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Kratom Tolerance Guide

Kratom is said to be one of the most influential botanicals in the US. Today, millions of people confess that this tropical evergreen herb from Southeast Asia has helped them in one way or another. But far from all the good things Kratom is believed to offer, issues of Kratom tolerance have been on the rise in recent years. There have been complaints from thousands of people over social media about Kratom not working. Have you reached a point where you have to increase your Kratom dosage to experience the same effects you used to feel with a lower dosage? If so, chances are you have developed Kratom tolerance. Fortunately, you have just stumbled upon all that you need to understand about this phenomenon to help you smoothly enjoy your Kratom journey.


What is Kratom tolerance?


Kratom tolerance can be defined as a situation where the body becomes used to Kratom such that you are forced to increase your dosage for the same effects you experienced previously. Whether you are new to Kratom or you are a veteran fan, Kratom tolerance can affect you at some point along the way. The good thing is that there are several ways of dealing with it and you can ensure a sustainable Kratom lifestyle without ever getting worried.


Is Kratom not working anymore?


If you find your most suitable dosage of Kratom not working, then this could indicate the onset of Kratom tolerance. Unfortunately, if you increase the dosage to experience the same effects, you will still reach a point where you will have to increase the dosage again. You may be in desperate need of confidence and mood boost but adding even a little more Kratom beyond your usual dosage is believed to significantly influence Kratom tolerance. This can lead to serious tolerance issues but we will see how you can lower Kratom tolerance in a short while.


How much time does Kratom take in the body?

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It is difficult to determine how long Kratom could stay in your body mostly due to the scarcity of research on this botanical. However, research on the alkaloids in Kratom suggests that it would take the body roughly 7 to 24 hours to wash out Mitragynine. Therefore, if you normally find 3g two times a day excellent for your needs, chances are that the body will eliminate 3g of the Kratom in a day. However, what remains may not have significant effects on your tolerance build-up not unless you are handling way more than necessary. As more research on Kratom continues to be carried out, we may have more light on this topic in the future.


How quickly does Kratom tolerance build?

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Generally, there is no documented specific duration explaining when you can experience Kratom tolerance. This is because people respond differently to Kratom. Furthermore, everyone has their favorite strains and they all vary in potency and potential for tolerance. Kratom tolerance builds up gradually over time. The problem is that most people seem to take it easy whenever they feel like Kratom did not work. Most people just add some more without ever wondering why their body is becoming unresponsive to the previous dosage. How can you tell that Kratom tolerance is building up? Kratom tolerance builds up through the following stages;


  • The first stage is commonly referred to as the honeymoon stage. This occurs during the first few weeks of your Kratom journey. In this phase, you experience the benefits of Kratom pleasantly without any issues. Whether you have your regular dose or not, everything is just as normal. And even if you did more than you can handle, the body is still yet to get used to the new stuff and only some side effects may bother you. However, Kratom fans admit that it does not last long before the next stage kicks in.


  • The second stage is the best for most people as they have understood more about Kratom. At this stage, you will have found your soft spot and you even know the best strains out in the market. You have no issues with Kratom not working and only a small dose is enough to elicit the desired effects. However, after a couple of months depending on various factors such as preferred strain as well as the frequency of dosing, the third stage may or may not set in.


  • If at some point you realize that your usual dosage of Kratom is not enough for the same effects you felt before, then you are already in the third stage. This means that your body has become used to Kratom, therefore the need for more. Nevertheless, that does not mean the end of the road for your Kratom enjoyment. There are some things you can do to lower Kratom tolerance and get back to your heydays with Kratom.


How to lower Kratom tolerance

 Accordingly to a Reddit user:how to manage tolerance

If you have already developed Kratom tolerance, there are several ways you can lower it down to sustainable levels. Most of us are used to Kratom every other day but that does not mean that tolerance must build up. Kratom enthusiasts with knowledge on how to lower Kratom tolerance believe that you can enjoy the benefits of this unique herb while keeping tolerance at bay. Here are some ways of reducing Kratom tolerance that can help you get back to your normal dosage and experience the effects like you were used to in the past.


