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Maeng Da Kratom Complete Guide (Effects, Interactions, Origin, Dosage)

More than 15 different types of Kratom strains exist (kratom strains effect chart), but Maeng Da Kratom is unique. This Kratom strain is growing in popularity as many people discover its properties. Users claim that it helps them deal with several issues like fatigue, pain, anxiety, and stress, among others. There has to be something behind the increased interest in Kratom Maeng Da. In this article, we look behind the scenes and find out more about the fascinating story of Maeng Da Kratom. You will learn about the origin of Maeng da Kratom, its multiple benefits, side effects, and dosage, among other things.

 What is the origin of Maeng Da Kratom?

For hundreds of years, people who live in South East Asia have enjoyed the benefits of Kratom use. The exotic and unique combination of different climates in this region gave rise to many conditions ideal for growing various Kratom strains. These conditions, coupled with soil conditions, have made these regions in South East Asia, the leading supplier of Kratom in the world. The increased use of Kratom in recent years has placed it in the spotlight as an herb that can offer several benefits.

The difference in difference in Kratom strains extends beyond leaf color and the country of origin. Depending on where a Kratom plant grows, it can cause unique effects. This is the reason why there are many strains are named after the region where they are grown. They include Thai Kratom, Borneo Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom. You may be wondering where Maeng Da Kratom fits in all this. Well, Maeng Da is the Thai word for “pimp grade,” which is a testament to its potency.

south east asia

In spite of its Thai name, the words do not refer to a particular location or specific type of Kratom strain. This is different from other strains that are named after an area of origin or specific strain. Maeng Da Kratom comes from a particular Kratom powder or a combination of the standard Kratom strains, meant to make it more powerful.

For instance, White Maeng Da powder is a blend of several white Kratom powder strains, and this combination results in a more potent product. Most Kratom vendors sell this unique strain. You must be eager to know how many types of the Maeng da Kratom there are and their origin.

  • Thailand Maeng Da Kratom

Thai Maeng Da Kratom costs more than all the other Kratom strains since it is rare to find from vendors, including online stores. It has the best leaves that are grafted to a different plant. After grafting, the leaves grow to a unique mature tree, different from the wild leaves.

  • Indonesian Maeng da Kratom

Indonesian Maeng da Kratom is derived naturally, just like all the other Kratom strains. However, it differs from the regular Kratom strains since it acts effectively a few minutes after consumption. The strain is a cross between super Green Mala powder and White Sumatra Kratom powder. Most Kratom users prefer this strain for its quality and unique taste. According to the statements of Kratom users, it boosts mood and stimulates the body.

  • Malaysian Maeng da Kratom

The Malaysian Maeng Da Kratom strain is natural, and users can get it in powder form. Unlike most Kratom strains, this strain has a sour taste is ambient green in color. Most Kratom users refer to it as white horned or mixed Maeng Da Kratom. People say that this type of Maeng Da Kratom has calming effects on the muscles and brain. However, it has a noticeable side effect, which is the urge to itch.

Maeng da Kratom can also be broken down further into the following sub-varieties:

White Vein Maeng Da

white maeng da

This is the strain that has bright white veins on the leaves. Thai locals refer to White vein Maeng Ds powder as the working men. According to them, White Maeng Da Effects include increasing energy, enabling users to work for more than twelve hours and still be in a great mood. This site says that people in Southeast Asia used it to increase work efficiency. The other effect that users have reported is that it helps them become more talkative. Therefore, White Vein Maeng Da is regarded as an alternative for alcohol.

Red Vein Maeng Da

red maeng daThis type of Kratom is potent, and its effects last longer. Its effects are recurrent, meaning that just when you feel they are about to fade, they will hit you again. The reviews we have come across state that Red vein Maeng Da Kratom in powder, tea, or capsules can help you remain focused and attentive on what you are doing. Most people have reported on various websites, including desert poppy naturals "that red vein Maeng Da has pain-relieving properties, which help manage chronic pain. After consuming it, you can feel energized to carry out different tasks."

Green Vein Maeng Da

green maeng da

This is one of the most useful types of Kratom. People with low self-esteem often prefer taking Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom because it leaves them feeling more confident. In the opinion of fightbookmma, "it can heighten your sense of well-being, boost mood and increase energy."

Which Maeng da Kratom should I select?

