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Is Kratom Accepted in Sporting Activities?

Many people have various opinions regarding Kratom and sports, whether athletes, sports enthusiasts, or people who casually go to the gym. The opinions vary greatly, with some saying that Kratom makes a good pre-workout supplement and others insisting on its help in fighting pains and aches felt when one is recovering.


These are mostly opinions at the lower levels of sports, but a variety of serious concerns regarding Kratom and the highest levels of sports need to be dealt with. Some of these are whether Kratom can be considered a performance-enhancing drug. This leads some to wonder whether Kratom has been banned either by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or even the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Such questions cause one to seek more understanding on how athletes of world renown can incorporate Kratom in their training and sporting regimen. We attempt to provide answers to some of these questions below.


How does Kratom affect physical performance?


Kratom takes its roots in Southeast Asia, where, for centuries, the region's inhabitants used it for various reasons. Historically, Kratom was popular with physical laborers who used it to enhance their endurance of the hard day's work and give them the strength to overcome the long days packed with strenuous work. Kratom has the potential to sharpen focus and boost one's endurance when one is undertaking demanding exercises. This fact has caught the attention of a good number of modern athletes. Since sports, just like physical labor, can be too demanding on your mind and body, it follows simple logic that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


cyclists competing

Most of the information in use today is based on user experiences. Kratom users have cited the following potential benefits as the main reasons why a huge number of athletes take Kratom:


  • It leads to an increase in endurance and energy when one is training and exercising, which is mostly achieved when one takes Kratom in low doses.
  • It can offer moderate pain relief. This is handy when one needs help with soreness and muscle fatigue after a strenuous workout session. This effect is well felt by those who take moderate to large doses. 
  • Kratom also provides one with relief from stress and anxiety. This makes it very useful when engaging in high-profile sports competitions.


rock with 'keep calm' text


These are some of the effects Kratom offers to athletes and sports enthusiasts, which might cause them to consider incorporating it into their daily training and recovery regimen. Yet, there is one question that troubles athletes who are participating in the top echelons of sports:


Can Kratom be classified as a performance-enhancing drug?


Reports from many athletes who take Kratom indicate that the herb offers them some beneficial effects. However, if you want to participate in a competition, ensure the Kratom products you take do not get you in trouble.


Has WADA or USADA banned Kratom?


For several years, Kratom was on WADA's list of monitored substances, which means that its effects made it a suspected product. Things changed in 2018 after WADA concluded its investigations. The results obtained from the investigations enabled the official removal of Kratom from the list of monitored substances, which means that now Kratom is acceptable, 100%, for use by athletes participating in the highest levels of sports.


What are the best Kratom strains for sports?


If you are contemplating making Kratom part of your training and sports regimen, you must impart great importance to the right strain for your use. The effects of Kratom all result from the two alkaloids contained in the plant; 7-hydroxy mitragynine and Mitragynine. All the Kratom strains have both alkaloids, the only difference being the proportions. These differences significantly impact the type of effects one experiences after they have consumed their dose of Kratom, which gives the differences in the strains as follows:


cup with green kratom


  • Green Vein Kratom – This Kratom strain provides a seamless balance of relaxation and energy.
  • White Vein Kratom – This is the Kratom strain that is most uplifting and energizing.
  • Red Vein Kratom – This strain is the best at offering relaxation and pain relief.


The strain that works best for you will largely depend on when you want to use it and the kind of help you want to gain from Kratom to your athleticism as follows:


If you want to boost your energy and endurance before a workout session, the best strain to go for is white vein Kratom. This will provide you with effects such as those produced by coffee, the cousin of Kratom.


If you need a feeling of comfort and alertness after your workout session, the best strain is the green vein Kratom; it will give you the much-needed energy boost and alleviate your post-workout pain, which takes the edge off the tired muscles.


At other times, you might need a hand in recovering from soreness and extreme muscle fatigue or even to deal with the anxiety that engulfs athletes just before competition begins. At such times, you will find the red vein Kratom to be highly helpful. It induces anti-anxiety and analgesic effects that will see you through.


If these effects of Kratom to your sporting career are appealing to you, it will not then be hard for you to choose the strain that will give you the results you are looking for. You should also be aware that there still are different varieties of these strains that you decide to choose from. This should not worry you since information on the effects of the Kratom strains based on the different regions gives you the confidence to make the choice that best satisfies your sporting needs.


Different stores have different brands of all Kratom strains, ranging from popular ones to a wide variety of choices in single-color strains. This means a visit to one with a goal will be well satisfied; most of them have well-informed attendants who are always willing to offer their advice and input to give you the best products.




Only good news is flowing for Kratom enthusiasts worldwide who are athletically minded. Kratom provides a host of benefits to its users that might come in handy when you are training or during your recovery period. It has been given the green light at the highest echelons of sports competition.


Since its different strains have different effects on your body, Kratom is well suited to help you through the various steps in your training and recovery process. The white vein strains will uplift and energize you, making them the ideal solution to supplements needed before a workout session, just as caffeine acts. As for the red-veined Kratom strains, they are the best in relieving pain and calming the body. This makes them the best choice when you are recovering after you are done with your strenuous exercise. The green-veined Kratom provides you with a boost of much-needed calm and energy, making them the best solution for various purposes.


However, the properties of Kratom are not limited to top-performing athletes; sports activities come in diverse sizes and shapes, which means that even daily activities would do with a dose of Kratom.


Austinvibes is ready to offer you all the support you need in incorporating Kratom into your sporting regimen. We have the best quality of different Kratom strains, and our staff is ready to answer all your questions.

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