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Discover How to Make a Kratom Tincture or Extract

Kratom is an herb with a lot of beneficial properties. It has been used for many years, with even ancient civilizations using it as a panacea. Notwithstanding, it has only gained popularity the world over for the past couple of years. You can allude this rise in fame to people beginning to understand its properties better.

However, some things about kratom are still nascent even to the regular user. To fully appreciate the properties of Kratom, we first need to understand what it is, and how to take it. In this article, we will major on the latter. We will elaborate on what a Kratom tincture is, how it's made, and how you should take it. Firstly, though, we must cover a couple of basics.

Kratom's molecular makeup

The health benefits that are attached to Kratom can be attributed to the molecular makeup of the herb. In particular, alkaloids play a major role in making Kratom the elixir it is. There are hundreds of alkaloids present in Kratom. Nonetheless, two, in particular, are integral in the beneficial properties of Kratom. In the opinion of this site, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are essential in making sure that those taking Kratom get the benefits that they expected.

There are a lot of variations when it comes to kratom. To be precise, there are numerous strains and vain colors. The main difference between kratom strains is the alkaloid concentration. Because of the said difference, some strains have different effects when taken than others. The main difference between vein colors is a bit self-explanatory. The cosmetic appearance of the kratom leaves when harvested constitutes the vein color. Additionally, there are slight differences in alkaloid concentrations in differences in vein colors.

As a result, it is paramount that you understand what exactly you are looking for before you take any form of kratom. This way, you will be able to get the strain or vein color best suited to your needs.

The properties of Kratom

There are a lot of health benefits associated with kratom. Worldhealth.net reports that Kratom has analgesic properties. Irrespective of whether it is acute or chronic pain, kratom will be able to handle it. Kratom has also been used as an anxiolytic. It is used to treat depression and anxiety. It is also used as an energy booster.

Not only does it increase the energy levels in the body, but it also put you in the right state of mind to complete your tasks. Based on its properties, it is no surprise that it has been seen as a panacea for thousands of years.

Kratom Tincture or Extract

There are different ways for you to consume Kratom. Those relatively familiar with the herbal extract can identify capsules and powder as the chief means. Each means you use to ingest has its upsides when compared to others. However, there is one particular means that stands, which is the Kratom Tincture.

This may be a bit nascent, even for those that are familiar with kratom. Kratom has stayed under the limelight for the past couple of years. This is mainly because of the efforts of the FDA and the DEA. Even it may be easier to buy and use kratom nowadays. On the other hand, getting a kratom full spectrum tincture or extract may prove to be an onerous task.

Notwithstanding, many individuals have identified it as one of the most potent forms of kratom. If you search for Kratom tincture Reddit, you will find many testimonials and referrals for the product. Luckily, even though it may be onerous to buy kratom tincture, it is not only easy but also fun to make it. And all you need is a few ingredients and you are good to go. Before we elaborate on how to make it, we must fully illustrate what kratom extract is.

What is kratom extract?

A kratom extract is simply a concentrated form of kratom. It is obtained by distilling powder and leaves of kratom. Traditionally, people used to eat kratom leaves directly. Even though this method got the job done, it required a lot of time and effort. Time and effort in chewing the leaves and waiting for it to be digested and absorbed into the body. Extract, on the other hand, reduces the time taken to absorb the kratom.

How to make kratom extract powder

There are numerous ways of making kratom extract. Some may require a lot more time, skill, and equipment than others. In this article, however, we will look at those that you can easily make in the comfort of your home.


The easiest method of extracting kratom is in the form of tea. Granted, the kratom is usually less concentrated. This is unless the tea is steeped for a long time. Regardless of that, it is still an efficient way to access the alkaloids easily.

This form is also very fluid, meaning you can incorporate a lot of different types of kratom. You can also add flavorings based on your preference. It is important, however, that you do not use very hot water. This is because the alkaloids in the kratom can break down in boiling water, hence rendering them useless.


The resin is a bit different as compared to the other form of kratom extract. This is because they are not liquid, but rather semi-solid. As a result of having very little liquid, resins are very concentrated. The amount of time and effort it takes to make them is also considerably higher.

The first step is adding water to kratom powder. The water should just be enough to cover the powder completely. Ensure that you mix the powder and the water well. The next step is to add either lemon juice, vinegar, or lime juice to acidify the mixture. Leave the mixture to seep overnight.

Afterward, freeze it till it turns solid. Once this is done, add the frozen kratom into boiling water, then add more lime or lemon juice. Let it simmer till a quarter of the water is gone, then cool the mixture.

The next step is to make sure that half of the remaining water evaporates. Once this is done, simmer the remaining kratom with lime or lemon juice and some water. Do this again for at least one more time.

After you have ascertained that the water is saturated, place it in an oven dish that isn't more than 3 inches deep. Set the oven to between 150- and 200-degrees Fahrenheit. After the water has completely evaporated, the residue will be a thick resin.

Kratom Tincture

This is also a form of kratom extract. It is a bit more labor-intensive compared to tea. On the plus side, the kratom extracted is more concentrated compared to tea. Since it is difficult to buy kratom tincture, many people prefer making it at home. After all, it doesn't require a lot of things.