  • Ensure you obtain high-quality Kratom from reputable suppliers


If you are a Kratom fan or you are just about joining the community, it is important to understand that Kratom quality has a significant influence on tolerance. Due to the overwhelming demand for Kratom, there are more Kratom suppliers than you can imagine. Unfortunately, some vendors sell adulterated poor quality Kratom. Poor quality means you have to engage a higher dose to experience effects which increases your chances of becoming tolerant to Kratom. Buying pure Kratom powder or capsules is paramount to reducing or avoiding Kratom tolerance.


  • Switching strains Kratom schedule


Depending entirely on a single Kratom strain is believed to fuel the fire of tolerance. However, with strain rotation, it is said that you can enjoy the several purported benefits of Kratom every other day without worrying over tolerance. Nevertheless, if you are already experiencing the stagnant strain syndrome, switching strains of Kratom is believed to reduce tolerance levels.


The best way to rotate between strains is to have about five strains you consider best for you. This way, it is possible to ensure you don’t repeat the same strain every day. You should come up with a rotation schedule such that you don’t repeat the same strain after two days. However, as you stick your switching strains Kratom schedule, ensure you also stick to your suitable dosage. Mixing Kratom strains is also believed to lower Kratom tolerance levels substantially. For instance, you can have a blend of the three types of Kratom namely, the red, white, and green Kratom. However, do not rely on the same red, white, or green strain all the time but also try to engage the whole list of strains.


  • Mind your diet


According to research, what you eat could either increase or decrease the metabolic rate. Foods with a lot of fats and certain processed foods could have an impact on your tolerance. How fast the effects of Kratom may manifest is believed to be dependent to some extent on how fast your metabolism works. As such, you may find that you have to increase your Kratom dosage especially when your diet reduces the rate of metabolism. Avoid processed foods and those containing trans-fats when lowering Kratom tolerance.


  • Kratom extracts


Kratom extracts are said to be several times more potent than pure Kratom powder. As such, they have a high concentration of Mitragynine which is the chemical that induces tolerance. Those who are used to extracts from Kratom every other day have higher chances of developing tolerance than those who rely on powder. To avoid build-up of tolerance, ensure you avoid extracts. Alternatively, mixing extracts with Kratom powder is better than having a pure extract. Nevertheless, for long term sustainable Kratom lifestyle, never involve Kratom extracts daily but only when you want to achieve specific effects.


  • Regular exercise


One of the best ways you can detoxify the body is through regular exercise. If you are a Kratom fan, engaging in exercise regularly is believed to help your body get rid of excess Mitragynine. Furthermore, exercise helps improve your metabolism hence compounds in Kratom are metabolized faster. You don’t need to have a gym for exercise since there are several exercises you can do without the use of equipment such as jogging, walking and swimming.


  • Kratom tolerance break


Although this may be hard especially if the tolerance level is high, it is believed to be one of the best ways you can avoid Kratom tolerance. In this case, you stay for a few days preferably a week without handling Kratom products at all. The break allows your body to wash out all Kratom compounds in the system. If taking a break from Kratom is very hard, you can substitute Kratom with something like kava. Once your break is over, start again with a slightly lower dose than your average.


  • Kratom tolerance reset

If you have had to increase your dosage for the same effects you experienced before, a Kratom tolerance reset may reverse your tolerance. This is especially helpful after doing a Kratom break. If 3g of Kratom 4 times a day has been working for you, resetting the dosage to a lower dosage fewer times a day is believed to be excellent for Kratom tolerance reset. Since the body has been freed of the craving for more during the break, it is easier to reset your body and begin safely again.


