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Kratom in Denver And Why It’s Not Allowed For Human Consumption

For the last few years, the topic of Kratom has become one of the most debated and controversial issues around the world. In the US, for instance, the government has not been able to clear the air as regards the presence and popularity of this unique commodity. The perception of Kratom varies from one state to the other, as are the laws and regulations set to control it. While Kratom continues to influence people's lives in several states, a few of them have placed strict rules to control its spread. Various organizations and lobby groups have been on the forefront to fight against the unreasonable cessation of Kratom business in the United States. This article seeks to clarify the current situation of Kratom in Denver and whether it’s legal or not. However, since Denver is in the state of Colorado, we will begin by looking at the legality of Kratom in Colorado.


Is Kratom legal in Colorado?


Since the FDA and DEA began their efforts to ban Kratom in the US, different states have taken the issue differently. Generally, Kratom is legal in Colorado, although some cities and municipalities have placed bans or regulations detailing the handling of the Southeast Asian herb. The lack of credibility for scheduling Kratom in the same group as heroin and cocaine has created a lack of trust in the allegations that Kratom is a substance of concern. The Food and Drug Administration warned citizens that Kratom could endanger their lives.


The nagging fact is that despite the determination of the federal government to ban Kratom, there exists no scientific evidence to show products obtained from this plant caused adverse effects as those listed under schedule one. The DEA also claimed that Kratom was posing a severe threat and needed to be banned. Based on the speculations from the FDA and DEA, some states have banned Kratom. However, several states have not bought the unreasonable idea of banning Kratom. The disagreement is evident in the state of Colorado, where despite the state ruling out the ban on Kratom, some cities have gone ahead to place prohibitions on Kratom.


Kratom in Denver and why it’s not allowed for human consumption


Denver is Colorado’s most populous municipality and nineteenth in the whole of the United States. Due to its strategic location on the base of Rocky Mountains, this city is a major tourist destination. With such a large number of people and Kratom being legal in Colorado, you may be wondering whether it is legal in Denver or not. The answer is yes, and no at the same time. That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

 not for human consumption sign

Well, the truth is that Kratom is legal in Denver, but as long as it is not for human consumption. That means that the sale of Kratom is only restricted for non-human consumption uses. How did the municipality of Denver come up with such a regulation? Following a public health advisory issued by the FDA alleging that Kratom was a concern for public safety, the Denver Health and Environmental Department banned any Kratom sales and handling meant for human consumption. The DEA earlier on warned that Kratom posed a threat to the nation as it caused deaths, but forensic analysis of the victims stated that they had been under the influence of other illegal drugs.


Neither the FDA nor the DEA proved that Kratom on its own had caused any death across the country. Due to public outcry and petitions filed to the government, the Denver administration failed to ban Kratom entirely and chose instead to illegalize any human consumption. Anyone involved in Kratom business within Denver must indicate on the label that the product is not intended for human use. Additionally, they must also include the risks associated with Kratom.


In a nutshell, what the Denver administration is trying to do is to liken Mitragyna speciosa with scientifically proven dangerous drugs such as opioids. Today, millions of citizens have publicly declared that Kratom has changed their lives in ways drugs such as prescription opioids rampant in the US, have failed. It beats the logic of democracy that such regulations are based on propaganda. Why would the government so badly want to illegalize a substance that people claim benefits even without the slightest scientific inquiry? Well, sometimes they say that power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. The American constitution should guide the decisions made regarding Kratom rather than depending on the view of a few individuals capable of pulling strings with total disregard for the tenets of democracy.


What the people say


Following the attempts by the federal government to illegalize Kratom, the libertarian party strongly opposed the move. They demanded the lifting of the ban until the FDA or the DEA could substantiate the claims against Kratom. Unfortunately, the report only made matters worse. Denver couldn't place a complete ban due to pressure from the scientific community, lobby groups, as well as Kratom enthusiasts and free minds. Kratom is still available in Denver, though labeled as not fit for human consumption.

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The citizens of goodwill questioned the integrity of such a regulation, and many saw it as a calculated move to protect the interests of pharmaceutical organizations, especially those dealing with prescription opioids. Mind you, and a large proportion of American citizens rely on pharmaceutical drugs for one reason or another so you can imagine what would happen if something else threatened to take the place of their products. Whatever the case, Kratom is available in Denver though the DEA is always on the lookout for offenders.


Buying Kratom in Denver


Although Kratom is illegal for human consumption, it doesn’t mean that it is not available in Denver and you can buy it easily and quickly through online suppliers. This way, you will not face problems with the law. Furthermore, most online suppliers are conversant with the regulations regarding Kratom in Denver and do everything to ensure they meet all the legal requirements for shipping it into the populous municipality of Denver. As a rule of thumb, remember that forewarned is forearmed; be safe, and buy your Kratom if you live in Denver, keeping in mind that no human consumption is allowed.


Bottom line


Kratom Denver remains a topic of discussion as the FDA and the DEA seek to rule out a verdict. However, one may wonder why the government would be so swift when dealing with a substance that many have claimed has beneficial effects. The current legal situation of Kratom in the US, particularly in Denver, leaves many questions unanswered. The fact that only six states have banned Kratom while it remains freely accessible in the remaining forty-four demonstrates how the issues may be surrounded by political motives rather than reasons. The people of Denver can buy Kratom, yes, but unlike their counterparts in other parts of Colorado, the door for Kratom has been closed on them. To quell their genuine desire to have Kratom legalized, the government officials decided to give the citizens of Denver partial rights as far as Kratom is concerned. Sell but don’t consume is the legal status of Kratom in Denver.




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