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Oregon Kratom Consumer Act (Updated): Everything You Need To Know

As a result of people finally knowing about and understanding the benefits of the herbal extract that is Kratom, people have begun to appreciate it and accept it as an alternative to modern medicine, without any side effects.


That being said, there have been cases where adulterated Kratom has made its way into the market and has resulted in health issues for the people who have used it. The state of Oregon took note of this after a similar case happened there, and legislation began to try and make sure that Kratom users in the state were safe. This is how the Oregon Kratom Consumer Act came about.


Is Kratom Legal in Oregon?


Yes, it is. Some states in the United States of America have legalized the sale, use, and possession of Kratom, Oregon. However, even though it was legal to use Kratom in the state, before The Oregon Kratom Consumer Act, there was no sufficient legislation that protected Kratom users against illegal and adulterated Kratom. This is where The Oregon Kratom Consumer Act comes in.


Protecting the people


The Oregon Kratom Consumer Act covers a lot, but you should note a couple of key points. The first thing that the act covers are the age limit regarding the sale, use, and possession of Kratom. Kratom can only be sold and used, in Oregon, by persons over the age of 21 years. Moreover, before any brand or store sells Kratom to a person, they have to ask for proof of age, failure to which the store can be persecuted.


The second aspect that the act covers deals with the sale and distribution of Kratom. Kratom can only be sold if it is properly labeled. The label should include the type of strain, the maker of the product, and the dosage of the said product.


This is to ensure that no contaminated and adulterated Kratom is sold in the state. Contaminated Kratom can be very dangerous, as seen in cases where people used Kratom products that contained heavy amounts of lead.


The act also tends to focus on the possession and sale of Kratom in the state in terms of stores and individuals who sell it. It notes that any person, brand, or store that is found to be selling adulterated Kratom is liable to some heavy penalties and punishment, not to mention the lawsuits for Kratom users that may follow.


In this particular section, the act categorized contaminated Kratom in two ways. The first is Kratom that has been mixed with non-Kratom products, which eventually lowers the quality of the Kratom and can be very injurious to the client or consumer.


The second way it categorizes contaminated Kratom is in terms of the level of alkaloids in the Kratom. Kratom is effective as both a medicine and a recreational drug because of the type and percentage of alkaloids.


Though the level of alkaloids does differ from one strain to the other, there are certain mediums to which they vary, and they can be proved. If a certain Kratom product is found to have alkaloid levels above the recommended ones, it is considered contaminated and adulterated.


Fines and penalties for not completing the stated rules and regulations are also noted in the act. The act states that if any person, brand, or store is found liable to any of the said rules and regulations, they will face fines of between 500 and 1000 dollars.


What does the Act do for Kratom users in Oregon?


The Oregon Kratom Consumer Act is simply a means through which Oregon's legal system is trying to look out for the state's residents. The act ensures that anyone who uses Kratom uses a pure product and will not cause them any harm.


Furthermore, by making it safer to use Kratom in the state, it increases the revenue for the state. This is because Kratom in Oregon will be considered pure, and people from other states will prefer it to Kratom in their states. This will mean more business for Kratom stores in Oregon.


The next step


It should be noted that this is not the final legislation, at least in Oregon, when it comes to Kratom and how it is handled. There still needs to be legislation created and passed to ensure that a lab is set up to measure and ensure that the Kratom in the state is safe to use.


This legislation will break down how the lab will be set up and how the state will finance its construction and maintenance. There is still a long way to go when it comes to Kratom in Oregon. The Oregon Kratom Consumer Act is a pretty good starting point, to say the least.







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