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Is Kratom Legal? [2022] USA, Canada & Traveling with Kratom

Millions of people around the world find Kratom to be beneficial. Some benefits that Kratom users enjoy include pain relief, improved mood, increased energy, and sociability. Despite the many benefits that users enjoy, they wonder whether Kratom is legalized in their area. Is Kratom legal? Kratom legality is complicated, especially in the U.S.A because of the availability of Federal and State laws.


The U.S. also has more enforcement agencies than other countries. This creates more complications when it comes to kratom legality. Users should be, therefore, keen when using it in different states to avoid possible fines and penalties. Generally, the possession and use of Kratom in legalized in the U.S.A according to federal law. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that although federal law is generalized, every state has its legal system. The following information clarifies the legality of Kratom in various states.


The legality of Kratom in the U.S.A

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The legal status of Kratom in the United States is different for different states. Kratom is completely legal in some states, controlled in others, and completely illegal in some. Some years back, the DEA classified Kratom as a substance of concern because its effects were not certain. This is not unusual for market-ready stimulants, mainly when they are appearing on the market for the first time since not enough research has been done concerning their effects.


Researchers have completed some studies on the effects of Kratom, and they show that this product is safe to use. In most states, Kratom is classified as a food product, even though some states still impose legal restrictions on its use and sale even online. Six states in the U.S.A consider Kratom completely illegal for sale, use, and possession. They include:



  • Arkansas
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Alabama

kratom legality chart

Kratom is legal in the following states with the exception of some cities.

  • In New Hampshire, Kratom is legalized for use by individuals who are eighteen years of age and above.
  • It is legal in Illinois for people over eighteen years but banned in Jerseyville, IL
  • Kratom is also allowed in all cities in California apart from San Diego.
  • The substance is legal in all counties in Florida apart from Sarasota.
  • Kratom is legal in Mississippi, but it is not allowed in Unity County.
  • Kratom is legalized in various cities in Colorado apart from Denver (Kratom in Denver), where it sold for other uses other than human consumption.
  • Years ago, Kratom was not allowed in Tennessee, but it is now allowed but for only individuals who are 21 years old and above.


Apart from the states mentioned above, where some cities restrict the use of Kratom, all the other states have legalized its use entirely. With it being legalized, it means that you can grow Kratom and possess as much as you can. You can also sell and buy Kratom without having a prescription. However, you cannot sell Kratom by marketing it in a way that shows that it can cure certain conditions. Only FDA approved substances can be marketed and sold in that manner. This is the reason why Kratom is not sold as a dietary substance, drug or medicine.


Other states where its legal:


Is Kratom allowed in Thailand?


In Thailand, Kratom is classified as a category five substance, just like marijuana, and it is currently being reviewed to figure out the benefits it offers to its users. As of 2020, the use of Kratom for medicinal use has been legalized, but growing Kratom is illegal.


Is Kratom legal in New Zealand and Australia?


It is entirely illegal to grow, sell, buy, or possess Kratom in Australia. In New Zealand, Kratom is categorized as a schedule 1 substance, meaning that it is illegal to export or import it, but a physician can medically prescribe it in some situations.


Is Kratom allowed in Europe?


All Kratom strains seem to be illegal in most European countries. However, you need to check local legislation on the purchase and use of Kratom in Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Some of the countries where the use and acquisition of Kratom is completely illegal include:



  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Russia


All other European countries have put in place strict restrictions, and Kratom is legal in several forms, although not readily available.


Is Kratom Legal in Canada?


In Canada, Kratom is illegal for human consumption, which means that it cannot be sold as a foodstuff. Nevertheless, Kratom is available for use as incense and other non-consumable uses. Some residents of Canada buy Kratom for non-consumable use and end up misusing it in private.


Is Kratom Legal in Germany?


Years back, vendors in Germany openly imported Kratom and sold it, and there were no restrictions. Nevertheless, as of 2011, the government restricted its pharmaceutical use, making it illegal to possess, buy, or sell Kratom products. The law stipulates that any offender will be fined, penalized, or serve a jail term.


The legality of Kratom in other countries.


  • The legal system of most Asian countries on the use of Kratom is diverse, but a number of them place firm restrictions on its use.
  • Kratom is entirely illegal in Israel, Japan and Myanmar.
  • All Kratom strains are illegal in Malaysia, apart from the Green Malay strains.
  • In Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea, Kratom is completely illegal.
  • In China, there is sparse information about the legality of Kratom in most parts of the country, but it is known that it is legal in Hong Kong.
  • In Norway, Kratom can only be sold as a prescription drug.


Traveling with Kratom

traveling with kratom

The legality of Kratom in different countries is changing, and you should, therefore, be very keen when traveling with it. You may have come across information stating that Kratom is legalized in a specific country only to find the information is outdated. To remain on the safe side, avoid traveling with it.




You now know facts about the legality of Kratom in different parts of the world. In some countries, Kratom is allowed, while in others, it is entirely illegal. To avoid any possible lawsuits or fines associated with the use of Kratom products, find out if it is legal to sell, buy or use in your city. Vendors should also remain informed about the changes taking place in the legal status of Kratom around the world.

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