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Best 7 Kratom For Energy - What Is The Right Dosage For Energy?

Kratom is undoubtedly one of the most debated plant-based products in the US today. Ever since it was introduced, the plant is believed to be a part of daily life for most Americans in several ways. Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, hosts several alkaloids, the most active being Mitragynine. These alkaloids are thought to be capable of inducing stimulations that result in several purported benefits.


For instance, Kratom reviews claim that the leaves of this plant have energy-boosting properties. Kratom enthusiasts believe that Kratom enhances mood and boosts confidence levels. There have been undocumented reports that even people with anxiety have found a natural remedy in Kratom. Nevertheless, although it’s hard to dispute claims of Kratom increasing energy, finding the right dosage for this effect remains a big puzzle? For that reason, one of the most frequently asked questions in the Kratom community is, what is the right Kratom dosage for energy? If you’ve been asking yourself the same question as well, you’ve come to the right place as we are here to help.


How does Kratom help increase energy?


Research on Kratom remains largely neglected despite the plant's popularity. As such, the science behind how Kratom works to stimulate an energy boost is still not known. However, some schools of thought suggest that Mitragynine in Kratom is the alkaloid responsible. It is believed that this alkaloid acts on the brain cells thereby reducing feelings of fatigue.

The people of ancient Southeast Asia are said to have enjoyed this effect as they labored in the fields or after a hard day’s work. Furthermore, Kratom enthusiasts argue that the varied effects of Kratom are believed to elicit work in synergy thereby feelings of overall rejuvenation both mentally and physically.


What factors affect Kratom dosage for energy?


As we stated earlier, attempts to come up with the right dosage for energy have not been entirely successful. Although Kratom enthusiasts have their ways of handling Kratom dosage, some factors make it even harder for anyone to find a one-fits-all dosage for energy. Some of the factors that affect Kratom dosage include the following.


  • Physiological differences 

Humans are physiologically different and hence react differently to the same substances. For instance, while only a small dose may be enough to elicit a surge of energy for your friend, you may require more or less of the same for the same effect making it hard to find the right dosage for everyone


  • Different Kratom strains

 Different Kratom strains are believed to have varying levels of alkaloids. As such, they are said to offer varying levels of an energy boost when a specific dosage is involved. Some Kratom websites have even come up with strains believed to be the best for an energy boost


  • Forms of Kratom available 

 The different forms of Kratom available including powder, capsules, and extracts also have varying potency levels and hence their capacity for energy stimulation also differs


  • Packaged Kratom 

Different suppliers pack Kratom in differing quantities. For instance, seemingly equal packaging may contain varying amounts of Kratom powder. Capsules occur in different sizes depending on the vendor. Most people prefer buying a precision scale to be able to accurately determine the Kratom dosage


Although finding out what is the right Kratom dosage for all is difficult, the Kratom community has been wise enough to come with estimates. These estimates are not to be regarded as actual guidelines as they have been gathered from the experiences of Kratom enthusiasts and online reviews on Kratom.


Red-veined Kratom strains are said to be the most potent strains hence believed to be highly energizing. According to seasoned Kratom experts, energy boost begins from around 2g to 6g of red-veined Kratom powder. However, beginners are advised to be extra careful when handling the red strains as it could cause adverse reactions even within this range.


White vein Kratom strains are moderately potent. According to most people, the whites provide a balanced energy boost although may take longer to take effect as compared to the reds. For this strain, the suggested dosage for energy believed to work for most people lies between 3g to 7g. Depending on your level of experience with Kratom, anything between these estimates is believed to be optimum for boosting energy.


Green veins are said to be the best energy boosters due to the long duration the effect lasts. Furthermore, it’s believed to be associated with minimal risks. The only difference is that you would need a slightly higher dosage than both red and white Kratom strains. Popular opinion from those accustomed to the green strains suggests that 4g to 9g of powder have excellent results.


If you are doing it for the first time however, you may find it difficult to enjoy the benefits Kratom is said to possess. Nevertheless, it’s unanimously agreed among the Kratom community that beginners should first find their favorite dosage before trying out the above estimates. The general idea here is that you start slow by weighing only 1g or 2g for the start. You should give yourself half an hour to see if that’s right. Should you feel like doing some more, you could add another 1g or 2g and wait for another 30 minutes. You should follow those steps until you come up with a dose that suits you.


The best Kratom strains for energy


As much as Kratom is believed to increase energy, Kratom reviews suggest that not all strains are suitable for this effect. And this is understandable given that different strains are believed to have varying levels of potency. Nevertheless, the Kratom community has been able to discover certain strains believed to offer a wholesome energy boost. Here are five of the best Kratom strains for energy.


1. Red Thai Kratom


This strain originated from Thailand and is believed to have the highest content of Mitragynine. Thai Kratom is believed to offer a considerable energy boost that manifests faster than any other strain. According to Kratom enthusiasts, only a small dosage is enough to do the magic. However, according to many people, caution should be exercised when handling highly potent strains such as the red Thai.


2. Red Borneo


Believed to be the most soothing and relaxing red strain, red Borneo has an excellent alkaloid profile. It’s thought that this strain is unique in the way the effect is felt. It’s said to be gradually stimulating thereby increasing energy slowly by slowly. Furthermore, this strain is said to balance energy boost with mood and alertness hence believed to be an excellent choice in the Kratom family.


3. White Malay


Malaysian Kratom is said to be unique in many ways. For instance, online reviews suggest that this is the most popular white veined strain in the market today. According to seasoned Kratom fans, anyone seeking an energy boost from the whites cannot underrate the white Malay. Furthermore, it’s said to have a comparatively pleasant taste. This strain is said to offer long-lasting energy stimulation with minimal side effects.


