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Looking For The #1 Best Kratom For Sale?

Kratom is relatively new to Western culture but has been used medicinally and recreationally for many centuries. The plant (scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa) grows wild throughout tropical South East Asia which is why you’ll find strains differentiated by their country of origin. Kratom is widely used throughout agricultural communities for its energy-boosting properties, especially during hectic harvest time. It is also highly regarded for its numerous health-boosting properties, with applications ranging from the treatment of diarrhea and respiratory illnesses through to depression and chronic pain. Finding good kratom for sale may be easy in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia but exported products can seriously vary in quality. If you are looking for the best kratom on the market then congratulations – you’re in the right place!

Kratom has had a difficult relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and has subsequently been banned for use or sale in some parts of the world. Prohibition serves only to take this powerful, effective, and entirely natural substance away from those who could need it most. Although scientific understanding of the plant’s properties is still somewhat patchy, what is known is that it contains crucial alkaloids – including mitragynine – which activate opioid receptors within the body. This makes the plant a fantastic and natural (that word again!) form of pain control that is often considered to be stronger than morphine. Many people sourcing high-quality kratom for sale are looking to ease psychological issues and/or find relief from opioid-related withdrawal. Nothing beats kratom for addressing these problems – and many more.

Why Choosing Your Kratom Strains Is Important

Perhaps the best tip when looking for high-grade kratom for sale is to work with vendors who offer each of the four major strains. Avoid any products that are simply labeled as ‘kratom’ as these are likely poor quality compounds that may not include much actual plant whatsoever! Look instead for companies that offer each of these key strains and spend plenty of time discussing what makes each significantly different. One of the easiest ways to understand kratom is that each strain has health-boosting properties but also one or more ‘superpowers’ that lend themselves better towards specific qualities. Some are known to primarily boost energy and concentration while others are more relaxing and mellow. Quality counts here as you’ll find purer strains are always going to deliver much more emphatic and satisfying results.

Choosing the right strain can be tricky at first and it is certainly helpful to keep an open mind here. Anecdotally speaking, many people use different strains during the day to take advantage of those ‘special abilities’ at the most useful times. Others – especially those looking for opioid relief – find one specific strain that works consistently and allows for easy and systematic redosing. Variations in our body chemistry mean that what works for one person may not be the perfect solution for someone else – so it is important to understand that a degree of experimentation is to be expected when identifying the most suitable strain. Needless to say this becomes much easier when you know that the company you are dealing with has exclusive access to some of the finest examples of each of these strains in their inventories!

Understanding The Four Essential Kratom Strains

Let’s now take a look at the four most important kratom strains and highlight some of the ways that they differ. Some of the following information may surprise you – especially when it comes to dosage and provenience – so keep an open mind and consider which sounds like it could be most suitable for your requirements.

Maeng da Kratom

This is perhaps the best-known strain and was one of the trailblazers in contributing to kratom’s popularity in western countries. Originating primarily from Thailand and Indonesia, good examples of this strain contain more of those essential alkaloids than any other. That simple fact makes Maeng da kratom especially popular with people looking for pain relief and a more physically sedating effect. It is especially popular among those suffering from chronic conditions, insomnia, anxiety and opioid withdrawal. One little known fact about Maeng da kratom is that it is one of the few strains that are specifically grown (and genetically modified) to ensure that it is jammed full of alkaloids. It isn’t necessarily an issue for most people – after all, we genetically modify the crops we eat on a daily basis – but it is still worth knowing.

Maeng da comes in three different colors and the differences between these can be quite significant. It is usually a good sign when your vendor offers each of these different forms of Maeng da kratom for sale as it demonstrates that they understand and appreciate the difference. Not everyone wants or needs the ‘full power’ product! Red varieties are the strongest and fastest acting, whereas green and white tend to have a more gentle and subtle uptake. Use Maeng da kratom for:

* Fast-acting pain relief

* Improving mood

* Boosting focus and mental agility

* Greater energy

* Enhancing sexual experiences

Bali Kratom

This strain – as you may have guessed – originates from Bali and is probably the most widely available form of kratom on the market. Thanks to the plants enjoying an exceptional growth rate it is easy to cultivate and harvest – meaning it is almost certainly the base ingredient in any mass-market kratom supplement. Quite a number of experienced users look down on Bali kratom because a good proportion of the products it is used in are made from poor quality plants that have been inexpertly mixed. On the flip side – if you find a good form of Bali kratom for sale, it can deliver absolutely fantastic effects for treating a broad spectrum of issues. You’ll be able to spot Bali kratom quite easily as the ground compound is much darker than other strains and can quite often look like soil!

Good Bali kratom is a fantastic multi-dimensional product that many people take for its general mood-enhancing and pain-relieving qualities. Most people who have taken kratom long-term like to enjoy two or three cups of Bali tea every day to enjoy the following benefits:

* Improves relaxation

* Stress relief

* Addresses modest pain

* Gentle sedative properties

* Excellent for the withdrawal process.