If you are not sure which Maeng Da Kratom you should choose, consider which benefits you seek. Based on your goals, it is easy to find a suitable Maeng Da Kratom type. For instance:

  • If you desire to stay motivated throughout the day, you can choose white vein Maeng Da Kratom because it excels at stimulating the body.

  • In the opinion of kratomscience, "Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom can come in handy if you want to relieve pain since it has a complete history of assisting users in combatting different types of pain, including chronic pain."

  • If your goal is to relieve anxiety and stress, most users claim that the Green Maeng Da Kratom is excellent at helping them relax and attain a worry-fee state.

Maeng Da Kratom Effects

Maeng Da Kratom has several effects, including:

kratom effects

Boosting energy 

According to Kratom users, Green Maeng Da Effects include an immense boost effect in energy after consuming a moderate amount.


It produces feelings of happiness and well-being. In the opinion of Kratom users, Maeng Da Kratom soothes the nervous system enabling your mind to focus and remain calm. With the calming effect, you can sleep peacefully, and be more productive the following day after resting well at night.

Enhancing mood 

Kratom users claim that it elevates mood, providing them with an excitable and happy disposition. This can motivate you and drive to carry out different tasks. It can also help you overcome pessimism.

May work as an anti-depressant 

According to Healthline, the active ingredient in Kratom called mitragynine binds to opiate receptors inside the brain to relieve pain. This action could be behind the anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects that some Kratom users report. Researchers claim that since it is a natural product, it can be a great alternative to anti-depressant medication, which may cause adverse side effects. Therefore, for those who feel fatigued or lazy regularly, experts claim that they can take Maeng Da Kratom to ease their nerves. Most users report that after taking the strain, their energy levels rise, and they become motivated to work. In addition, we have seen users suffering from depression mentioning in various Kratom forums, including Reddit that they experience a sense of well-being after consuming the product.


According to Kratom enthusiasts, Maeng Da Kratom has stimulating effects similar to those of coffee. Its alkaloid content is blended nicely to offer different stimulating effects based on the dosage taken. When taken in lower doses, Maeng Da provides a euphoric and calming sensation because it acts on the delta-opioid receptor. Higher doses, on the other hand, stimulate the mu-opioid receptors that provide a more sedating effect.


From the customer testimonials we came across on Reddit, many users of White Maeng Da Kratom have reported that they experience intense euphoric kratom effects when they consume the strain in higher doses.

Pain relief 

All Kratom strains have traditionally been reported to kill chronic pain. There is no such right maeng da kratom dosage for pain. However, experienced users say that Maeng Da Kratom is a unique strain due to its speed and efficiency in relieving pain. In the opinion of Kratom.com, "the product is a potent painkiller, including joint pain and the pain caused by arthritis and other chronic conditions."


Researchers claim that Maeng Da Kratom has energy-boosting properties, which boosts the consumer’s energy levels. Thus, users feel a strong desire to complete any task at hand.

Maeng Da Dosage

The right dosage depends on the potency of the Kratom strain one has chosen. The following is a dosage guideline.

  Premium Quality Kratom

  Very strong

  12 to 15 grams


  8 to 11 grams


  4 to 7 grams


  3 grams


  1-2 grams

  Ultra Potent Kratom

  Very strong

  8 to 12 grams


  6 to 10 grams


  3 to 7 grams


  2 to 4 grams


  1 to 3 grams

  Kratom Extract

  Very strong

  5 to 8 grams


  3 to 6 grams


  2 to 4 grams


  1 to 2 grams


  1 gram

The tables above does not represent any claims Austin Vibes is making about Kratom or its managers, owners, affiliates or employees. The commentary in it is derived from anecdotal research found online.


  • Very strong means that the sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects are too strong for most individuals.
  • Strong means that the sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects are too strong for highly sensitive individuals.
  • Moderate means that the effects can be sedative-euphoric-analgesic or stimulant-like.
  • Mild means that the effects are stimulant-like
  • Threshold means that although the results are apparent, they are also subtle.

The above dosage approximations are loose approximations and FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No particular dosage level suits everyone. The dosage of Maeng Da Kratom is specific to the individual taking it. Some factors that come into play into determining the right dosage for you include your weight, tolerance levels, age, and the medicines you may be taking. Since Maeng Da Kratom is potent, small doses can have dramatic effects.

