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Is Kratom Legal in Georgia? – Find Out Now

Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia. It’s leaves, which have medicinal properties, have been used since the nineteenth century for recreational and medicinal purposes. Examples include elevate mood or enhance physical endurance. People also take Kratom to ease anxiety, suppress depression, improve sexual performance and make the symptoms of opiate withdrawal milder. If you live in Georgia, you may want to know if it legal to take it in this state. It is legal to take Kratom in Georgia and the Kratom Consumer Protection Act regulates its consumption.


What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?


This is a piece of legislation that ensures the buying and storage of Kratom remains legal. The act also bans the sale of altered products, which could be harmful to consumers.

kratom consumer protection act 

The act defines what Kratom is and requires its creators, vendors and sellers to label the products so that the buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. The act also prohibits the sale of certain Kratom products and creates specified penalties for the violation of the set rules.


This law is designed to ensure that the consumers of Kratom don’t run the risk of buying dangerous products that may cause harm to the body. Take for instance the cases of salmonella poisoning linked to Kratom. This illness began on dates that ranged from October 13 2017 to January 30 2018. Several companies recalled their products due to this.


Some companies overlook the health of their customers by cutting corners to maximize profit. This act aims to put an end to that. By itself, Kratom is a safe plant extract. Kratom Consumer Protection Act aims to keep it that way.


It is important to note that although we advocate for the national enactment of the act, states do so and the laws may differ from state to state. Under this act, Kratom is available for individuals over eighteen and Kratom products should have a label stating details like the ingredients, disclaimers and alkaloid content.


Kratom consumption


Due to its properties, it is fast becoming an herb of choice. One reasons for this is that Kratom imitates the properties of opium, without inducing any of opium’s harmful and addictive effects. You can take Kratom in the form of capsules or powder. Some users also chew its leaves.


The history of legalizing Kratom in the state


A tumultuous battle has ensued between government agencies such as the Drug Enforcement agency, and the Food and Drug Administration, both of which have attempted to illegalize Kratom. The FDA and DEA have long claimed that the botanical substance is harmful and that it has resulted in deaths, claims that are highly disputed. Blind to its medicinal importance, these agencies have tried to ban Kratom.

vibrant kratom powder

Since 2013, individuals have signed a petition for the legal usage of the herb by the hundred thousand. Hundreds of others took to the streets to protest. Many letters and phone calls were made to legislatures to persuade them to vote for the same cause.


These pleas fell onto deaf ears during the Obama administration. Fear mongering by both the FDA and the DEA has led to several state across the state to consider Kratom illegal. Yet, with the election of a new president and the installation of a new administration heads at the DEA and the FDA, the legalization of Kratom at the national level has seen a light at the end of the tunnel.


In 2017, a medical examiner in Georgia issued a statement that Kratom had caused eleven deaths in the state. A few days earlier, the FDA had also issued a warning about the consumption of Kratom. The autopsy results of the eleven deaths showed that nine of the deceased had other substances in their blood. Yet, there is no data on the other two victims who only had Kratom in their bloods. Due to such inconclusive date, it is not accurate to state that the deaths occurred because of Kratom.


Many other states have not only legalized Kratom, they have also created regulatory bodies to ensure that the Kratom products sold across the state are suitable consumption. States like Utah and Oregon have instituted laws to support the usage of Kratom for individuals above the age of eighteen.


Legalization of Kratom in Georgia


In the days leading to May, 2019, a monumental even took place at The Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia state governor put pen to paper and signed into an endorsement for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This was after the senators of the Georgia state, a month earlier, voted and passed it 50-0. This was after they followed suit a similar legislation in the state of Utah, the first state to pass it. Arizona and Oregon have both followed the precedent set and passed laws akin to Georgia’s.


Thus, in specific states such as the one listed above, it is safe to purchase, consume and possess Kratom provided that you are above the age of 18.


When moving from one state to another, it is advisable to research and find whether the state you are going to or passing through has legalized Kratom.


Future of legality of Kratom in Georgia

 state of georgia flag

People who want Kratom to remain legal in Georgia can gear up and fight against the lawmakers who want to ban it. To fight back, Kratom users can do things such as writing to their senators and informing them that they will not vote for them if they ban Kratom. The people who make laws want to be elected and remain elected. Thus, they can take people who write to them seriously. If senators get many letters and phone calls about keeping Kratom legal, they are not likely to change the law.


Where to buy Kratom in Georgia


The people who live in Georgia, or anyone who wants to buy the drug and us it within the confines of the state boundaries, can buy it or any of its products at many sale points in the state. Vape shops and smoke shops are some of the places where you can buy Kratom. It is also available at gas filling stations and some herb stores.


The vendors are well versed and knowledgeable about the botanical substance. They sell Kratom products art different prices based on the quality and quantity of the products. When purchasing the botanical substance, check if the vendor is licensed and that the product is well labeled.




The sale, buying and consumption of Kratom is legal in Georgia as long it has the proper label and sold to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. It is critical to abide by all the rules when using Kratom to avoid getting into problems with the law.


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