  • Use of potentiators


Potentiators are used to increase the effectiveness of Kratom. Instead of increasing Kratom dosage, including potentiators in your Kratom may help achieve the desired results without having to increase the dosage. For instance, Kratom tolerance magnesium is one of the best potentiators you can use to reduce the build-up of tolerance.


The advantage of potentiators is that you don’t need much to enhance your Kratom. Apart from Kratom tolerance magnesium, you can also add lemon or vinegar.


  • Tapering Kratom dosage slowly


If you are looking forward to lowering Kratom tolerance levels, a slow Kratom taper is believed to produce excellent results. You should aim at reducing your Kratom dosage by 15%-20% each day until you hit a nice balance of effects. This process may be slow but is considered very effective in reducing Kratom tolerance.


  • Taper the Kratom dosage rapidly


You can also decide to lower your Kratom tolerance by rapidly reducing your Kratom dosage. However, you have to be ready for the unexpected as this method may result in withdrawal-like symptoms.


  • Space out your dosage


Spacing out your dosage is another way believed to offer promising results in lowering Kratom tolerance. This is done by increasing the time interval between dosing. That means that if you have been weighing out 6g every 5hours for instance, doing 6g every 12 hours could generously lower Kratom tolerance.


  • Enjoy a Kratom free night’s sleep


Kratom is believed to improve sleep. As such, many people find it excellent before going to bed. Well, as for such situations, you have to balance between achieving sleep with Kratom and skipping it during bedtime to lower Kratom tolerance. According to Kratom fans, one of the best ways to reduce Kratom tolerance is by avoiding it during the night. This is thought to give the body time to wash out. As such, tolerance levels are believed to go down considerably. If you have not become tolerant already, this could be an excellent way to avoid it altogether. Instead of Kratom, you may decide to be having a few cups of coffee before sleep.



Effect of Kratom dosage on tolerance


Do you think your Kratom dosage could have an influence on your tolerance levels? According to what most people believe, the dosage has a significant influence on the development of Kratom tolerance. For that reason, you should be careful with dosing to help keep tolerance at bay. However, some dosage for particular strains of Kratom has been said to offer minimal chances of developing tolerance. Most people believe that if you stick to these minimum dosages, you can enjoy the benefits of this tropical evergreen herb without worrying over tolerance issues.


The following table shows dosage estimates that most Kratom fans believe work perfectly for most people with the least likelihood of tolerance.



Estimated dosage believed to have least risk of tolerance (table of dosage)


Kratom type



Red veins



White veins



Green veins



Red, white and green vein blend



Minimum dosage















Dosing frequency



Twice a day



Twice a day



Twice a day



Twice a day


 *The chart above does not represent any claims being made about Kratom by Austin Vibes or https://www.austinvibes.com/, it’s owners, managers, employees or affiliates. The commentary in the chart is based on observable anecdote found online.



As you can see from the above table, the red vein has the least dosage as it is said to be more potent than the white and green-veined strains. However, although most people believe that these suggestions seem to work correctly, you should also incorporate other methods of reducing tolerance for the best results in the long run. The estimates indicate both the minimum and maximum levels, but you should rely on what works best for you. Doses beyond the maximum values are definitely believed to cause tolerance with time; therefore, you should avoid them. It would help if you only did more than these estimates when seeking to achieve specific effects such as pain relief and anxiety relief as these are not daily occurrences.


Bottom line


Kratom tolerance is a common thing among Kratom fans. However, it is important to lower Kratom tolerance and lead a sustainable Kratom lifestyle. You should always be on the lookout for the onset of this condition but most crucial, avoiding Kratom tolerance in the first place is easier than reducing it. Nevertheless, if you are already there, getting back to your good old days is still possible. As you have already seen in the above discussion, there are more than ten ways to help you lower Kratom tolerance. You deserve a better life with Kratom. Avoid tolerance but if it is already a bother, set out to offset it using the above generally accepted guidelines to lower it and find stability.

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