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Is Kratom Legal in Florida? Learn More About It

Florida is the home to Disney World and other tourist destinations that attract a significant number of people all year long. Also known as the Sunshine State, it is the southernmost state in the U.S.A. For many years, people have taken Kratom as an ingredient or sole component in drinks because of its opioid characteristics.

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The product is rich in 25 various alkaloids and terpenoid saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and different glycosides. However, the natural product has stirred controversy because of its potential to cause physical dependence.


Is Kratom Legal in Florida?


This is a common question among the residents of Florida. Some people reported that the product has properties that can make consumers addicts. Lawmakers in Florida disbanded the rumors and declared the product legal. However, lawmakers in Sarasota County banned Kratom in 2014. They labeled the product as a drug. Anti-Kratom legislators, as well as activists, proposed the bill of declaring the product illegal across Florida. The lawmakers did not pass any of the bills.


The Sarasota County authorities passed the bill. They stated that the product did not provide consumers with the claimed effects by Kratom experts, thus considering it as a designer drug. The DEA classifies designer drugs as-synthesized substances created to imitate medicinal effects due to their unique chemical composition. Bath salts with synthetic cathinone and spices containing synthetic cannabinoids are some of the substances that have gone through the scanner.


Also, the bill stated that Kratom imitates the effects for a short period and provides hallucinogenic results. Sarasota County also took inspiration from decisions made by Malaysia and Myanmar to ban the product.

The sale or possession of Kratom in Sarasota County is punishable by a hefty fine or a jail term of not less than 60 days. Authorities subject those found with the product to an obligatory court appearance.


Besides, other areas are considering Sarasota's decision. Back in April 2019, St., Augustine Press reported that the Board of Commissioners in St. Johns County is thinking of taking measures to regulate Kratom. The community drug task force triggered the move by request. However, it is yet to ban the product in the county. That does not mean that the statutes could not change in the future.


The media continues to demonize Kratom, and every hospitalization related to the product becomes an issue among legislators.


Fortunately, for those interested in purchasing Kratom in Florida, it is unregulated across the state. The product is legal in Miami, among other metropolitan areas where it is available in paraphernalia shops and kava bars.


A few Kratom enthusiasts in the state have cultivated the Mitragyna speciosa plant. They claim that the climate is conducive to the growth of Kratom trees from seeds. A few online Kratom vendors provide their customers with Rifat Kratom seeds or live Kratom cultivars.


Selling Kratom in Florida is legal since the product is an herbal supplement. However, health experts advise users to exercise caution when taking the product to avoid undesirable effects.


How to get reliable Kratom vendors in Florida


When ordering your Kratom, ensure you are dealing with a reliable and reputable supplier. Why? Because not all vendors are keen about the quality of the product or concerned about the consumer's health.


While headshops and convenience store's stock, several tentative brands, reputable online Kratom vendors source their products directly from reliable farmers in Southeast Asia. Credible Kratom vendors comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, test each batch using a third-party laboratory, and provides proof of the lab results on their websites.

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Avoid purchasing Kratom from vape stores or smoke shops since they lack transparency. Their packaging lacks essential information, such as contents and dosage. Also, the proprietors of these shops lack the necessary knowledge about the product, making it difficult for them to answer a customer's questions. The most unfortunate thing about them is that they cannot inform their customers about the product's origin.


Confidentiality and ignorance can cause side effects such as agitation, aggression, hallucination, high blood pressure, and constipation.


Reputable online Kratom vendors sell high-quality products, provide clients with free samples, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the vendor can provide information about their ethical sourcing and proof of lab results for each batch. They provide their customers with detailed information about Kratom to help them make an informed decision.


Reliable online Kratom vendors prioritize quality and providing value to their customers. They always promise satisfaction, and if you are not content with your order, they can provide you with a replacement.


General effects of Kratom


Historically, Kratom users took the product as a painkiller. Even in the modern-day, most users still consume the product because of this effect.


The product acts as a relaxant and an anti-depressant that works within a short period after consumption. Those suffering from musculoskeletal pains report that when they consume the product, they get relieved from the severe pain.


In conclusion


Kratom is legal in Florida apart from Sarasota County. Before ordering Kratom online, make sure you exercise caution. Take time to find a reputable vendor that can provide lab test results to avoid consuming low-quality Kratom.


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