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What Does Joe Rogan Think About Kratom?

Kratom, whose scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asian countries. It is classified in the coffee family and has gained popularity in most parts of the world, including Europe and the USA. There are different strains of Kratom, which include red, white, and green-veined Kratom. Since the spread of Kratom to other parts of the world, there have been controversies on the effects, legality, and other aspects connected to it. However, these disagreements have done little to deter the acceptance and demand for this product. The reason for this phenomenon is attributed to the several beneficial effects it offers to the body and mind. What do other people think about Mitragyna speciosa? In this article, we’ll focus on Kratom Joe Rogan and he perceives this herb.


Kratom and opioid epidemic

Before Kratom became popular in Europe and the USA, most people relied on opioids such as morphine and its derivatives. The problem with these drugs is that they are highly addictive, and individuals continue using them longer than was prescribed. According to Joe Rogan, such individuals could consider Kratom to mitigate the same problems as opiates, although with a much lower risk of addiction. In his podcast on Kratom, Joe Rogan also notes that Kratom has proved effective for managing withdrawal from drugs such as opioids, heroin, and alcohol. He observes that unlike opioids such as morphine, Kratom does not produce the same psychoactive feelings since you can handle it and still carry on with your daily activities. According to him, Kratom rejuvenates the body and mind.


Joe Rogan on legalization of Kratom


In the USA, Kratom is illegal in some states while it is allowed in others. Joe Rogan believes that the illegalization of Kratom is joe rogan logounfounded since no research has been conducted to show that Kratom is dangerous (2018). In Thailand, for instance, Kratom was illegalized since it was seen as a threat to the opium trade. It must have been the influence of the opium cartels who realized that the people were using Kratom to relieve pain and other problems at the expense of opium-based pharmaceuticals. Joe Rogan argues that Kratom should not be categorized under schedule 1 drug since it possesses some medicinal benefits. He adds that there should be research to back the decision rather than power influence.


People should be given the freedom to make choices, even if they are associated with risks. Furthermore, there is nothing that could not cause death when moderation is not observed. Joe Rogan does not seem to understand how someone can be jailed for life because they had a few dozen pot plants while a rapist only gets six months in jail. He believes that there are players out there determined to fight against Kratom for their interests, such as pharmaceutical companies who see Kratom as a threat to their business.


Is Kratom dangerous?


One thing that comes out clearly in Joe Rogan's discussions is that Kratom is not dangerous. Even those who discredit it rely on propaganda as there is no scientific evidence to back the claims. He argues that people are allowed to take higher risks, such as engaging in dangerous activities at their discretion. Kratom has long been used in Southeast Asian cultures for all the right reasons, including body energy stimulation. According to Joe Rogan, if the DEA decide to categorize Kratom as a schedule one drug, that would seem like tyrannical to protect the interests of pharmaceutical companies rather than proving how dangerous Kratom can be. While the world has so much to offer, indulging too much in anything, including overeating or drinking a lot of alcohol comes with repercussions. Joe says that Kratom does not have any history of causing fatalities or health issues.


Pharmacological determinism


Pharmacology classifies drugs according to their effects. Drugs such as heroin, opioids, and cigarettes cause effects such as addiction, health complications, and social issues. However, according to Joe Rogan, pharmacological determinism cannot work for all situations as regards a particular substance. For instance, there is no evidence linking Kratom with some of the harmful effects of drugs. The problem is that when pharmacology may advocate for the use of a specific drug with known side effects such as morphine, pharmaceutical companies must safeguard their interests by fighting against Kratom, which is a better alternative to their prescriptions.


Kratom effects


Kratom is associated with several beneficial effects. According to Joe Rogan, the results differ from one person to another. However, you should be responsible when handling Kratom to avoid the consequences of extremism. Some of the effects he mentions include.


  • Stimulate the body energy


The alkaloids in Kratom are thought to influence a surge of body energy. According to Joe Rogan's podcast on Kratom, even ancient people of Thailand benefited from Kratom as it enabled them to tackle challenging work. If you regularly engage in tiring activities such as bodybuilding and other workouts you could consider Kratom as a pre-workout energizer for this benefit.


  • Kratom and coherence

red kratom

Kratom is associated with improvement in mental alertness and boosts mood, effects attributed to the effect of alkaloids on the brain. Besides, Kratom is believed to elicit feelings of confidence. Joe Rogan claims that Kratom improves coherence making the user more talkative. Opioids such as morphine, which are allowed for use in medicine, are addictive and often associated with mental impairment. However, no research has connected Kratom with such effects. With moderate handling of Kratom, you become more coherent with a feeling of high that does not interfere with your mental perception.


  • Painkillers


People with chronic pain due to specific ailments are given prescriptions for medical painkillers. However, if these painkillers are used for a long time, they could cause addiction. According to Joe Rogan, people should be given the right to make choices regarding what is best for their life. Furthermore, these prescriptions are allowed with the knowledge that they could be addictive. However, Kratom offers a much better option with no risk of addiction. Besides, the fact that people in the regions where Kratom originated used Kratom for the same purpose is proof enough.


Bottom line


Kratom is very popular in the world today. Products from the leaves of this tree are now available all over the world. However, there have been controversies surrounding this peculiar species of plant. Joe Rogan, in his podcasts discusses some issues surrounding Kratom, such as its relationship with opioids, legalization as well as some effects. He believes that Kratom could offer a better alternative to opioids and painkillers as it’s not associated with detrimental effects as those of hard drugs. According to Joe, the attempt by the federal government to ban Kratom does not have credibility as he believes that the move is corrupt and meant to protect pharmaceutical companies for higher revenue collection.

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