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Is Kratom legal in Colorado? Facts About the Legality of this Herb

As a resident of Colorado, who uses Kratom, you may wonder if it is legal in your state. Yes, it is legal to purchase or possess Kratom in Colorado, apart from the towns of Monument and Parker. The City of Denver, CO, also put in place restrictions on the use of Kratom in 2017. It said humans should not consume the product. However, you can possess or sell Kratom legally in Denver if you label it correctly, and the label does not provide advice on its use. The label should state that Kratom is not intended to be consumed by humans. It must also list the potential dangers linked with using Kratom. Unfortunately, such labels liken Kratom to alcohol and drugs, yet it is a natural herb. Under the restrictions, retailers are not supposed to provide recommendations or advice on the use of Kratom.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado criticized the government publicly for the restrictions mentioned above in early 2018 and supported the use of the herb. A municipality within Denver’s metropolitan area, called Castle Rock, also decided to re-valuate its stance on Kratom. In late 2018, Castle Rock temporarily banned the legalization of new Kratom businesses. The municipality wanted the ban to last for six months until the authorities decided whether Kratom should remain legal in the town. In 2019, The Castle Rock town council concluded that Kratom would remain legal for everybody who has attained 18 years of age.

The town of Parker banned the sales of Kratom on October 7, 2019. It became the first location to illegalize Kratom. The Parker Town Council sided with the U.S. FDA to justify its decision. It also cited Mayo Clinic and complaints at the poison center about Kratom as evidence of this decision. One month later, Monument town banned Kratom’s retail sales.


The legality of Kratom in 2020

The primary states where Kratom is illegal in 2020 are Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Vermont. If the authorities catch you with Kratom in these states, you can get fined or go to jail. Therefore, if you plan to travel from or to Colorado through these states, ensure you do not have Kratom in your possession. Kratom laws are based on the amount you have carried. You can get into trouble with the law for carrying a small amount of Kratom.


How to purchase Kratom in Colorado


Kratom is available in the vape, herb, head, and smoke shops in some of Colorado’s largest cities. However, it is essential to be careful about where you purchase Kratom because it can determine the purity and quality of the product you will get. Remember that some vendors follow controversial practices and end up tarnishing the reputation of Kratom.


If you buy from a local shop that sells Kratom legally, you need to be careful about what you say about what you intend to do with the herb. For instance, the shop may decline to sell the product if you want to use it to relieve back pain or any other pain. It is better to just buy it without talking about how it helps. If you talk about its usefulness, the retailers may decline to sell it to you since they typically label it as not for human consumption.


The safest way to buy Kratom is online from trustworthy vendors. Choose the vendors who lab-test every batch and dispose of contaminants or low-quality products. Buying your Kratom online is also cheaper. There is no problem in Colorado with buying Kratom online.


What are the common reasons for using Kratom?


People use Kratom for various reasons. Here are some of them:


Increasing appetite

Various reasons cause a loss of appetite. Although it is not a serious issue, it can cause unfavorable outcomes. Loss of appetite is the lack of motivation to eat or drink because the affected persons’ bodies reject anything they ingest, or they do not feel hungry. The bodies of such persons grow weaker. Kratom can help revive appetite and hunger for food. The body heals itself naturally through nourishment from eating well.


Easing pain

Many Kratom strains have the effect of alleviating pain.


Boosting energy 

Most people in energy-demanding careers such as those in construction or laborers in warehouses consume Kratom to boost their energy. The users claim that they feel a boost in their energy levels a few minutes after consumption.


Enhancing mood

Users claim that, apart from the product being an effective anti-depressant, it is also a proficient and potent mood enhancer. It is common for people to feel depressed or fatigued because of their line of work. Kratom can enhance the mood of such individuals, and they can have a positive outlook on life. Some users claim that Kratom helps them handle the harsh working conditions they face every day.


Recreational use

When consuming Kratom, experts advise users to exercise full caution to avoid chances of dependency or undesirable side effects. Even when using Kratom for recreational purposes, you need to consume the right amount to prevent severe side effects.


Which side effects of Kratom are common?

From the reviews that Kratom users post online, the main side effects of taking Kratom include constipation and nausea. Other reports have documented dizziness, chills or sweats, vomiting, and itching.


In conclusion

To use Kratom without problems, you need to follow laws regarding it despite where you live. Since you now know that it is legal in all areas of Colorado apart from the Monument and Parker towns, you can order it and use it worry-free. Restrictions about how much Kratom you can purchase, use, or possess, do not exist. This is good news when you consider that Kratom has many meaningful effects. Many Kratom reviewers state that the herb has enhanced their health and quality of life. You can use it as a natural alternative to prescription medications as an energy booster, anxiolytic, and concentration aid. It is an excellent herb to use, but you do not want to get into problems with the law because of possessing it.

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