7 Impressive Red Horn Kratom Facts

7 Impressive Red Horn Kratom Facts

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree from the coffee family. Native to Southeast Asian countries, it’s distributed throughout the world through online stores. The leaves of this herb were chewed by Southeast Asian farmers or brewed into tea to numb pain and provide energy and motivation to work in the scorching sun. Botanists and researchers were attracted by its impressive benefits and decided to conduct a research and know exactly what it is. Their hard work was not in vain and they uncovered tremendous therapeutic and recreational benefits. In their quest to search for newer strains, they discovered red horn Kratom, a unique and outstanding strain. If you’ve been using Kratom for years but you know nothing about this strain, consider yourself lucky as here are 7 impressive facts about red horn Kratom.


 1. Red horn Kratom derived the name from its leaves

Most of the Kratoms derive their names from the region they grow naturally. However, red horned Kratom is an exceptional strain because it's named after the unique shape of the leaves. According to research, this strain has characteristic pointed, jagged edges that are horn-like when compared to rounded, smooth leaf appearance of other Kratom strains. This explains why the red horn has other nicknames such as ‘tri-horned’ and ‘spiked leaf’. The cause of jagged appearance on the leaves is unclear, but some users believe that it’s as a result of genetic mutation, while others theorize that the horned leaf tips are a natural adaptation of red horn Kratom due to lack of adequate humidity.


2. It has another name – Unpredictable strain 

Did you know that the red Hulu kratom has another name? Well, Kratom users also call it the ‘unpredictable strain’ simply because it affects people differently. For instance, some users can experience opiate-like effects after using this strain, while others can experience stronger feelings. Also, the same person can experience some specific effects after using red Horned Kratom on one day and experience totally different effects when he/she takes the same strain the following day.


What’s more, the effects are believed to vary from slow, to medium and fast depending on the user. The point to note is that the effects are very potent and long-lasting. For this reason, red horned Kratom can be excellent when used for medicinal purposes rather than recreational.


3. It’s a rare strain

Since Kratom was discovered, it has been readily available in different stores. Besides, it comes in different forms to meet the needs of all Kratom users. In other words, users can get their strains of choice at any given time. Unfortunately, red horned Kratom is a rare strain to find. According to experts, it is not cultivated as easily as other strains. It grows naturally within the jungles of Borneo, Kalimantan region to be specific, and the humid, intense tropical climate in this area is not easy to replicate in other regions. This means that it cannot be cultivated in other regions in large scales which makes it such a rare strain to find. In fact, some farmers sell the leaves of red horn Kratom before harvesting, thereby reducing its potency and what it can do in a person’s body and mind. Also, its scarcity is also linked to the fact that it takes time to mature and hence not always available in the market all year round.


4. It’s commonly mistaken to be the Maeng Da strain

Many people confuse red horn Kratom with Maeng Da, although they are totally different. But, mistaking it with Maeng Da is practically acceptable because they share several similarities. One, both are very potent with a high volume of beneficial alkaloids and hence share certain effects and properties. Two, the leaves of these two strains are similar with spiked up tips that resemble a horn. Three, red horn Kratom is believed to be a hybrid of red-veined Kratom and Maeng Da. Therefore, if you hear someone mistakenly referring to Maeng Da instead of red horned Kratom, don’t judge them as you’ll have an idea of where the confusion comes from.

red horn kratom

5. Has distinctive effects

Most red-veined Kratoms are popular for their aromatic properties, and red-horned is no different. It has a distinctive aroma that fuses the energetic spice of Maeng Da with sought after aromatic properties of the green horn strain. This means that when you use the red vein Kratom, you experience the outstanding aromatic properties of both Maeng Da and green-horned.

red horn leaves

The unique aroma provides a relaxing experience and brings tranquility to the user’s mind. What’s more, it soothes the user by alleviating any discomfort and enhancing feelings of wellness. When you’re relaxed, you can focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand, feel motivated, become sociable and enjoy a restful sleep.


6. It has positive reviews

Kratom is relatively new in western nations. Therefore, not everyone knows about the benefits it offers to the body and mind. Again, with so many strains available, new users are confused on which one to buy for their needs. To get their hands on a pure and high-quality strain, it has become a common thing for users to check customers’ feedback to have an idea of how they perceive the strain they’ve purchased.


Luckily, red horn Kratom is well embraced by individuals of all ages and thus has positive reviews. Some users admit that they love it due to its natural analgesic properties that numb the pain throughout their bodies. Others say that using red horn Kratom in the morning provides the energy needed to face the day and makes them feel comfortable around people. What’s more, it helps them feel peaceful and comfortable after a long day at work or school. With such positive reviews, you can have peace of mind knowing that this strain will be a great addition to have in your medicine cabinet.


7. Red horn Kratom has potential side effects

The use of Kratom, including the red horned strain, is considered safe for human consumption. However, this strain has potential side effects, especially when used irresponsibly. Users experience several side effects such as; stomach upsets, vomiting, and nausea.

Additionally, if you don’t experience any side effects, using red horned Kratom consistently leads to tolerance buildup. This is where the user uses more of this strain to get the desired effects. With time, they are likely to develop a psychological addiction for this strain where their brains trick them into believing that they need it even when they don’t.


Bottom line

Red horn Kratom is a potent Mitragyna speciosa strain with a plethora of benefits from calming the body and mind to relieving pain and discomfort. Kratom enthusiasts who have used this strain have loved it and without a doubt, you will love it as well. Due to its specific environmental parameters, it’s a rare strain to find and if you’ve always desired to know more about it, our 7 impressive facts about red horn Kratom will give you an idea of exactly what it is. Most importantly, if you want to purchase it, make it your priority to buy from reputable vendors who sell high-quality and pure products; after all, your health is your wealth.


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