The quality of the product also influences the dosage. Some Kratom vendors cut the product with other herbs interfering with its quality. All Kratom strains use the same dosage framework. If you are a new user, it is essential to start with a low dose of 2-3 grams if the product is of high-quality.

You should always begin with a low dose as you experiment with a new batch of Mitragyna speciosa. You can then increase the dosage gradually until you obtain the desired effects. Like any other drug or supplement, consuming Kratom in high doses can lead to adverse effects, while low dosages can cause little or no effects. A moderate dose of around 3-5 grams is the recommended dose.


Maeng Da Dosage For Pain

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the strains that people use to relieve different kinds of pain. According to this site, Maeng Da is believed to be the most potent Kratom strain. Its name is a loose translation of the Thai word for pimp. This indicates that Maeng Da is the highest grade of Kratom.

Dues to its potency, the Maeng Da Kratom dosage is lower than that of other strains. You should take about a 20 percent lower dosage than other Kratom varieties. For example, if you usually take 5 grams of Red Thai or Red Bali Kratom, you only need to take 4 grams of Maeng Da to experience pain relief.

A small dosage can bring about the effects within ten to fifteen minutes. If you want a very light effect, you may take 2 grams of Maeng Da Kratom. Medical experts recommend beginning with a lower dose and migrating to a higher one with time.

You can start with 2 to 3 grams of Maeng Da. If you do not feel pain relief, you can increase the dosage the next time you take the product. It is essential to know what you can expect when you take a certain dose of Maeng da Kratom. The following is what you can expect.

  • 2 to 4 grams can cause a mild stimulation effect.
  • 4 to 6 grams can cause moderate analgesic and stimulant effects.
  • 6 to 8 grams can cause strong analgesic and sedative effects. This dosage can be too strong for a majority of users.
  • 8 grams or higher can cause very strong analgesic and sedative effects. For that reason, Kratom experts do not recommend this dosage

The dosage above applies for Kratom leaves and powder. It does not apply for extracts. Note that it is based on information we have gathered online.  

Side effects

In the opinion of Kratom users, Maeng Da is one of the most potent Kratom strains. Therefore, there is a high risk of experiencing side effects when taking it. Some side effects of Maeng Da Kratom are adverse reactions from the benefits you will experience when taking it. This means that you may experience what other users have experienced. Examples include feeling anxious or jittery because of the energizing effects of Kratom.

side effects

Just like the effects of caffeine, you may feel anxious or jittery only if you take Maeng Da Kratom in large doses. Some users have also stated that the euphoric effects of this Kratom strain can lead to nausea or lack of concentration if taken in large doses. The other side effects of Maeng Da Kratom include:

  • Insomnia
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Light-headedness
  • Stomach issues
  • Respiratory issues in severe cases
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Increased urge to pass urine

These side effects are typical, and they subside after a short while. However, it is vital to note that they occur when one takes Maeng Da Kratom in high doses. For that reason, you need to be mindful of your intake and be cautious when taking the supplement outside your regular dosage.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to take it in half dosage or lower, note how your body reacts, and then adjust accordingly. If you do not overdose on Kratom, you can avoid experiencing these side effects, or they can be mild.

Availability and price

You can easily get Maeng Da Kratom from online vendors. You can buy a standard packet of Maeng Da Kratom powder for about 14 U.S dollars for a 1-ounce package. If you buy the product in bulk, you can benefit from discounts. However, be aware that some vendors are dishonest and supply contaminated, counterfeit, or underdosed Kratom products. Therefore, make sure you choose a trusted vendor.

You can find such vendors by reading user reviews and visiting Kratom forums. These are excellent sources of user experiences. Users who have had a bad experience with vendors often vent their disappointment for others to see.


  • It is one of the most potent Kratom strains.
  • You only need to take a low dose because of its potency.
  • It is cost-effective


  • It causes side effects, especially when taken in high doses.

Can Maeng Da Kratom make you feel high?

Users can experience a Maeng Da Kratom high for close to 15 minutes, and it can remain active for over 5 hours after you have taken it. If you consume your Maeng da Kratom in small quantities, the product works as a stimulant by increasing alertness and sociability.