Borneo Kratom

Just like Maeng da, this strain comes in the same three colors with the red being considered the strongest and most emphatic. Although a number of the effects are quite similar plenty of people feel that Borneo kratom provides a more complete kratom experience that lends itself towards more general proactive use. Red Borneo kratom is especially popular with people who are looking to boost their energy levels and reduce general fatigue – the perfect tonic to take before a big night out! Be aware that this strain does grow exclusively in Borneo and is not as widely cultivated as others. There are plenty of less scrupulous places that’ll advertize a strain as originating from Borneo when it is actually something entirely different. Once you have found a good source with genuine red Borneo kratom for sale then you’ll notice the difference right away.

The most significant properties for Borneo kratom would include the following (add about an extra 25% for the red strains):

* Substantially decreases stress & depression

* General pain relief (especially localized issues)

* Reduces hypertension

* Emphatic energy boost

* Limits fatigue

Indonesian Kratom

Sometimes known as ‘Indo’ kratom, these strains deliver a solid combination of beneficial properties that lend themselves well to general routine use. It is known to help people with low energy (including motivational issues), depression, and a lack of confidence while also providing a gentler ‘helping hand’ for those with anxiety-related ailments. It does not provide anything like as much ‘jitteriness’ as can be experienced using more overly potent strains. But do not underestimate the benefits that this more subtle and easy-going form can provide – it is very popular for plenty of good reasons!

Indonesia is a very large country and you’ll likely discover that it produces a large amount of kratom! Once again, these come in red, white and green strains that can have somewhat more pronounced differences between them. Red is usually the most pronounced and fast-acting, white and green can be more suitable for lower dosage over a broader timeframe. Quality and provenance always matter when it comes to choosing your kratom but arguably most of all when selecting an Indonesian strain. Expect to experience the following effects with additional magnitude for red varieties:

* Reduces lower/moderate pains

* Stimulates positive mood and mindset

* Decreases stress and anxiety

* Naturally improves the ability to relax

* Euphoria (in larger doses, especially red varieties)

You’ll discover plenty of other lesser-known strains of kratom exist and some of these can be especially useful for dealing with specific issues. That being said, a proportion of these will differ very little from those discussed here. If you are new to kratom and are looking to experiment with strains, then these four are a good place to start. Remember that choosing the right kratom isn’t quite as simple as a typical ‘problem = solution’. For instance, if you are suffering from low energy then the solution could be looking for a strain that promotes better sleep and relaxation rather than one better known for its stimulating properties. The best places with kratom for sale will discuss the effects at length and provide examples of how people have used their products effectively.

What Kratom Strain Is Best For Different Health Needs?

Kratom can help with all kinds of health problems and it is important to experiment when finding which strain provides the best solution. As mentioned already, it is not an exact science, but there are proven examples and indications of which strains tend to work best for specific complaints. Here are some common examples that should help put you along the right path and demonstrate why a good proportion of people use different strains in their daily routines.

Kratom & Pain Relief

If you are looking for kratom to help with both localized or general pain then it pays to research strains with the highest concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids. These are proven to affect the body’s pain receptors, stimulate beneficial endorphins, and provide an emotional lift – all of which are crucial for substantially alleviating pain.

The pain-relieving effects of kratom are among the best understood and there is demonstrable scientific and anecdotal evidence showing it can be used for a vast array of issues.

Borneo kratom has the highest concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine while some Malay strains have the most mitragynine. A combination of these two varieties is a dependable first step if you are looking to use kratom to successfully treat pain.

Depression & Anxiety

Although it is trickier to measure, there are literally millions of people who have found natural kratom one of the best tonics for anxiety and depressive disorders. You’ll find people who recommend all strains for these qualities – the positive effect it has on moods and stabilization is one of the most concurrent – but there are some that are especially worth considering for these issues.

White Thai kratom has been traditionally used by agricultural workers putting in hour after hour of hard manual labor in their fields. They take it not only because of the energy-boosting properties evident within this strain but also because it helps to manage emotions and reduce stress levels. Packed with stimulating alkaloids and mitragynine this is certainly a good place to begin if you’re trying kratom for help with psychological or emotional issues.

Maeng da is also a solid option as a ‘jack of all trades’ although we’d suggest starting with a green or white variety that isn’t quite so intense. Borneo red is also packed full of positive alkalines and has a reputation for being one of the least complicated forms with fewer/lower exposure to side effects. It is especially popular for treating anxiety for this very reason.

Focus & Concentration

If you are looking for a kratom strain to help with mental agility and concentration then you’re going to have plenty of choices! Remember that ‘euphoric’ and ‘stimulating’ strains aren’t always the best for overall cognition and memory, so take a look towards those that work a little more subtly for the most part. If you need a significant short term energy boost then take a look at white vein Borneo.

