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Red Maeng Da vs Red Bali Kratom: Why Would You Choose One Over the Other?

Kratom is a native tree whose botanical name is mitragyna speciosa. Its active ingredients are found in the leaves which are harvested, dried, ground into powder, and ingested. The leaves may also be eaten raw or boiled into tea.

Kratom strains are classified  on color and origin. The Red Kratom strain is popular and widely used for various purposes. Common variants include Red Maeng Da, Red Bali Kratom, Red Indo, and Red Sumatra. The Red Maeng Da Kratom is mostly used as a source of energy as its effects are stronger than the Red Vein Bali Kratom.

kratom strains colors

Proper guidance from a medical expert is required before administering kratom doses. Read on to find more about Red Bali Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, their uses, pros, and cons.

What is Red Maeng Da?

This strain is one of the most widely known kratom strains in the world. It is a red vein Maeng Da that originated from Thailand. The red vein Maeng Da is known for its unique alkaloid concentration that offers numerous benefits and effects. 

Red Maeng Da is derived from horn-shaped leaves of the grafted kratom plant. Considered a highly potent strain, the Red Maeng Da is extracted by grafting, where two different strains are physically combined. 

One part of the plant contains the stem and the roots, while the other part is the shoot and leaves. When the tissues mix, they grow into a new red vein Maeng Da Kratom.

What is Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali Kratom is a strain of the kratom that comes from the Red Vein Kratom species. It originates from Bali Island in Indonesia. Red Bali Kratom is considered to be the darkest among the red strains. Apart from the Red Vein Bali Kratom, other common dark strains include Red Bentuangie, Red Sumatra, and Red Borneo.

red maeng da kratom leaf


Red Bali Kratom may be used in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, and natural extracts. The powdered form is considered the most effective compared to other forms. People who desire a short-term, mild relaxing effect should opt for the Red Bali Kratom. It may also work as a good start for first-time users of kratom.

Pros and Cons: Red Maeng Da vs Red Bali Kratom

Both Red Maeng and Red Bali may have a variety of effects, depending on the amount taken and the tolerance level. Effects may be positive or negative, with severe consequences.


red maeng da vs red bali effects

Here are some pros and cons of Red Maeng Da:


  • It is rich in analgesic properties 
  • It has energizing effects that may help in mood alteration to reduce negative thoughts
  • It may be used to help in opiate withdrawal


  • May cause numbness of the tongue when taken orally
  • May cause drying of the mouth
  • May sometimes cause hallucinations and delusions

Here are some pros and cons of Red Bali Kratom:


  • It may be used as an antidepressant 
  • It may help reduce anxiety by introducing calming effect on the brain
  • It is a good sedative that may induce sleep even among patients before surgery


  • When taken under high doses, it may lead to vomiting and nausea 
  • It may cause loss of appetite
  • May lead to urinary tract infections in severe cases

Both strains have their own share of benefits. However, taking an overdose may cause serious, undesirable effects. Starting from a lower dose is recommended, before gradually increasing the amount to achieve desired results.

Red Maeng Da vs Red Bali Kratom: Which One is Stronger?

In terms of action time, Red Bali may take 20 to 30 minutes before its effect is felt, while Red Maeng Da only takes 10 minutes to kick in. This makes it a stronger choice.

How Does The Red Bali Appear?

Red Bali leaf appears larger and grows faster than the others. In addition, a typical Red Bali leaf has a reddish tint on it.

How Does The Maeng Da Red Leaf Appear?

Maeng Da Red leaf is characterized by a purple tint and a sweet-smelling aroma. This is because of the compounds present in the leaves.

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