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Is it Safe to Mix Kratom and Alcohol? Learn More About the Expected Effects

Many people wonder if mixing Kratom and alcohol is okay. It is not advisable because combing the two may bring out unwanted outcomes. Despite this, some people challenge this notion. Before you mix the two, it is vital to know about the risks.


Many people use Kratom for recreational purposes. They have wondered whether it is safe to combine Kratom and other substances, especially alcohol. The discussions revolve around how safe it is to mix Kratom and alcohol and the effects you would experience if you combine the two substances.


Mixing Kratom and alcohol is like playing with fire, where you could end up getting burned. If you take the two, you may end up in a hospital, especially if you have taken too much of both alcohol and Kratom.

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Kratom affects people differently as it depends on the dosage and how your body will adapt to the strain you are taking. Kratom strains are believed to be effective stimulants when they are taken in small amounts. Also, it can be a sedative for people taking it in high doses. Kratom is taken for its euphoric, pain-relieving, and calming effects.


Why is there a danger in mixing Kratom and alcohol?


Many individuals use Kratom to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. They claim that by mixing Kratom and alcohol, their desire to consume alcohol reduced to a negligible level. The people who drink only at social events claim that taking Kratom before drinking alcohol helps them drink less. Therefore, they cut calories, save money, and avoid aging prematurely. Yet, it is vital to be cautious when combining Kratom and alcohol because of the following reasons.


  • Kratom can have mild stimulant or sedative effects


  • Alcohol is a depressant.


  • There is evidence that Kratom amplifies the effects of alcohol.


Kratom and alcohol can disrupt your coordination and especially your motor skills. People who have drunk alcohol after taking Kratom say that alcohol dulls out the effects of Kratom, leading to headaches and nausea. Combining these two components leads to a Kratom-alcohol hangover.


If you consume a lot of alcohol, it can disrupt your balance and affect your feelings, thoughts, and actions since it temporarily restricts the functioning of the nervous system. The mental health of people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol for many years can also suffer.


Kratom and alcohol are an unsuitable cocktail because its properties and those of alcohol contradict each other. Mixing a depressant and a stimulant is courting danger. People who have mixed Kratom and alcohol at high doses have reported waking up with a hangover that is worse than the normal one.


Potential side effects of combining Kratom and alcohol


Kratom and alcohol affect people differently. People do not experience the same side effects. The side effects associated with combining Kratom and alcohol include:


  • Fatigue


  • Body Weakness


  • Dizziness


  • Dehydration


  • Nausea


  • Sleep deprivation


  • Respiratory problems


  • Stress


  • Stomach discomfort


Kratom used to treat alcohol hangover

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There are many dangers of combining Kratom and alcohol, but some people have sworn that Kratom has helped them overcome an alcohol hangover. Alcohol dehydrates the body, constraining blood vessels, and this leads one to have a terrible headache, nausea, and fatigue.


When you take Kratom it gives you a boost of energy like coffee would do because of the caffeine. One Kratom user has stated that taking Kratom when having an alcohol hangover energizes and makes him feel better.


Not everyone agrees that Kratom helps eliminate a hangover. Some people say that they experienced unpleasant effects when they took it to treat their hangover. Everyone has a different approach to Kratom treating a hangover. Nonetheless, the majority of people are positive that Kratom is a good solution for curing symptoms of an alcohol hangover.


Using Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal


According to some studies, Kratom may eliminate the withdrawal symptoms that people get after quitting alcohol. People term it as the “magical herb” because it has helped them stop taking alcohol. It helps a person to stop being dependent on alcohol.


Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are severe. Being addicted to alcohol is dangerous because it changes the body’s metabolism, confusing many natural functions of the body. Some recovered alcohol-addicts have stated that when they used Kratom to eliminate the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, they felt its opiate-like effects, and their energy levels increased. This helped ward off their withdrawal symptoms.


Kratom helps stimulate opioid receptors of the brain that crave the consumption of alcohol. This way, the discomfort one feels when experiencing alcohol withdrawal is managed by taking Kratom. Also, Kratom helps a person not crave for alcohol. This works for people with moderate alcohol withdrawals. However, if you are dealing with severe alcohol withdrawal, get medication meant to treat severe alcoholism. Kratom may not be as effective as you would want it to be.


Some Kratom users have also said that it helps in preventing alcohol relapse. Its ability to make you feel calm or experience euphoria can relieve the hassles associated with withdrawal symptoms. Also, its analgesic properties keep restlessness and pain during withdrawal at bay. Taking Kratom tea after the last alcoholic drink may take away the urge to consume another drink.




Kratom offers many benefits like relaxation, boosting energy, and relieving pain. It can be an excellent herb for getting off more damaging substances or for enhancing your lifestyle. If you used to drink a lot of alcohol, you could replace it with Kratom to improve your life. There is no benefit in mixing Kratom and alcohol, and the best advice would be to stay clear of alcohol when you are taking Kratom. Whether you are a seasoned or new user of Kratom, combining Kratom and alcohol is dangerous.

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