However, if taken in high doses, it can provide effects similar to those of opioid drugs. According to an article titled "Is It Possible To Experience A Maeng Da Kratom High experience" posted on deadlinenews.co.uk "some of the effects include anxiety relief, relaxation, sedation, pinpoint pupils and reduced pain sensation."

How is Maeng Da Kratom consumed?

One can consume Maeng da Kratom in capsules, powder, or extract form. It all depends on an individual’s preference considering factors such as ease of use and convenience to achieve the desired Maeng da Kratom experience.

Maeng Da Kratom powder

Maeng da Kratom manufacturers make kratom powder from dried leaves. You can take the product as is using the toss and wash technique. This is a standard method of taking the product. It involves scooping the Maeng da Kratom into your mouth and then washing it down with a glass of water or juice. Most consumers claim that it is the easiest way to achieve Maeng da effects fast. In addition, Kratom enthusiasts advise users to take Maeng da Kratom on an empty stomach to feel the Maeng da Kratom effects sooner.

Maeng Da Kratom capsules

Kratom Maeng da capsules are available in either gelatin or veggie capsules. Manufacturers use cellulose, hypromellose, and purified water to come up with the veggie capsules. The capsules are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free from chemicals or any preservatives. The veggie capsules also dissolve faster than the gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules consist of animal by-products prone to causing allergic reactions but are way cheaper than the veggie capsules.

Most users prefer Maeng da Kratom in capsules form since it is easy to take an accurate dosage, and one can consume the product discreetly. However, the effects take longer to kick in since the body has to dissolve the capsules first.

How to identify high-quality Maeng Da Kratom

When purchasing your Maeng da Kratom from online vendors, you can only check the product’s quality when delivered. Before consuming the product, it is vital to ensure it is of high quality by consider the following things:

  • Fragrance

Testing Kratom fragrance can give you an idea of its quality. High-quality Maeng da Kratom has a natural smell even when processed. Kratom’s natural smell is pungent and distinguishable in its products. Low-quality Kratom has a non-natural smell, and if the product has additives, the scent of the product can be different.

  • Texture

The product’s texture is easy to check when evaluating the quality of your Maeng da Kratom. High-quality Maeng da Kratom powder should have fine particles.

  • Color

Maeng Da Kratom is available in 3 distinct colors. Veins such as the red, white, and green Maeng da Kratom powder have a persisting color. Check the general appearance of the product to determine its quality.

For instance, if you have ordered red Maeng da Kratom, the product should have a bright red color, to show it is of a high freshness level while a dark brown or dull hue shows the product is not fresh.

Is it legal to consume Maeng Da Kratom?

It is legal to possess and consume Maeng da Kratom in the U.S. In 2016, the (DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration had plans of banning the product, which failed since the federal government did not find any substantial reason of imposing the ban. However, several states and cities have prohibited the possession and consumption of any Kratom products. As of 2020, government officials banned Kratom products in states such as:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana

Therefore, it is essential to check kratom legality status in your state and city before purchasing Kratom.


Maeng Da Kratom is a potent and popular Kratom strain that most users take to achieve its anti-depressant and analgesic effects. According to researchers, it is worth taking it if you want to increase energy, focus, attain relaxation, and combat anxiety. It is also one of the most cost-effective Kratom strains. Whether you consume the product in powder or capsule form, you will feel the same results. Most people claim that high-quality Kratom is only available in powder form. There is some truth in that, but if you get your Kratom capsules from a reliable Kratom vendor or online store, you will still get high-quality Kratom.

Some experienced Kratom users prefer capsules since their dosage is measured correctly. However, you can measure the Kratom powder to the recommended dosage. You will enjoy the benefits of Kratom entirely only if you take a moderate dose.

It is essential to research and find out where to purchase high-quality Kratom. The best vendors usually have high-quality stock because they maintain an excellent working relationship with farmers in South East Asia, where the product is grown, harvested, processed, and packed.


  • is red maeng da supposed to be red?

    Red maeng da
  • What is the max amount I could take in one day? I do not want to damange anything from me body. I am in a lot of pain and no energy…Please help

  • I usually mix red and white md. Very potent

    kd md
  • Last night I took 4 gr of red maeng da powder. I boiled the powder for 20 minutes. Drank it and wow! I was doing 2grams before. It was more like a stimulant. I felt extremely relaxed.


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