What is a Kratom Tincture?

In simple terms, a Kratom tincture is one way of ingesting Kratom. Essentially, it is a kratom extract that has been diluted in a liquid base. Often, the liquid base is alcohol. The final product contains all the alkaloids that make Kratom beneficial. The only thing a Kratom tincture does is offer a more efficient way for the alkaloid to be absorbed into the body. It is, in fact, more efficient and effective than traditional methods, such as powder and capsules.

Types of kratom Tinctures

Kratom tinctures come in a myriad of types. The first one is known as the Kratom full spectrum tincture. It is the most common type you will find. Its popularity is because it offers all the compounds and alkaloids you would find in Kratom leaves themselves. It offers a full spectrum of benefits.

Some people, however, prefer to have specific compounds in their extracts. To achieve this, specialized methods have to be used to create tinctures.

How to make kratom tincture

The process of making a Kratom tincture is easy and very fun to do. Additionally, the Kratom tincture recipe requires very few ingredients. Here are some of the things you will need.

  • A scale you will use to measure your kratom powder.
  • Kratom powder (120 grams or more)
  • Funnel (if you find it necessary)
  • Ethanol or ethyl alcohol. You will require approximately one liter of ethanol for every four ounces of Kratom powder you use.
  • Sealable glass jar, or a mason jar
  • Citric acid
  • pH measuring strips
  • Some kratom citric acid
  • Dark tincture bottles
  • Straining material, preferably cheesecloth
  • Glass container with lid

Here is a step by step breakdown of the things you need to do to create a Kratom tincture

1. Measuring the amount of kratom and ethanol you need

The first step is to measure the amount of Kratom powder you need in order to create the mixture. The scale is brought into play. You also have to measure the amount of ethanol you will need. This is in relation to the Kratom you want to use.

For future calculations, it is essential that you write down the amount of Kratom and ethanol you've used. It's recommended that you use one liter of ethanol for every four ounces of Kratom powder you use.

2. Place the measured Kratom and ethanol in a jar, then mix

Once you've measured the Kratom, place it in the jar. Afterward, add the ethanol, then gently stir the mixture. Mixing is essential, as it ensures the Kratom is fully exposed to the ethanol.

3. Add the citric acid

The third step is to add a small amount of Kratom citric acid into the mixture, then mix it properly. Afterward, measure the acidity of the mixture using the pH strips. Continue adding the citric acid and measuring the mixture's acidity until it has a pH level of four.

The citric acid is essential. This is because it helps convert the alkaloids in the Kratom to a salt form. Consequently, this makes it easier for the alkaloids to be extracted.

4. Seal the jar, then store it properly

Time is integral in the formation of Kratom tincture. Make sure that the jar is properly sealed, then place it in a cool, dark place for at least a week. It is vital to ensure that the jar isn't exposed to sunlight, as this will ruin the whole process.

Even though the solution may be ready in a week, the results may be better if you let is seat longer, perhaps for two weeks even.

5. Strain the Mixture

After the solution has sat for at least a week, you can take it out. The next step is to strain it. Before you open the jar, make sure that you shake it properly. After you have opened the jar, cover its mouth with a strainer. Afterward, pour the solution into a bowl.

Once you are done removing the solution, remove the powder remaining in the jar. Wash the jar, then funnel the solution you had placed in the bowl back into the jar.

6. Leave it to evaporate

Once you've done this, cove the jar again with the straining cloth. Leave the jar that way for some time. This will allow the ethanol to evaporate. The straining material is crucial because it prevents debris from entering into the jar during the process.

By leaving the liquid to evaporate, the potency of the tincture will increase. That being said, the amount of liquid that should evaporate is solely based on your preference. The process of evaporation will not affect the number of alkaloids in the final tincture. However, the potency of the tincture will be affected.

Based on the testimonial and referrals on kratom tincture Reddit, users recommend that the mixture should fill one tincture bottle for every ounce you used.

7. Fill your tincture bottles

The process is complete. All you have to do now is to fill the tincture bottles with the solution you have created. Making Kratom tincture is easy, isn't it?

Make sure that they are sealed properly. Once you've ascertained this, you can now store them. It is critical to ensure that they are properly labeled. Thus, noting down the potency of each bottle, the amount inside, and any other information you see fit is important.

Kratom tincture dosage

As is the case with other forms of Kratom, there isn't one particular Kratom tincture dosage fit for everyone. There are a lot of factors that affect the effect each individual feels after taking Kratom. Consequently, it is solely based on you to determine what amount of Kratom tincture you need.

Notwithstanding, there are a couple of things you should note. The first is how you will know the potency of the solution you've just created. All it takes is a bit of math. Simply take the amount of Kratom you used, which is in grams, then divide it with the volume of the final tincture you have produced. This way, you will have a close estimate of the potency per millimeter of the Kratom tincture.

As with every other Kratom produce, it is recommended that you first begin with a small amount of Kratom tincture. This way, you can gauge the effects it has on you. If you feel that it suffices, then stick with that dosage. If not, gradually increase the dosage until you get to the quantity you so desire.

