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Smoking Kratom: Can You Smoke Kratom Safely?

With the popularity of Kratom skyrocketing in the US, there have been several concerns over the best way to enjoy the varied benefits the botanical is said to offer. One thing that remains a subject of debate has to do with smoking Kratom: Can you smoke Kratom safely? This question has been featured on several online platforms including Reddit (Smoking Kratom Reddit) and that is why we decided to shed more light on Kratom smoking.


One clear thing is that people have tried smoking Kratom. However, after placing the pros and cons of this rare method of handling Kratom on a fair scale, the cons far outweigh the pros. After going through this post, you will realize that smoking Kratom is only theoretically possible. After all, you want to get the best out of this natural supplement, and smoking or snorting Kratom said to be is a big no. Why? Let’s find out.


Can you smoke Kratom?


Of all the popular methods of ingesting Kratom, smoking Kratom powder is arguably the poorest. Do you smoke Kratom? If so, then you probably have a better understanding of what we are trying to say here.


Not that we are against Kratom smoking, but just giving it a critical approach. Surprisingly, even in regions where Mitragyna speciosa grows naturally, smoking Kratom is not seen as a viable means of enjoying this herb. As we said earlier, this is only possible in a hypothetical sense but practically, it is considered to be a waste of your time and money.


It is unlikely that anyone is smoking Kratom in the US today despite the huge following this herb has garnered. Some of us don’t even know how to smoke Kratom especially because the fine powder sprinkles easily making it almost impossible to smoke it.


How to smoke Kratom


Smokable Kratom is a tempting prospect among Kratom enthusiasts, and can be done with either Kratom powder or Kratom extract. Smoking Kratom powder involves taking a large amount of finely ground powder of a particular strain. It’s a hell of a tedious process especially if you are not cool with rolling blunts. As most people love to describe smoking Kratom after getting disappointed, the thrill of this herb is supposedly lost way before it can be of any good.


Curiosity is truly the mother of invention and when it comes to smoking Kratom, people have tried all sorts of things. Smoking Kratom extract might sound weird but well, Kratom fans have taken it to that level. You know the resin that you get after boiling Kratom powder in water until all has evaporated and left you with gel-like stuff. This is dried and crushed before smoking but according to most people, you will not want to repeat this whole thing another time. It's worthless not to mention that it is even riskier.


Only curiosity would make somebody want to smoke Kratom given that even the natives of its motherland never found it worthwhile as ignorant as they would have been.


Snorting Kratom


If you have never imagined the power of curiosity, snorting Kratom is one place this desire to know the unknown could take you. Can you snort Kratom? Well, it’s possible with other substances out there but when it comes to Kratom, it remains a gray area over whether you can snort the powder.


Assuming you would like to give it a try, it means you would have to bear with a couple of impracticalities. For instance, Kratom powder consists of cellulose fibers that would not get absorbed via the mucous membrane. Furthermore, it’s said that you would need to snort a considerable amount of Kratom powder to feel any stimulation. 


Aside from the practical possibility of snorting Kratom, this method is said to be one of the most unsafe means of handling Kratom. You don’t want to go through the entire heck that is said to be associated with snorting Kratom powder.


The dangers of snorting Kratom


Why would it be advisable not to snort Kratom when there are other better ways of enjoying all the benefits Kratom is popularly said to possess? According to Kratomspot.com snorting Kratom could predispose you to the following side effects.


Short term effects


According to online reviews, most of those who have ever tried snorting Kratom report several side effects that show minutes or a few hours after snorting. Some of the most observed short-time side effects include the following.


  • Nose bleeding
  • Swelling of the nose
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Irritation of the breathing system


Long term effects


If you are considering snorting Kratom, not only are you going to have to bear the awful short term effects but your body is also at risk of developing health complications in the future.


Here are some of the long term side effects that are mostly the reason you are advised to stick to generally accepted risk-free methods of dealing with Kratom.