4. Green Maeng Da


The green Maeng Da is arguably one of the strongest strains available today. This strain is believed to have been obtained from selective grafting of the best strains to achieve improved potency. For this reason, the strain has an excellent alkaloid profile. Online reviews and reports from Kratom experts show that this strain increases energy and the effect lasts longest. Although dosage is slightly higher than the reds, the strain is believed to be one of the best energy boosters.


5. Green Hulu Kapuas


The Hulu forests of Borneo Island are known to have fertile soil and a favorable climate for Kratom growth. Today, this strain has gained unmatched popularity mainly due to its influence on energy. According to those accustomed to green Hulu on platforms such as Reddit and other online platforms, red Hulu could help you remain active throughout the day. Its energy-boosting power is said to be slow but sure. Like other best strains, the effect of this strain lasts more than 6hours.


6. Red Maeng Da Kratom 


Red Maeng Da can provide you with a huge energy boost. It is a moderate blend that contains several of the major Kratom alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids help increase energy levels by improving hormone levels and metabolic processes. Red Maeng Da provides an instant energy boost without causing severe side effects. This strain offers robust and focused energy that can help you complete your daily activities faster and efficiently. Red Maeng Da Kratom also increases energy and concentration, especially when you are feeling anxious, frustrated, or restless.




7. Super Green Malay Kratom

green malayThis strain is popular, and it contains high amounts of Mitragynine. It is among the most energizing Kratom strains, and it can keep you focused all day long. The effects of Super Green Malay Kratom can last up to 6 hours.

 The following table shows the most popular Kratom strains for energy and their estimated dosages. Since body weight is believed to have a significant influence on kratom dosage, the different body weights have been provided against the estimated dosage for energy.



Body Weight



Kratom strain












Red Thai



1.0g - 2.0g









Red Borneo



1.5g - 2.5g








White Malay











Green Maeng Da











Green Hulu Kapuas













Vendors may present the weight of Kratom either in terms of grams or ounces. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to understand the differences between the two making it even harder to determine the Kratom dosage. However, the following conversions will help you handle dosages without much struggle. 1g of Kratom powder is approximately 0.035 ounces; 50g is equivalent to 1.75 ounces, while 100g weighs 3.5 ounces.


How to handle Kratom dosage for an energy boost


Having understood the right Kratom dosage for energy that can be best for you, let us now examine the different ways you can ingest the products. Generally, the different forms of Kratom dictate the method of ingestion. Different Kratom fans employ the following means of dosing Kratom. it is entirely up to you to decide which one is best for you.


The toss and wash method – This method is believed to be the earliest means of handling Kratom. It’s believed to be the standard method of ingesting Kratom powder. Kratom fans place the powder into their mouths and then sip a mouthful of water. The mixture is swirled before swallowing and is said to work very fast.


Alternatively, some people opt to mix Kratom powder with foods and drinks. For instance, mixing with beverages such as yogurts and smoothies is said to be an excellent way to mask the bitter taste. You can even prepare Kratom teas using powder, a great way to start your day as most followers believe.


Capsules offer a convenient way of handling Kratom dosage for boosting energy. They are easy to carry around and have predetermined weights making it easier to know how many would be fit. These are easily washed down with a glass of water but they are said to be less effective than powder.


Is Kratom safe for boosting energy? Are there side effects?


In recent years, there have been concerns over the safety of Kratom. Fortunately, no research has proved that Kratom is entirely unsafe and that is why it’s still legal in most parts of the United States. According to experienced Kratom enthusiasts, Kratom could boost your energy without having to worry about the undesirable side effects. However, there have been reports that improper handling of Kratom dosage may result in adverse reactions. Some of the side effects that have been reported by Kratom lovers include the following.


  • Increased irritability


  • Vomiting


  • Profuse sweating


  • Dry mouth


  • Oversleeping


  • Nausea


Due to the lack of enough information regarding Kratom, it’s unanimously agreed that it could be risky for certain people to enjoy the benefits of Kratom. Such people include pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, and Kratom allergic individuals. Additionally, alcoholics are said to be at a higher risk of developing complications therefore mixing Kratom with it may not be a safe choice to make.


Does the law allow Kratom for energy?


The legal environment surrounding Kratom keeps on changing from time to time. And although the federal government may have nothing against this unique plant, the legal status of Kratom remains at the mercy of state governments. Fortunately, owing to a strong Kratom community and a lack of sufficient evidence to prove Kratom as a harmful substance, this herb remains legal in most parts of the US. However, a few states have either banned the products or have partially regulated their use. For instance, in some states, Kratom is only regulated based on age such that if you are below the specified age, handling Kratom for boosting energy would constitute a crime. In other regions, Kratom is not allowed for any human use.


It’s important to find out the legal status of Kratom in your area if you wish to enjoy the purported energizing effect of this herb. If the law allows, then nothing else could prevent you from buying your batch. Nevertheless, remember to be careful with Kratom dosage if you wish to experience the best from this herbal supplement.


Bottom line


Kratom has become quite influential in the lives of millions of people across the world. Due to its several purported effects, this tropical evergreen tree from the coffee family has become a product of choice, especially in the US. One such effect believed to have attracted a multitude of fans is an increase in energy. Kratom fans confess openly over the social media that this herb has the potential to energize. However, the right dosage has remained hard to formulate owing to several reasons. People have to rely on estimates as more research is needed to understand the plant better. The above guidelines are only suggestions believed to work for most people in the Kratom world.

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