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Krabot.com: The Truth About This Vendor

Kratom, an evergreen tree from the coffee family was discovered in 1839. It was a popular herb in Southeast Asia, but over the last few decades, it has gained acceptance across the world. As the customer base continues to increase, many vendors are popping up from every corner to sell this herb that’s changing people’s lives. When searching for trustworthy vendors online, you’re likely to come across Krabot, LLC, a Kratom company based in Chino Hills in California. Even though they are a new player in the Kratom industry, they’ve established a good following from clients who are completely satisfied with their level of services as well as the quality of products they offer.


Whether you are new to the Kratom world or you’ve been using it for years, chances are that you would be interested to learn more about Krabot, how genuine they are, and whether it would be wise to spend your hard-earned money on their products. Well, you have come to the right place and in our Krabot review, we’ll take a closer look at their product line, their pricing, and reputation among customers. With our review, you’ll have a clear understanding of how good they are and why you can buy your products of choice from them without any doubt.


Products you can find at Krabot


Krabot vendors understand that people are different with unique needs, hence stock a wide range of Kratom strains and Kratom products to meet the preferences of all their customers. All their Kratom products are available at their online stores in different forms, such as capsules and powder, and are packaged in different sizes to meet user’s demand. Whether you are looking for the standard Kratom brands such as Bali Gold, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Horn, Red Kali, or Green Bali, you can find them all at Krabot.

krabot products

What sets Krabot vendors apart from the crowd is that they are the first ones to stock new and unique strains. This means that they have some products in their product line that are completely new, which you can hardly find from other vendors. Some of the unique strains include; a green-veined powder known as the Green Sundanese (OG) and a yellow Vietnamese strain known as the Krabot Rising Sun.


The company stocks new products regularly, and the newest addition to their product line is a specially formulated powder which they call the Krabot Evening Blend. This is basically a Kratom blend made of Red Bentuangie, Red Sumatra, Red Bali, and traces of the Yellow Bali.


Aside from the powders, this vendor also stocks Kratom capsules. However, due to their unending desire to make a difference in the Kratom industry, they don’t stock the typical capsules you get from other vendors. Instead, they sell unique blends of capsules, which include their signature Stem and Vein capsules as well as Morning Blend. Each of their capsules contains 1000 mg Kratom powder, making it an excellent choice for users who want to save the energy of measuring the right dosages.


Krabot is determined to make new consumers feel at home with their range of different sample packs. They offer ten strain sample packs in 4 different sizes, with the XL containing 2000g of pure and premium Kratom strains.


Other Kratom products


If Kratom has changed your life for the better, you may also love other products from Krabot, such as Kratom soaps. This product might be new to you, but it has gained positive reviews and comments from those who have been lucky enough to try it. Kratom soaps from Krabot are made in different varieties using all-natural ingredients. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose your soap of choice from up to ten different varieties, including Frankincense and Kratom, and Coffee Cream and Cocoa, among others. As masters of blending, Krabot company makes the soap from a blend of sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil, and distilled water.


Aside from the soaps, capsules, and powders, Krabot also sells Kratom tea. The tea offers soothing effects and could be an excellent alternative to morning coffee as you purpose to start your day with energy and positivity. Krabot’s website is easy to navigate, and you can easily notice newer products as soon as they are stocked. If you love purchasing Kratom accessories, there could be no other better place to make your purchase than at Krabot. At the miscellaneous section, you can find several Kratom accessories such as measuring spoons, and digital pocket scales, among others.


Krabot's Shipping and customer service


Krabot understands that the customer is the most important person in any business, and therefore, they are willing to go above and beyond to make you feel at home. First things first, their customer service team is friendly and professional and will approach you with the utmost respect. Once you land at the homepage, you’ll find a chat screen asking you if you need any assistance. If you need to know more about this company, the products they offer, the right strains for your needs, or any shipping details, the down to earth support team will answer you briefly to make you happy and satisfied. Other things you’d be pleased about are tracking information, checkout help, and easy to reach FAQ page.

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Many Kratom enthusiasts give up on Kratom because of encountering problems when checking out. But, Krabot is an exceptionally different vendor with a flawless shopping experience. Once you choose the products of choice, they take it from there to ensure you get your hands on pure products at the estimated time. If you buy products worth at least $75, Krabot will offer free shipping. What’s more, if your order is declined due to one reason or the other, they give possible causes and how to solve the problem by yourself without even contacting customer support.


Krabot's Pricing


When it comes to pricing, Krabot is determined to give you value for your money and hence sell its products at competitive prices. For instance, a 100-gram bag of powder goes at an excellent price of $23.99. This, when compared to other vendors, is relatively cheaper as Phytoextractum sells only 28g of powder at $12.49. Krabot also sells 30-count bottles of 1000 mg capsules for $14.99 in comparison to Kraken vendor that offers 50-count capsule bottles containing 28g for $15.45.


Coupon code


Due to their determination to operate with customer satisfaction in mind, they introduced coupon codes to help you get your product of choice at lower prices. Some of the codes are even in excess of 35% off, meaning that you can buy different products for less. Given that they promote the coupon codes on social media, keep checking on their pages to be the first one to get amazing discounts on their products.


Krabot reputation

krabot quality

Krabot has gained a massive following due to different reasons, one of them being their reputation. Online business is full of fraud but when dealing with Krabot, you should have peace of mind knowing that your money is in safe hands, and the products you get will be beyond your expectations. They source their products from Southeast Asian countries and package them in airtight bags to preserve their freshness. What’s more, the bags that Krabot uses are nice and sturdy enough not to allow any light through and good enough to protect Kratom.


Bottom line


When looking for Kratom for sale, getting a genuine vendor can be daunting, but you should have basics on what to look for. For instance, a good vendor should stock different Kratom strains in various forms and at competitive pricing, have exceptional customer services, and have positive reviews. According to our Krabot review, it's no doubt that this vendor boasts these and other impressive qualities and with 1000+ five star reviews, you can have peace of mind knowing the products they stock are pure and of high-quality, and will be shipped to you within the scheduled time.


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