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Learn About Mixing Kratom With Foods and Drinks

Kratom has amazing benefits, but its taste isn’t very pleasant. Even after many years of taking the herb, most consumers do not get accustomed to Kratom’s taste. Many people take Mitragyna Speciosa with liquids, but this is not for everybody. If you take Kratom in small doses, you can safely mix it with food.


You should use the dosing method you are experienced with. You can use Kratom as an ingredient in any food you want. When you mix Kratom with different types of food, some of them can increase or decrease its effects. An ideal way of taking Kratom is by pairing it with fatty foods. According to many Kratom users, fatty foods work as a Kratom potentiator. This helps to increase its effectiveness while taking it at a low dosage.



Kratom is best taken in the early morning, as it has effects almost identical to those of coffee. Also, for relaxation, it comes in handy after a long day of work, or when you are done with your daily routine of productive work. It is always advisable that new users take it on a full stomach, to avoid its unwanted side effects like stomach discomforts. The experienced users have the freedom and ability to make their customizations depending on the level of comfort they want to experience their ability to avoid the unwanted side effects. On the other side, taking it after a meal may lead to the reduction of its effectiveness and alter the time it takes to feel its effect.


Due to its taste, make sure you don’t alter the intended size of the portion to be used, and the dose required, while at the same time taking into consideration the type of dish you are preparing. Thus, reducing the bitterness will be solely dependent on your cooking skills and how well developed your taste buds are. You can add salty flavors or sweeteners according to your preferences.


Its earthy flavor makes it incompatible with most contemporary dishes, but it can blend with other flavors to form even more complex and sweet flavors. You can also use it as a supplement to stuffed foods, which adds the complementary earthy flavor to vegetables, creating an ultimate delicacy. Some of the foods and drinks you can mix Kratom with include:


Baked foods


You can also add it to baked foods. Add Kratom to the flour while taking great care not to use too much, as it can overtake the flavor of the bread. A sweeter recipe for the bread is more commendable to create a more complex flavor.




Tea is also one of the ways to use Kratom as a food supplement, as people in Asia have done for generations because they have had access to Kratom for hundreds of years. This will include adding Kratom to the normal tea, to flavor it down. There are no definite rules as to what strain of red Kratom brews the best tea as personal taste and preference play a great role in shaping the perspectives, which leaves you to follow your experience.


Orange juice


You can also mix Mitragyna Speciosa with orange juice, which is sweet and thus helps counter the flavor. Orange juice uplifts the mood and can keep you fresh all day, enabling you to perform your daily activities easily. Orange juice and Kratom make a fine blend because of the citric acid in the juice. The alkaloids in Kratom perfectly blend with citric acid. Thus, the juice maintains Kratom’s effectiveness while masking its aroma and taste.

kratom and orange juice


Grapefruit juice


Grapefruits are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Their juice acts as a Kratom potentiator, which is a good thing. It can enable you to get the most out of your Kratom, and you can therefore consume lower doses. Generally, the Kratom and grapefruit mixture is low risk, but the risk can rise if you consume the combination regularly.




Honey is a natural sweetener and is greatly helpful in masking Kratom’s flavor. You can mix Kratom with honey to make pellets or honey balls, which can easily be molded and swallowed. Ideally, you should weigh your Kratom and honey ahead of time so that you can use the pre-made pellets to dose Kratom conveniently.


You need a container to mix the honey and Mitragyna Speciosa. Find a parchment paper and something that you can stir the ingredients around with. Begin by weighing Kratom, and since the recipe will take about one hour to complete, make sure you have adequate Kratom for a dozen or more doses.


Mix in honey gradually as you stir it together with your Kratom. The amount of honey you need depends on the Kratom strain you are using. Therefore, we do not recommend a particular amount of Kratom or honey for this recipe. Continue to add honey until you can easily mold the mixture into balls that can hold their shape. At this point, start t break off the chunks and roll them into pellets.


Place the Kratom pellet on parchment paper. Do not allow the pellets to dry off completely. Also, do not place them in containers where they will stack on top of each other since they can fuse together.


Peanut butter


You can mix Kratom and peanut butter in a similar manner to mixing it with honey. Peanut butter is cheaper to buy when compared to honey, and it is easier to mold. Therefore, you can have better results with it. You may also mold honey and peanut butter together to help in stretching out your honey supply or create a better-tasting product.




Yogurt comes in handy since it acts as a very good sweetener. It is easy to mix Kratom with yogurt. Many consumers claim that Greek yogurt is the best yogurt to mix Kratom with. This is a cultured or fermented dairy product, and its concentration makes it unique from regular yogurt. It is relatively strained and concentrated. Its water content is lower, and it, therefore, contains more milk. For that reason, it is more nutritious. When you mix Kratom with yogurt, its benefits become an extra treat. Anecdotal reports claim that the kratom and yogurt mixture is great for losing weight and increasing the activity of the antioxidants in the body that help in promoting the skin’s health.




You can mix Kratom and food for your regular meals or when preparing food for an occasion. Some users feel that food reduces their dose’s effectiveness, but others find that particular combinations, especially fatty foods, can enhance the herb's effectiveness.


uplifting energy

Some strains like white vein Kratom and green vein Kratom are uplifting and enhance your mood after the meal. They can also prevent post-meal sleepiness. On the other hand, red strains can help you relax, calm down and reduce anxiety. By cooking with Kratom, you can make tasty, potent dishes. Just be careful to consider your intended dosage, the flavor of your meals, and the serving size.

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