  • Inflammation of the nose and throat
  • Risk of lung diseases
  • Damage to the cilia, the tiny hair-like projections that move mucus along the respiratory system


Smoking Kratom effects


If you ask some Kratom fans why they love the herb from Southeast Asia, you are likely to get a wide range of answers. Some will say that it’s their natural pain killer while others will tell you that it boosts their energy levels while promoting mental focus. From alleviating anxiety to boosting confidence, the list of responses could be endless. And although these claims are yet to be scientifically proven, it’s hard to dispute the responses of those who talk of a firsthand experience.


Nevertheless, smoking Kratom effects though possible is said to possibly manifest at extremely high dosage. Most of the people who try smoking Kratom are said to give up long before they feel any effects. Research suggestions show that you would need at least 15-25 times the usual dosage to feel the same effects as with Kratom powder or capsules. Sounds like burning down a whole house with the only intention of warming up on a cold day, doesn’t it?


Although it can take a considerable amount of Kratom powder, smoking Kratom effects could be many and varied. Here are some of the effects you would expect if you can do with all the downsides to this method.


  • Alleviate anxiety


According to exploreourway.com, smoking Kratom could help you keep off the symptoms of anxiety. There are feelings of happiness that could be associated with smoking Kratom that helps keep your fear in check. Additionally, this could also result in an enhanced mood due to the alleged influence of Kratom on the brain.


  • Pain relief


Although most people would prefer other methods to achieve this effect, smoking is also believed to help users get relief from pain. Kratom is said to have been used as a natural remedy for pain thousands of years ago. However, the effectiveness of smoking is not well understood given that very few people have tried this method, especially here in the US.


  • Increase energy


One of the most obvious beneficial effects Kratom is expected to elicit is causing a surge of energy in the body. As long as the alkaloids in the leaves of this botanical find their way into the system, one thing is said to automatically kick in is an energy boost. Unfortunately, you may give up long before you could feel this effect owing to the alleged loss of the power of Kratom when smoked.


How smoking Kratom is thought to work


Smoking Kratom is said to take the longest time before any effects can manifest. Unlike other methods that make the alkaloids found in this plant readily available for the system, the case is one of delays and disappointments when it comes to smoking Kratom. You can imagine trying to deal with some chronic pain and having to wait for an eternity for the pain to go down. It can be terrible.


The respiratory system comprises the nasal pathways lined by the mucous membrane. Once we breathe in, air gets into the bloodstream through the bronchi, then into smaller tubes called bronchioles, and finally into the air sac. The air sac is surrounded by a network of capillaries that take up oxygen by diffusion. This is the route smokable Kratom is thought to take to trigger varied effects.


Unlike cannabinoids which readily dissolve and get into the bloodstream, the alkaloids in Kratom are said to be insoluble. Furthermore, the high heat involved when smoking Kratom is thought to alter the integrity of these compounds. Needless to say, most of the alkaloids are lost in the smoke hence only very slight stimulations are said to be felt.


Another argument that has been put forth has to do with the time it takes for the alkaloids to reach the central nervous system. It’s argued that since oxygenated blood has to pass through the heart before being pumped to other parts of the body including the head, it takes much longer for the effects to manifest which could explain why very few people are interested in Kratom smoking.


Smoking Kratom: Can you smoke Kratom safely?


Some people have tried smoking Kratom but according to many of them, this is not the kind of thing you can do a second time. It’s almost practically impossible due to the nature of Kratom powder. Some people are said to try even more dangerous ways of smoking Kratom by mixing it with cannabis. Whichever way you try it, the method is said to be unworthy.


Apart from the difficulties involved in this method of handling Mitragyna speciosa, it’s said that this is potentially the most life-threatening way of dealing with Kratom. Although the idea of smokable Kratom might sound like a stylish way to take advantage of the effects Kratom is believed to offer, this could predispose you to health complications that could even lead to death.