How to ingest Kratom tincture

There are many ways through which you can ingest the tincture. Three of them stand out as the most effective. The first is the sublingual dosing. This entails placing the amount you want to ingest under your tongue for about a minute before you swallow. The area underneath your tongue has a lot of blood vessels. As a result, the Kratom will be absorbed at a higher rate. The remaining dosage that you've swallowed will be digested, then absorbed normally.

The second method is to mix the tincture into your favorite food or drink. Some people find the taste of Kratom unpleasant. Thus, this is a very effective way to navigate around this problem. It is also fun, as you can play around with the drinks and foods you want.

The third method is the most direct. Simply swallow the dosage directly. This method isn't as fast in absorption as the first. However, it requires no effort whatsoever. This method is still more effective than taking Kratom powder or chewing Kratom leaves.

Why is Kratom Tincture better than Kratom Powder?

Accordingly to krampuskratom, a Kratom tincture has numerous upsides when compared to kratom powder. It is more concentrated. As a result, you should expect to take a lower dosage of tincture than you are used to for Kratom powder. The body also absorbs tincture faster than it does kratom powder. A Kratom tincture is also more portable and easier to store.

How to choose the right strain for your Kratom tincture

It is beneficial to make your own Kratom tincture because you have many options. You can choose any Kratom strain you prefer to make the tincture. If you have experience in taking Kratom powder, you know the strains that bring about the effects you desire. In that case, you can use your favorite strain.

If you are just getting started on taking Kratom, here is a brief guide on the different Kratom strains their effects. Basically, Kratom strains come in 3 colors namely green, white and red. Yet, some vendors offer a wider selection and include other strains like gold Kratom.

Red vein strains

The red strains of Kratom have red colored veins and stems. Red vein Kratom is the most widely available and best-selling Kratom strain on the market. As reported by kratomgardens, red vein Kratom is great for beginners because it produces calming, pleasant effects. The site further states that red vein strains can provide the user with a feeling of optimism and well-being.

Some Kratom enthusiasts also claim that red vein strains are suitable for battling insomnia. People’s online reports also state that red vein Kratom relieves pain and relaxes the body. The properties and effects of red vein Kratom strains vary. Some strains such as red vein Borneo and red Thai are reported to have sedative effects while others such as red Sumatra elevate one’s mood.

The most suitable red vein strain is the one that meets your personal preferences. The strain that sells best is red Bali. According to kratomkrush, this strain provides relaxation, relieves pain and calms anxiety.

White vein strains

According to the anecdotal research we have come across, white vein Kratom enhances mood and is a stimulant. The effects of each white vein strain depend on a number of factors. They include lifestyle, quality of the products and the user’s tolerance level.

Kratomgardens reports that white vein strains are the most euphoric and stimulating of all Kratom strains. Many people take white vein Kratom instead of coffee for concentration, alertness and cheerfulness. Many choose to take white vein Kratom for increased motivation, concentration and stamina especially when they have to work for many hours.

However, experienced Kratom users do not recommend taking white Kratom late in the day. They claim that it can cause restless sleep. Some Kratom users claim that mixing white vein powder with red vein powder helps them achieve a balanced boost in energy.

Green vein strains

Kratom users describe green vein strains as being somewhere in between the white and red vein Kratom strains. Users claim that green vein Kratom boots energy and can brighten up one’s day. They also claim that it helps to enhance focus and alertness.

Green vein strains are considered subtler than white or red vein strains. This site reports that they can be useful for relieving pain and other discomforts. The reason for this is that the green vein strains do not cause drowsiness.

You can mix green vein strains with white or red vein Kratom to create a more rounded flavor and better effects. Kratom users claim that if you mix the strains properly, green vein Kratom prevents the overstimulation of white strains and the excessive anesthesia of the red veins. According to people’s online reports, green vein Kratom is great for battling social anxiety.

Gold Kratom strains

These strains are less common than other strains. They are relatively new to the Western market. Gold Kratom is a hybrid of the white and red Kratom strains. Yet, kratomscience claims it resembles the white strains more by bringing about a sense of calmness.

Kratom enthusiasts claim that gold Kratom strains are great for relieving anxiety and beating insomnia. For instance, many people take gold Bali Kratom about one hour before retiring for the night to get the best sleep.

Side effects of using Kratom tinctures

Although Kratom tinctures have many positive effects, they can also cause side effects. They are more potent than Kratom powder. Therefore, you need to take a lower dose than you would when taking Kratom powder.  

The side effects of using Kratom tinctures are not harmful, but they cause discomfort. You need to avoid them to have a great experience of using your tincture. These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Extreme sedation
  • Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness

There may be other side effects apart from the ones above. To avoid them, use Kratom tinctures at the lowest dose before you figure out the ideal dosage. You can increase the Kratom tincture dosage gradually until you feel the effects you desire.


Kratom has beneficial properties and can enhance your lifestyle. If you can create your Kratom tincture, you will reap the benefit of higher potency. Thus, you do not need to take much Kratom. Consuming Kratom in the form of a tincture is also easier, and it can save you money and time.

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