every week to lower tolerance.

Is there a dosage considered Kratom dependency?

As far as Kratom is concerned, Kratom dependency is a relative term since different people react differently even to the same strain and dosage of Kratom. For instance, while 12g may be high for you, it may be sufficient to while away pain for somebody else.

However, dosages above the limits of 10g have been said to cause dependency, especially if the frequency of handling is also high. Kratom fans need to be aware that unlike in the past, Kratom's quality and potency has increased due to improvements in technology. Maintaining the happy phase is the best you can do to avoid falling into the dark tunnel of tolerance and dependency.

Bottom line

Despite the popularity and benefits associated with Kratom, lack of caution in such a lifestyle may lead to tolerance and, in worst scenarios, dependency. However, if you know how to keep your tolerance down: the right way, you can always enjoy the varied effects associated with this herbal supplement. Avoid tolerance through strain rotation, occasional breaks while keeping a daily journal of your Kratom lifestyle.

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