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How to Mix Kratom Strains at Home

One of the best things about kratom is the plant's ability to provide different effects depending on what strain you use. If you're a relative newcomer to kratom, chances are you've been sticking to proven strains. Did you know that you can also mix kratom strains for a truly customized kratom experience?

Some vendors sell proprietary kratom blends. To create these blends, they mix a carefully selected variety of red, white, and green vein kratom. Experienced kratom users often create their blends at home, as well. They choose their favorite strains and combine them to produce optimal effects.

Want to learn how you can jump on board with this trend and mix kratom at home? You can find out everything you need to know below.

What Are Kratom Mixes?

Kratom mixes are custom-made batches of kratom powder that contain multiple strains. Every kratom strain is different, and so is every combination. Each strain of kratom affects every consumer a little differently. The best way to get started mixing your kratom is to keep track of how each strain affects you on its own.

Understanding the Basics: Kratom Vein Colors

If you're already looking into how to mix kratom at home, chances are, you've got a basic knowledge of how the plant works. Its psychoactive actions are all dependent on the herb's beneficial alkaloids, which bind to your brain's opioid and other receptors. Since every strain has different alkaloid concentrations, they all produce different effects.

Not everyone is familiar with the different types of kratom. Let's get things started on an inclusive note by reviewing the basics of vein color. Red vein kratom is known for its calming effects and is usually reserved for nighttime use. White vein kratom tends to be more stimulating.

It's a perfect replacement for coffee in the morning. Green vein kratom shares traits with both red and white strains.

White and Green Kratom Blends

Do you enjoy white vein kratom but sometimes find it a little bit too stimulating? Blending it with a green vein strain can help to take the edge off. Green vein kratom is only moderately energizing, even in smaller doses.

White and green kratom blends are still best reserved for morning and afternoon use, as they don't contain any of the sedative values of red vein strains.

Green and Red Vein Kratom Blends

When you mix green and red vein kratom varieties, the green strains help to offset the red ones' sedative properties. Green vein strains aren't anywhere near as stimulating as white kratom. They won't keep you up at night if you take them before bed. 

Additionally, they will help you combat the sleepiness associated with red vein kratom if you want to relax without drifting off to sleep.

White and Red Vein Kratom Blends 

It may seem paradoxical to combine red and white vein kratom since they're known for producing opposite effects. However, mixing the two can create powerful results. Depending on what strains you choose and what ratios you use, you can expect your white and red blend to affect you similarly to a green vein strain.

Best Strains for Kratom Blends

Beyond the basics of getting vein colors right, you'll also need to choose regional or boutique strains that meet your needs. Most newcomers to kratom don't start mixing strains until they're already comfortable with individual varieties. You can use your knowledge and experience to craft perfect boutique strains. 

You can try any combination of:

The Benefits of Kratom Blends 

There's never a wrong time to try something new. True kratom aficionados love making and using personalized blends that meet their unique needs. 

The benefits of learning how to mix kratom include:

  • The ability to tailor your kratom experience to your preferences and needs
  • Keeping your tolerance low by switching up and combining strains
  • Investigating the ways that different strains complement one another
  • Learning new skills and trying new things
  • Impressing your friends by sharing your creations
  • Finding an excellent way to occupy your time if you're still stuck at home

 Whether you plan to share your mixes with others or keep them a secret, mixing your kratom is a great experience. Once you get the hang of it, you can even experiment with kratom extracts to create more potent strains.

The perfect mix will lead you to new experiences and could even help you stretch your current kratom supply by fighting off strain fatigue.

How to Mix Kratom at Home

Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect from different kratom colors and blends, it's time to get to work. Follow these step-by-step instructions to produce your high-quality kratom blends.

Step One: Choose Your Strains and Products

When you mix kratom, you should only work with strains that you're already familiar with. There's no sense in risking an entire batch to incorporate an unfamiliar strain that doesn't affect you in the ways you expected it to. You can also check a kratom strains chart to verify that you're making sensible selections.

If you've never used a kratom blend, you might want to start with a white-and-red mix. If you're a veteran kratom user, try incorporating some kratom extract for an extra kick. It's usually best to mix kratom powder instead of crushed leaves, unless, of course, you plan to use your blend to make a custom kratom tea.

Step Two: Get the Ratio Right

When they first get started mixing kratom, most people aim for a roughly 50-50 ratio of two of their favorite strains. If you have a particular strain that you prefer, feel free to add more. You can also experiment with mixing multiple strains instead of just two.

If you're planning to mix kratom for the first time, it's best to stick with an essential 50-50 mix of two strains. You might want to make just one dose at first. That way, you won't wind up wasting your kratom powder if the ratio feels a little off. You can always make more or add in new strains later.

Step Three: Create the Blend

The easiest way to blend two kratom strains is to add them to a bowl and use a whisk or a fork to mix them. Avoid using electric mixers. They're not suited for mixing solids and will almost definitely create a huge mess and a lot of waste.

If you've found a mix you like and plan to make a reserve supply, put the excess in a sealed container for later use.

Step Four: Enjoy!

You've put in the work to create your first custom kratom blend. Now, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You don't have to change anything about how you use your kratom when you blend strains. Use whatever method you prefer.

How Much Kratom Should You Take for Euphoria?

There are no universally accepted dosage guidelines for any form of kratom use. However, most experienced users indicate that taking smaller amounts of kratom is the best way to take advantage of the herb's euphoric kratom effects. Try mixing green and white kratom strains for optimal mood enhancement.

Find All the High-Quality Strains You Need to Mix Kratom Yourself

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