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Why Should You Take Kratom Capsules?

If you have been looking at the various ways you can enjoy Kratom, then you have surely come across Kratom capsules. But what exactly are they? What are the pros and cons of Kratom capsules? How do they differ from other ways that you can take Kratom, and what are their advantages, and drawbacks, if any?

What Are Kratom Capsules?

To put it simply, Kratom capsules are capsules that contain powdered Kratom. The capsules are made from gelatin, and this makes them easy to swallow. (Gelatin capsules also have the side effect of making your nails and hair growth stronger – a nice added benefit!) Vegetarian capsules are available from some suppliers if that is a concern.

kratom capsules

Why Use Kratom Capsules?

Let’s face it – the taste of Kratom is not for everyone. It tastes of earth, and bitter mud, like something that was dug up. In fact, it can taste really nasty, as it is very bitter because of the alkaloids that it contains. If you make a Kratom tea or take it as a powder, no matter how you disguise the taste, it’s always right there and upfront. It can make some people feel nauseous, even to the point of actually vomiting, and of course, this is not a good effect when you are trying to relieve pain, ease tension, or simply get a nice high.

Kratom capsules enclose the powdered Kratom so that you don’t have to taste it as it goes down. This is a big plus for many users and one reason why capsules have been storming the market of late. For many people, they are simply much easier and more pleasant to use.

Many users like to make their own Kratom capsules to ensure they are getting the dose they want and the mix they enjoy. Empty capsules and accurate electronic scales are easily obtained online.

Why Kratom Capsules May Not Be The Right Choice For You

Every person is different, and for some people, a ritual is important. If you are a Kratom user who likes to take the time to make a tea or to blend Kratom into a drink, then a capsule is not likely to feed your need for a calm time of preparation. Maybe you like to chew leaves – some people do. Capsules aren’t going to give you the same experience.

Another reason that you may not want to use capsules is if you like to create your own blends. Many users develop a blend of red, green and white veined Kratom in some special combination which gives them the precise effect that they like. Generally, people like to blend a green with a red, or a green with a white. As Kratoms are quite subtle in their effects, you can also get some helpful results from blending different types of greens, or reds, or whites.

You can also blend powdered Kratom made from leaf – generally thought to have the strongest effect – and from the stem, and the vein.

For accurate measuring, you could of course get capsules of your favorite varieties and then mix them. This would give you the advantage of having an exact weight of each type of Kratom, but you would have to break open the capsules and then, if you wanted to take the Kratom in capsule form, you’d need to fill up your capsule yourself.

When you take Kratom in capsule form, there is a time lag before the Kratom hits your system. That isn’t much of a downside, but, it does need to be noted.

It can take quite a number of Kratom capsules to achieve the dosage you want. Obviously, you can take bigger capsules so you don’t need to use so many, but many people really don’t like taking those horse pills! This means you might end up taking a lot of smaller capsules, which again, may not be ideal for you.

The Measured Dose

Another huge benefit of capsules is that they ensure that you are taking the exact dose that you want. With a loose powder, and even more so with raw leaves, you need to be able to measure your Kratom very accurately. For this, you need a good electronic scale that is able to measure very small amounts accurately. Most of us don’t have these at home. The chance of taking too much or too little Kratom is eliminated when you can take a capsule with a pre-measured dose. Capsules then are a sensible route to follow to ensure that you have the very best experience and that you don’t take too much Kratom by mistake.

If you can only get gelatin capsules, and you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then you will have to split the capsule open and just take the powder. Although you don’t get the entire benefit of being able to take Kratom easily, at least you can be sure that you are getting a correctly measured dose. The same applies if you are going to use your Kratom mixed with food or drink.

How Much Kratom Does A Capsule Contain?

I expect that you are asking yourself, “What sizes do Kratom capsules come in?” The answer is, capsules come in sizes for 5 to 000, with 000 being the largest. Special larger custom made capsules can be purchased online if you want them, but they are pretty large and might be hard to swallow. The largest generally available capsule is 000, and that is a little over an inch long – around the size of a large vitamin pill. Most people would find this reasonably easy to swallow.

capsule sizes

The following table gives you an idea of how much a capsule can hold. The actual amount depends on the fineness of the Kratom powder, so a capsule may not be completely full, and yet you are still getting the stated amount. Different suppliers will offer different weights, so check what you are buying to make sure that you understand the dose that you are taking.

