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Kratom Pronunciation – How Do You Pronounce Kratom?

In recent years, the arrival of Kratom has rocked the world of online herbal supplement sales. The Southeast Asian herb has started dominating the market. From the anecdotal research, we have come across online, people are using Kratom supplements to reap many health benefits.

Kratom’s relatively recent arrival in Western nations means that a majority of people are uncertain about how to pronounce Kratom. Since it is a loan word brought in from the Thai language, the Kratom correct pronunciation is not apparent. Many people are worried about Kratom pronunciation so that they do not look like an idiot in front of others.

To avoid the potential embarrassment, we put together a guide on Kratom pronunciation and the other names used to refer to the herb. Read on to find out more.


Kratom definition

Kratom is an herbal remedy that grows in Southeast Asia. The Kratom plant is a tree whose scientific name is Mitragyna Speciosa. The tree is evergreen. It is part of the Rubiaceae family of plants, which most people know better as the coffee family. The Kratom tree is related to the coffee plant, and its effects have several points in common.

Thailand is one of the main areas where Kratom grows, and it is native to the region. The word Kratom is Thai in origin. Yet, the plant is cultivated across Southeast Asia. People cultivate it in nations like Indonesia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Since the Kratom tree grows in tropical areas, it does not tolerate frost and cold weather.

The leaves of Kratom are dark green and their surface is shiny. They grow up to 12 centimeters across and 20 centimeters in length. According to kratommasters.com, farmers and other outdoor workers have used the leaves for centuries to boost energy. People’s online reports suggest that Kratom can provide energy. They claim that the botanical substance can help keep a person engaging in physical activity for the rest of the day.


User's opinions on how to pronounce Kratom

The pronunciation of Kratom is controversial. Many individuals believe that it is embarrassing to get the Kratom pronunciation wrong. Thus, they search online to find the correct pronunciation.

kratom pronunciation

Many people on Reddit seek Kratom pronounce ideas. They say that they feel unsure if they are pronouncing the name of the product correctly. One Reddit user commented that he users the long “a” version, Kray-tome. He said he has heard others use a hard “a” pronunciation, Kra-tom.

Another Redditor commented that he believed K-rah-tom was the right English pronunciation. He believes that individuals who pronounce it as K-ray-tom have a deep southern American accent. Many contradicting views on how to pronounce Kratom exist.


How do you pronounce kratom?

There is a continuing debate on how to pronounce the word Kratom. Most people pronounce it as Kray-tom. They stretch the sound of the alphabet “a”. Others pronounce it as KRAH-tom. This is slightly different than the former Kratom pronunciation because it contains the “ah” sound. Although the “ah” sound does not exist in English, it exists in a majority of other languages.

The other way people pronounce Kratom is Ketum (Keh-tum or Key-tum) where the sound of the “r” alphabet is silent. People believe this is the native way to pronounce Kratom. Thai and Malaysian people pronounce Kratom in this manner.

Some people also pronounce Kratom as Kray-Tome, Kra-Tome, or Krah-Tome. Kra-Tome is regarded as English, Krah-Tome as the local way to pronounce it and Kray-Tome as the American way of pronouncing it.

In Thailand and Malaysia, local users usually pronounce Kratom as Ketum (Keh-tum or Key-tum), leaving the letter R silent. This is the local, traditional Kratom pronunciation. Yet, it is not intuitive to the average native English speaker who wants to know how to pronounce Kratom.

Besides, many words in the English vernacular are pronounced in different ways. Examples include status, data, either, and route. Although people pronounce these words differently, they do not impede their ability to converse effectively.

We cannot say that there is a right way to pronounce Kratom because different areas have different accents. Thus, people pronounce the same word in different ways. The truth is that there are many ways to pronounce the word. Nonetheless, Kratom vendors should use Key-tum as they do business with indigenous farmers.

Ultimately, how you pronounce Kratom does not matter much as long as the people around you can understand you clearly. Yet, most people argue that Kra-tum is the right way to pronounce the word. They say that all Kratom users should adopt this pronunciation.

The pronunciation of Kratom is controversial. Many individuals believe that it is embarrassing to get the Kratom pronunciation wrong. Thus, they search online to find the correct pronunciation. Innumerable names for various Kratom strains also exist.

Maeng Da is one of the well-known names of Kratom strains. People commonly mispronounce it. Some pronounce it as Mung Da, Mong Da or Meeng Day. These are the common mispronunciations of this strain. The correct Maeng Da pronunciation is Mang Duh.

Other names of Kratom

People use many other names to refer to Kratom. The scientific name of this herb is Mitragyna speciose. Sometimes, you may see the name M. speciose, which is the shortened version of its scientific name.

Mitragyna refers to mitragynine, which is Kratom’s main alkaloid. Speciosa on the other hand, means impressive, spectacular, or splendid. People in Southeast Asian nations also refer to this herb as biak-biak, ketum and kakuam.


Regardless of how you say it, Kratom is a buzz word on many people’s lips. Many people have the desire to know how to pronounce Kratom correctly. From the information above, you now know how to pronounce Kratom right.

Yet, a majority of Kratom enthusiasts emphasize that it is not necessary to correct the way others pronounce Kratom. They say that correcting people can cause unnecessary conflict. Unless one’s Kratom pronunciation s completely off, you do not need to correct it. If you find it necessary to correct someone’s pronunciation, do it in a respectful manner.

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