Maeng da is highly regarded as a study-aid with white strains generally considered to be the best. Red varieties are more intense, but as mentioned not necessarily ideal if you are facing stress-inducing deadlines. Many students actually find that more relaxing Thai strains work better as a long term study aid because they help with relaxation during downtime. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep if you’re cramming before a major exam.

These three examples demonstrate that kratom has a wide assortment of health, energy, and concentration boosting properties. This amazing plant also has a host of secondary benefits that are lesser-discussed but just as useful. Did you know that kratom helps as a natural anti-inflammatory, boosts the digestive tract, can be great for the immune system, and is highly prized for also boosting libido? They’re just a handful of ways that kratom has helped countless people across the planet!

Why Kratom Dosage Is Important & How Tolerance Works

When you first start taking kratom it is important to get two things right. First of all – source the best kratom for sale and make sure that the product is exactly what it claims to be. Quality does make a significant difference so look for the freshest and most organic that you can afford. Decide whether you plan on taking your kratom as a tea, “toss & wash”, or in capsule form. Tea is generally regarded as the best for binding with the body, however, capsules are more convenient for measuring your dose.

The second part is getting your dose right. There is no exact science here and it is important to accept that people’s body chemistry, natural tolerance, age, weight, and general health all affect how much you’ll need to take as a standard dose. Very generally speaking a 4g dose is a good starting point (anything over 6g is considered strong). Take it down and leave it an hour or so to see whether you notice any difference. Remember that it can take much longer to take hold in the body and a good proportion of people may not notice substantial differences for a few days or so.

Stick with that dose for a couple of days before increasing up to five or six grams. You can choose to split that over the day but most people choose to dose just once in the morning for practical reasons. Chances are that you’ll notice some effects (even if they’re not what you expected) quite quickly, most usually a warming sensation accompanied by a sense of calm mellowness. If you get that sensation then your dose is working and further positives should come quite soon after.

If you regularly use kratom you’ll slowly notice that you need to start taking more to continue enjoying the same overt benefits. When your body hits tolerance – and it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months before it becomes clear – you should consider either slightly increasing your dose, or dropping down for a short while before moving back up. It doesn’t take long for tolerance to disappear (perhaps just a couple of days) and then you can begin enjoying the benefits again. Most people would advise sticking to a stable dose with occasional days of taking far less to mitigate against that tolerance.

Providing you manage your tolerance levels responsibly you shouldn’t experience much of the worse withdrawal effects. Plenty of people take kratom carefully for years on end without needing to go through the physical withdrawal very much whatsoever.

Potential Side Effects

Most people are worried about kratom withdrawal and the reality is that it is not a serious issue providing you dose routinely and responsibly. Physical withdrawal is uncomfortable (which is why most people taper down slowly) and symptoms can include sickness, lethargy, sleep issues, constipation, and weight loss. It is not much worse than a bad hangover and usually passes after just a few days at most. Once your tolerance is reset you can begin enjoying your kratom again – just perhaps be a little more conservative on your dosage routine!

Other side effects are not certain and once again will vary between different people. Sexual stamina and a greater sense of libido may sound fantastic but can occasionally make it difficult to reach orgasm. Perhaps most significantly, kratom does not interact well with some other substances. While some people love taking marijuana with kratom, most people find the depressive effects of alcohol knock their kratom out of sync. Kratom should be taken as an alternative to Adderall although it is possible to alternate between the two if you are very organized and know your exact dosages.

The vast majority of people who manage their tolerance and exposure carefully will barely need to experience any significant side effects. Be careful if you notice any influence upon your driving skills (this is usually most noticeable early on) and drawback your intake if you feel any problems with balance or cognition. It is essentially impossible to overdose on kratom, and while there are scare-stories in the press these tragedies are all caused when people have taken a lethal dose or combination of toxic prohibited substances.

Why Kratom Is Better Than Nootropics

Kratom has been taken as a nootropic for centuries! When it comes to effectiveness there is no doubting its quality whatsoever – and even better, it is a natural and organic substance too. When taken appropriately it reduces fatigue (especially the dreaded ‘brain fog’), stimulates critical thought, enhances productivity, motivates, and reduces stress and anxiety. Small doses (perhaps a couple of grams four or five times a week) allow people to successfully use kratom as a study aid for months on end with barely any exposure to any side effects or withdrawal processes. As an all-in-one solution, it is a cleaner and far more natural alternative to pharmaceutical nootropics that are often thrown together without much understanding of what they do or the consequences involved.

If you already take nootropics then you should consider trying kratom as an alternative instead of as an addition to your stack. Kratom is amazing when used smartly and doesn’t need to be combined with anything else to deliver some incredible results. We’d advise anyone to look at kratom as a unique health and study aid. You simply won’t need or want to use anything else.

Remember to source the best possible kratom and be openminded when considering what effects are going to best help you meet your goals. There’s plenty of places offering great kratom for sale but only some offer the genuinely real deal.

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