“000” – 1000 mg

“00” – 735 mg

“0” – 500 mg

1 – 400 mg

3 – 200 mg

5 – 100mg

How To Take Kratom Capsules

First of all, you need to decide on your dose. Check the capsules to make sure you understand exactly how much Kratom they contain. As always, if you are a newbie, then go for the lowest suggested dose until you understand how your body is going to react. You also need to take into consideration the effect that you want to achieve. At lower doses, Kratom can be a mild stimulant, at a medium dose, a pain reliever, at higher doses, euphoric effects may occur as well as potentially unwanted and dangerous sedative effects.

Like any capsules, Kratom capsules need to be swallowed with plenty of liquid. If you are inclined to feel nauseous when taking it, then plain water is good. Otherwise, fruit juice, a nice cup of tea, or even a smoothie is good. But you should always take Kratom on an empty stomach, to avoid unwanted feelings of digestive upset. Leave it for at least two or better still, three hours after you have eaten, or take it first thing in the morning. (Although, not first thing in the morning on a workday is you are a new user or using a new variety – just in case you have an unexpected reaction.) If you take Kratom too soon after eating, for example, in a social situation where it would be rude to refuse, you are going to need a higher dose than usual.

A Guide To Dosage

If you are just starting out with Kratom, or you are investigating a brand new strain to you, then, steady as you go is the right advice.

At first, stick to a small dose of around 2 grams. In about twenty minutes, you should begin to feel a reaction. If you are very slightly built, then a dose as low as 1 gram may well be enough to kick you off nicely.

Leave it for around three-quarters of an hour, and then if you feel as if you would like a bit more of a bump, take another one or two grams. (Capsules in a variety of sizes are helpful in this respect.)

After another thirty minutes, you should definitely be feeling some effect, if you are using well sourced, good quality Kratom. You could add this stage take up to another two grams, but it really shouldn’t be needed unless you are very resistant to the Kratom you are using.

At this point you should be feeling the good effects – calmness, painkilling or stimulation. These will last for around four to five hours.

If you want to go round again after five hours, then you can repeat the process. This is not recommended unless you are seeking pain-relieving effects for serious pain. After all tomorrow is another day, and there is really no need to overdo things.

For irregular use or if you rotate strains regularly to avoid tolerance, this will be as much as you’ll ever need or at least not much more.

Some Tips To Remember When Taking Kratom

These are particularly important things to remember if you are new to Kratom, or if you are trying out a new strain.

* Keep up your hydration. Kratom really sucks the water out of your body, so you need to put it back in. Start out with plenty of water on board before you take the capsules, and top up as you go. Drink at least twice as much as you would usually. Water is good, avoid alcohol (not a good mix, and dehydrating in itself) coffee, also dehydrating, sodas (full of bad stuff anyway), herb teas and juices are great, but, water is really best, just in case you feel nausea.

* Take Kratom On An Empty Stomach

This bears repeating. If you have eaten, you will need to take more Kratom to get your desired effect. That is because you are digesting Kratom along with a bunch of other things, and it will be more difficult for the Kratom to get into your bloodstream and have its effect.

*Each Strain May Require a Different Dose

If you’re trying something new, then start low, and make a note of the effects that you feel. Each Kratom has its own sweet spot for each user. Some kick in fast, others more slowly, so it’s important to take your time before jumping to the conclusion that you need a higher dose.

*Keep a note of how much you take, at what time intervals, what you ate and drank around the time you took it. Note how you felt when you took the Kratom and the timeline on which you felt it. Remember to put the good things, as well as the less good, in your account. This means you can learn which kind of Kratom, which quantity and taken in which way, works best to get the outcome that you are looking for. Looking back on these notes means that you have a whole personal Kratom bible which will be useful for you when you are making decisions about what Kratom you want to try in the future.

*Don’t just go for any old Kratom capsules. It’s important to buy from a good, reputable source. Ask around, check online, and find out which sources offer the best prepared and purest Kratom. Be warned, there is a lot of fake Kratom around, and this is a big part of the reason that some users have had bad experiences with Kratom.

*Do your research and select the right strain for the effect you are looking for. Be prepared to hunt down the very best, most authentic and interesting strains. Be prepared to pay more for a better product. This makes every kind of sense, after all, it’s your body, and you want to give it the best.

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