For instance, although there is little or no research on the health impacts of Kratom smoking, there is considerable scientific evidence that smoking has the potential to cause lung diseases. Smoking is one of the risk factors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and you never know what this could mean with something like Kratom. According to research, smoking increases your chances of developing COPD by 12-13 times compared with a nonsmoker.


Smoking is also known to negatively affect the nervous system. Again, despite the lack of scientific inquiry into this matter, judging by the little we have on smoking, it would be better to make an educated guess and assume the effects could even be worse when Kratom is involved. The effect of Kratom smoking on the lungs and the brain and the following array of long term side effects are some of the reasons most people prefer other better ways of handling Kratom.


Long term effects of smoking Kratom


  • Coughing persistently
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Compromised immunity
  • Reduced physical agility


What are people saying about smoking Kratom?


Smoking Kratom being a controversial subject has been featured on several online platforms. Netizens have discussed this issue time and again and it always ends the same: Smoking Kratom is ineffective and wastage of everything. Reddit comments and other social media platforms have had their contribution to the issue with most of the comments saying that this is the worst way of dealing with Kratom.


According to some of the posts, most fans seem to agree that Kratom could have a very high content of tar. Although the basis used to control Kratom in some states is not known to many, this could be one of the reasons why the botanical failed to find legal favor.


Some of the comments also reveal the nasty experience you would have to go through if you decided to smoke Kratom. First things first, you must have an assortment of certain things such as lighter, roller papers, and a large quantity of Kratom powder. Most people see it as dirty work not to mention that you would have to find a secluded place since not everyone is welcome to smoke.


Smoking Kratom has gained a poor rating among Kratom fans sharing their experiences with others. According to popular opinion, this is not just a dirty way of handling the natural supplement but also a foolhardy idea to exploit.


Better, safer ways of handling Kratom


If you don’t know how to smoke Kratom, there is no point in learning how. The demerits of Kratom smoking are much more than the merits if there are any at all. Why waste all your resources to make your life harder when there are better and safer ways of dealing with Kratom? Here are some of the most common safe methods of handling Kratom that are said to not just guarantee you results but also reduce the risk of adverse effects either now or in the future.


  • Kratom powder


There are several ways Kratom powder is said to be ingested which don’t involve smoking. For instance, Kratom powder is said to be quite effective when handled with a glass of water or a sweet drink. The method is commonly known as toss and wash and involves simply placing Kratom powder in the mouth and swirling it with water before washing it down.


  • Kratom tea


Alternatively, some people have reported excellent results with Kratom tea. Instead of smoking a whole lot of Kratom powder for effects you will barely feel, preparing a steaming cup of Kratom tea is said to be one of the fastest and most efficient ways of enjoying the purported benefits of Mitragyna speciosa.


  • Kratom capsules


For a more convenient safer method of making Kratom work, capsules are believed to be an excellent shot. These are easier to carry, store, and dose than any other method. Unlike the dirt and stress involved in preparing a Kratom joint or whatever means you might think of, capsules are clean and you can have them anywhere without creating any suspicion from nosy folks.


Why you should never smoke Kratom


Do you smoke Kratom? Can you smoke Kratom? If your answer to the first question is a yes, you are already aware of why you should make use of better and safer ways of enjoying the purported benefits of Kratom. However, if you are wondering whether you can smoke Kratom, the answer is that you should never try this thing for all the good reasons you could think.


Firstly, this is not only a great risk to your health but also a costly yet ineffective means of handling Kratom. One way you could end up in a hospital bed gasping with difficulty breathing is believed to be smoking Kratom.


Bottom line


If you have been wondering whether smoking Kratom can be a viable option, there is a higher chance you are not going to try this at home. When there are other excellent ways of enjoying the benefits Kratom is historically known for, there would be no point in engaging in something that has failed miserably in the Kratom community. There must be a big reason why the natives of Southeast Asia never found it worthwhile smoking Kratom. However, as we said earlier, curiosity can take humans to the unknown, and no wonder they said it killed the cat. Smoking Kratom is practically possible but it’s said to put you at more risks than any other method.



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