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Will Kratom show up on a drug test? Don't Worry About It

Drug testing is common in the workplace. A majority of companies perform drug screening on potential and existing employees. This assures employers that no one is working or representing the business while under the influence of illicit substances. Many individuals use Kratom, which is a botanical substance, containing Mitragynine. According to anecdotal research, Kratom has many uses, including relieving pain, beating insomnia, and increasing energy, among other things.

When you are planning to undergo drug screening, it is easy to be worried that Kratom will appear in the drug test. Thankfully, you do not have to fear anything. Generally, botanical substances do not appear in drug testing equipment. A majority of drug testing devices lookout for drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. Kratom lacks some alkaloids that specific drug tests can detect.

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How long Kratom stays in the digestive system

It is vital to be cautious when taking any herb, medicine, or supplement. If you take it in high doses, the effects will last about 4 to 5 hours. The exact time that Kratom remains in the body is not understood well. This is because researchers have not subjected the herb to extensive clinical studies. Therefore, it is challenging to determine how long Kratom remains in the body.

 The data available appears to suggest that Kratom has a half-life of about 24 hours. This means that it can take a full day for fifty percent of the active ingredients, Mitragynine, and 7-hyroxymitragynine to leave the body. Therefore, full elimination of Mitragyna speciosa could take two days. However, due to other factors, it can take 4 to 9 days to eliminate the material from the body and it will not show up in a drug test. Some of these factors include:


  • Age - Age affects how long Kratom or other substances remain in the system. This happens because older people (65 years or above) have a slower metabolism. Therefore, Kratom’s alkaloids last longer in elderly individuals. Younger people have a quick metabolic rate, and renal activity is efficient. Thus the Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids are eliminated faster.
  • Percentage of body fat – Since Kratom is fat-soluble, some of its metabolites usually end up being trapped in body fat. For that reason, if your body fat percentage is high, you will retain a significant amount of Kratom, and your body will take longer to eliminate the active ingredients. On the other hand, if you have less body fat, your body will retain fewer Kratom metabolites. The alkaloids will be removed from your body faster.
  • Combining Kratom with other controlled substances - If you mix Kratom and alcohol, it will take longer to eliminate Kratom from your body. The body usually starts to metabolize alcohol before Kratom. For that reason, Kratom will remain in your body for much longer. It is advisable to seek the guidance of a physician if you want to take Kratom along with other medications.
  • Water and food intake – If you take Kratom when your stomach is full, and you are well-hydrated, there is a high chance that it can get out of your body more quickly.
  • Genetics – Some individuals have better genetic markers and enzymes that enable them to pass substances quickly than others.


Can Kratom create a false positive? 

If you test positive for a drug you have not taken, this is called a false positive. This can happen due to various reasons, including eating poppy seed muffins. It is unlikely that you would get a false positive after taking Kratom. However, anything can happen. You are more likely to get a false positive after taking a supplement or over the counter medicine shortly before the Kratom drug test. This is the reason why you need to inform the person performing the drug test about any medication you are taking.


kratom false positive


If you are expecting to take an occupation drug test, then you may be concerned that you may deal with unwanted results from drug testing. Many people who use Kratom work in firms that perform surprise drug tests regularly.

Others may need to submit the drug tests routinely to comply with law enforcement. Nobody wishes to be deprived of the right to use Kratom due to the fear of drug screening.

There is no specific screening test for Kratom since most individuals still do not know about the herbal medicine. Furthermore, Kratom is regarded as a medicinal herb which does not cause extreme effects to the Central Nervous system.

People in different parts of the world can use Kratom without getting into trouble.

As of 2021, the typical drug screening test is not intended to detect Kratom in the body.

It is unfortunate that new tests are being developed to specifically screen for Kratom due to the anti-drug hysteria and lack of information. This has led to many legality problems. Fortunately, the tests are seldom are unlikely to be performed on any routine drug screening of employees.

Kratom is an alkaloid and it cannot show up in a majority of drug tests. It does not have the same chemical structure as any of the illegal narcotics that a majority of drug screening tests are meant to detect like marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Kratom is not also an opiate, even though it interacts with opioid cell receptors after it is ingested. Kratom alkaloids can affect the central nervous system mildly and unaware user can confuse them with opioids. However, the all-natural Kratom does not cause the harmful effects that real opiates do on cell receptors.

Kratom also does not cause physical addiction or the long-term health repercussions that are usually observed with opiate addiction.

Can I take Kratom prior to a drug test?

Even though Kratom is not usually tested, most users claim that it can lead to a false positive result. Therefore, it is better to be cautious and avoid taking Kratom before a drug test.

Although Kratom does not show up on conventional 5-panel drug tests, some laboratories have created advanced panel drug tests, which specialize in detecting Kratom. If you are subjected to such a Kratom drug test, it is likely to find traces of Kratom in your body.

If your employer tests for drugs often, do not worry about taking Kratom. It is unlikely to show up. If you are nervous, you can choose not to take it for a week before the test. Kratom has many health benefits, which outweigh the cons. You can also inform your employer about how Kratom enables you to be more productive since it increases energy.


Types of Kratom drug tests

There are several methods of testing for the presence of Kratom in the body. They include: 

  • Blood tests

 A blood test can detect the presence of Kratom in the body and the amount of Kratom a person has consumed. A blood test also indicates Kratom’s concentration levels.

Nonetheless, these tests have a shorter window for detecting Kratom. Generally, blood tests cannot detect Kratom a few days after you ingested it. Blood tests are invasive, and most organizations avoid them. This is excellent news for Kratom users.


  • Urine tests

A urine test can detect several Kratom alkaloids. If you take Kratom often, a urine test can detect the alkaloids even seven days after taking the botanical substance.


  • Saliva tests

There is no information about performing saliva tests to detect Kratom. If such tests were to be performed, it is possible that they could identify the metabolites of Kratom.


How to pass a Kratom drug test

It is easy to pass this test if you prepare yourself adequately. You need to know when the analysis will be performed because you can pass the test if you stop taking Kratom one week in advance. You can also pass the Kratom drug test if you drink a beverage that detoxifies the body along with pre-rid tablets to eliminate the Kratom metabolites in your body. Remember that this can only work if you consume the detox drink early.



There is nothing wrong with using Kratom to boost energy, control weight, or improve concentration, among other things. However, if you live in a state or county where taking Kratom is illegal, you need to be cautious when undergoing a Kratom drug test. You should abstain from taking Kratom for a few days before the drug test so that it will be out of your system.

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